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What the Deep State Really is, Shadow Operatives

Former President Trump has said often, it is not just me they are after, they are really after you and I am in the way. It is quite true, but add intrepid investigative journalists as well and it all began under the Obama administration. Anyone remember when the Obama Department of Justice went after several Associated Press reporters? Or how about all the way to the Biden administration as noted here: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department said Saturday that it no longer will secretly obtain reporters’ records during leak investigations, a policy shift that abandons a practice decried by news organizations and press freedom groups. The reversal follows a pledge last month by President Joe Biden, who said it was “simply, simply wrong” to seize journalists’ records and that he would not permit the Justice Department to continue the practice. Though Biden’s comments in an interview were not immediately accompanied by ...

The Free Palestine Movement Never Mentions Mohammed Salameh

Has anyone asked Rashida Tlaib, the Palestinian congresswoman from Michigan about Mohammed Salameh and his prison sentence? Who is he and what did he do you ask…. well the first World Trade Center bombing was caused by massive explosives inside a van in the parking garage and Salameh…rented that van. He was later arrested after he reported the van stolen and wanted his cash deposit of $400.00 refunded….ah HAH! He entered the United States on a six-month tourist visa in 1988 but then overstayed. He was still in the country illegally in 1993 during the World Trade Center bombing. He applied for an immigration amnesty under a 1986 law that set up the Special Agricultural Worker program despite never having been eligible. However, he was still guaranteed work authorization. Salameh’s 1978 Chevy Nova was used to ferry the nitric acid and urea used to construct the bomb used in the past 1993 bombing. Despite failing his driving ...

Russian warships Arrive in Cuba, Complete with Hypersonic Missiles

Meanwhile, our Commander in Chief has left the United States for a G7 Summit in Italy. Cuban armed forces said in a statement Thursday, confirming the military exercises first disclosed by U.S. officials on Wednesday. The Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces said the Russian missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the nuclear sub Kazan, the oil tanker Pashin and the salvage tug Nikolai Chiker are included. *** (exact text from USNI) THE PENTAGON – A nuclear Russian submarine carrying guided missiles with a range of 1,000 nautical miles is operating off the East Coast as part of Russian missile drills in the Atlantic.
Kazan, a Yasen-M-class guided missile submarine, is part of a naval action group the Russian Ministry of Defense deployed to the Atlantic. The group is bound for the Caribbean as part of military drills ordered by the Kremlin against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, according to the MoD ...

8 ISIS-K Arrested in 3 Cities After Crossing the Southern Border

In part from USA Today, hardly tells the whole story about this case. WASHINGTON ― U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in recent days arrested eight foreign nationals in the U.S. suspected to have ties with the terrorist group ISIS, a U.S. official familiar with the investigation confirmed. The eight individuals were detained on immigration charges from New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Each is from Tajikistan and entered the U.S. at the southern Mexico border, the official said. They remain in U.S. custody. The official said no derogatory information was detected about the individuals during their initial screening at the border but the U.S. later learned information that tied them to ISIS. They don’t currently face any terrorism charges. More here.  A deeper dive: The FBI had been tracking these operatives for several weeks, long before the most recent fake Biden Executive Order on the southern border. Obviously the White House ignored ...

Actor George Clooney’s Wife Plays Key Role in ICC Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu

Imagine having to defend your country for years against terrorists and using every humanitarian tactic seen and unseen and then have the International Criminal Court issue an arrest warrant for doing just that. Imagine how many other leaders have never been investigated or have an arrest warrant…those like Bashir al Assad, President of Syria to killing innocent civilians with bombings and even chemical weapons. Imagine purposely starving and jailing dissenters and never having an arrest warrant…how about allowing children that are classified as migrants being sold or turned over to known sexual predators or being housed as slaves to work off the debt to human traffickers….. Yes, all that and more…yet Amal Clooney says it goes something like this –> Oh and she for sure along with George is a globalist… “There is no doubt that the step taken today by the prosecutor is a milestone in the history of ...

Judge Merchan is Part of an Incestuous Legal Template

There is a clique, a tribe and even a dynasty when it comes to judges, law firms and cases…they do collude and certainly between Washington DC and New York. Judge Juan Merchan So, have a look at the Judge overseeing the Trump ‘hush-money’ case, Juan Merchan…You may need to even take notes for this.

  • Merchan was born in Bogota, Columbia and later emigrated to New York and is a graduate of Hofstra University.
  • Merchan’s career began with the appointment to a Bronx Family Court by then Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Then Democrat Governor David Patterson appointed Merchan to the New York State Supreme Court.
  • He has given campaign donations to the Democrat Party, to Joe Biden’s campaign, to the Progressive Turnout Project and to Stop Republicans, a subsidiary of the Progressive Turnout Project.
  • Merchan presided over the Trump Organization in the tax fraud case that sent Allen Weisselberg to ...

Obama’s Radical Relationships are Cloned in the Biden Admin

Does President Obama’s radical past tell us anything significant about his stance on Israel today? Perhaps more important, do the radical alliances of Obama’s Chicago days raise a warning flag about what the president’s position on Israel may be in 2013, should he safely secure reelection? Many will deny it, but I believe Obama’s radical history speaks volumes about the past, present, and likely future course of his policy on Israel. The Los Angeles Times has long refused to release a videotape in its possession of a farewell dinner, attended by Obama, for scholar and Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi. Obama spoke warmly of his friendship for Khalidi at that event. Unfortunately, the continuing mystery of that video tape has obscured the rather remarkable article that the LA Times did publish about the dinner — and about Obama’s broader views on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. In light of ...

Biden Ignoring Hybrid Warfare by China Against the U.S.

Active Measures and Three Warfares Irregular warfare is not new. During the Cold War, Russian services like the KGB waged aggressive irregular campaigns against the United States around the globe. Oleg Kalugin, the former head of foreign counterintelligence for the KGB, described aktivnyye meropriyatiya and similar operations as the “heart and soul of Soviet intelligence” that were used to “weaken the United States” and to “drive wedges in the Western community alliance of all sorts.”1 As the Biden administration takes office, U.S. adversaries are utilizing irregular strategies and tactics. Perhaps the quintessential example is Russia. Under President Vladimir Putin, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, and other officials, Russia employs a mix of offensive cyber operations, espionage, covert action, and information and disinformation campaigns to weaken the United States and expand Moscow’s influence. Russia has meddled in U.S. elections and waged a disinformation campaign inside the United States, attempting to inflame ...

Billions in Private Government Contracts Spent on Illegals Transport and Housing

Begin with Senator Mike Lee and his warnings:Remember: after throwing away their ID’s, illegal aliens are proudly flown all across the country by the Biden administration. Ask your Senator if they’ll help pass the VALID Act to stop this. Why are illegal immigrants ripping up their IDs and passports when they enter America? They want to create a new identity so that Border Patrol has no idea who they are. I visited @thecorygoat house, who lives next to the border and has picked up hundreds of torn-up IDs around… pic.twitter.com/xwtnZINBCl — Bill Wells (@MayorBillWells) May 5, 2024 /2 In 2020, Family Endeavors hired Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, a former member of the Biden transition team. https://t.co/TlKM45X8d6 — America First Legal (@America1stLegal) September 28, 2023 Then check out the Inspector General’s report found here.  So, reaching out to a friend of mine, a former contractor with a very large private military contractor put ...

Scretary of State Blinkin Lied About Gaza on TV

Begin at the 5:39 mark. The Soufan Center has advised the following in part: • Various plans under discussion between U.S. and regional officials for the governance and security of post-war Gaza contain similar themes and principles.
• Major Arab states appear willing to contribute personnel to an interim post-war security force and governing body if a clear pathway to an independent Palestinian state is established.
• A key hurdle to developing a plan for post-war Gaza is Israel’s insistence on continued military access to the enclave and its resistance to a role for the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA).
• Other key questions include whether a post-war Gaza authority would be authorized by the United Nations and whether U.S. troops would participate. *** Note, how can Israel complete the full elimination of Hamas by getting out of Gaza? Furthermore, There have been countless discussions with ‘regional’ leaders and Israel ...


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