Dog Alerted to the Largest Fentanyl Bust Ever

The driver was enrolled in the FAST program, a trusted travel program for truck drivers. This program also applies to drivers from Canada. The drivers must have a clean record with regard to immigration, law enforcement and customs.Perhaps using Presidential authority, Trump should suspend this program until such time Nancy and Chuck negotiate in good faith as she pledged when government reopened.
The truck itself was carrying cucumbers and the vehicle had a false floor under which during a secondary inspection, the dog alerted. The truck went through a massive x-ray machine. The fentanyl coming from Mexico however while lethal is not as lethal as that coming from China.
Just a few grains of fentanyl can put a person into a coma. Fentanyl should be declared a chemical agent of mass destruction. Question is why has this not been done? The other question is who was this driver working for and who owned the truck? There are more details that need to be released.
Meanwhile you have to ask if the Democrats are reading CBP press releases like this one:
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Denise Simon