After 6 Years, the Final Report on Fast and Furious

Senator Grassley who was at the core of the original investigation delivered prepared remarks for the hearing. Find that document here.

The full 263 page report is here and it proves that Eric Holder not only lied more than once in written and in oral testimony, but worse he continued to lie to the family. This final report was published for full release on June 7, 2017. Will there be a consequence for Holder? Likely no, but he at least should be brought before the Bar Association and sanction, perhaps including suspending his law license.

Global Dark Money in Condos of Secrecy

Federal money laundering cases generally take place within the context of a larger racketeering case governed by the RICO Act. Money laundering is typically only one aspect of a pattern of organized crime which may be nationwide or international. That being the case, money laundering is often the lesser offense in a pattern of crimes that can result in lifetime imprisonment.

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Money Laundering Quick Links & References

The FBI Finally Addressing Chicago, Murder Capitol

FBI, Chicago Police Department Work to Combat Violent Crime

Tuesday, April 18, 8:15 a.m.: Along the 5100 block of Halsted Street on the South Side of Chicago, a quiet spring morning is interrupted by gunfire. Police respond to a gas station and discover a drive-by double homicide. As they secure the crime scene and work to identify the bodies and recover evidence, distraught family members of the victims begin to arrive, their faces full of anguish and disbelief. They will not be alone in their grief. By the end of the day in a city reeling from violent crime, there will be 13 more shootings and another murder.

Reasons AG Sessions is Eradicating MS-13

Primer: Body found in Queens park identified as teen member of MS-13 gang; victim was stabbed 34 times

The  decomposed body of a teen stabbed 34 times and dumped in a Queens park was identified as a member of the ruthless MS-13 street gang, police sources said Tuesday.

Fingerprints from prior arrests and a distinctive tattoo across the victim’s chest helped cops come up with a name for the butchered 16-year-old, according to sources.