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It is Bigger than Burisma and the Bidens, Trump Knows

Speaker Pelosi held a press conference after the first day of the open impeachment inquiry hearing declaring that she is the smartest when it comes to intelligence and she will defend and protect the whistle-blower with all her might. HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff said at least twice that he does not know nor has he spoken to the whistle-blower. Sheesh really? REALLY? Pelosi and Schiff are for sure covering for something much larger and it is in Ukraine and likely at least a few other countries. There was a historic theft from PrivatBank a few years ago that was in excess of $5 BILLION. Then Ukraine was forced to nationalize the bank until such time the monies were tracked, found or recovered, which still has not happened. The country was financially suffering and the reputation of corruption in Ukraine continued to fester. Seems our own U.S. State Department was enlisted ...
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Project Nightingale, Shame on Govt and Google

Nobody was told or knew. WTH? Consent is not required. Yeesh Google is NOT responding to media inquiries either. At least 150 Google employees are assigned to this secret program where they have full access. What about the Ascension employees? What about ethics and HIPAA laws? What about Nancy Pelosi and all those Democrats, only democrats that voted for Obamacare? Seems the very small mice type inside the HIPAA law does in fact allow portability of private health information without the patient’s knowledge or approval. Everyone involved is preaching full legal compliance and this is all allegedly for AI, artificial intelligence operations. If you go asking questions, all this is housed in the Google cloud system. By the way, Ascension is a Catholic chain of 2600 hospitals. Google has partnered with one of the largest health care systems in the country to collect data on millions of American patients, The ...
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Trump’s Reelection Operation Targeted by Cyber Attacks

Hey Hillary it is not Russia, but they are out there for sure. This time most notable attributions are pointing to Iran. When the Pentagon recently awarded Microsoft a $10 billion contract to transform and host the US military’s cloud computing systems, the mountain of money came with an implicit challenge: Can Microsoft keep the Pentagon’s systems secure against some of the most well-resourced, persistent, and sophisticated hackers on earth? “They’re under assault every hour of the day,” says James Lewis, vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Microsoft’s latest win over cloud rival Amazon for the ultra-lucrative military contact means that an intelligence-gathering apparatus among the most important in the world is based in the woods outside Seattle. These kinds of national security responsibilities once sat almost exclusively in Washington, DC. Now in this corner of Washington state, dozens of engineers and intelligence analysts are dedicated ...
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Erdogan of Turkey to Visit Trump White House

This visit is on and off and maybe on again. The meeting is scheduled the same day as the open impeachment inquiry hearings begin. President Erdogan is angry with the United States due to Congress moving legislation to apply sanctions that would affect Turkey as a result of the invasion into Syria. Turkey has been threatening Europe, especially Germany with more migrants and Chancellor Merkel capitulated. Erdogan is in fact deporting what he calls ISIS fighters to their home countries including the United States. Stating that Turkey is not a hotel, even if the home country has revoked citizenship, he is deporting them. Now that Erdogan feels like he is in the driver’s seat, he has been also bombing Iraq as recently as last week. On Tuesday morning Turkish air strikes targeted Kurdish forces on Sinjar Mountain in northern Iraq. According to initial reports, the Turkish Air Force struck at ...
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Iran’s Underground Enrichment Facility

Under the Iran deal, Iran agreed to redesign, convert and limit its nuclear facilities. Particular focus was put on Iran’s uranium-enrichment capabilities, putting serious limitations on uranium-enrichment facilities in Iran – Natanz and Fordow. Among other resolutions, Iran also agreed to allow inspection of all its nuclear facilities and the IAEA inspectors will be able to request visits to military sites. However, it doesn’t guarantee them access to military sites. Fordow is Iran’s second fuel enrichment facility, buried under a mountain in the Great Salt Desert near the holy city of Qom. Before the Iran deal, the bunker was filled with 2,710 centrifuges that could enrich uranium to weapons-grade materials. Under the nuclear agreement, Iran agreed to stop any uranium enrichment and uranium enrichment R&D at Fordow and turn the plant into a nuclear physics and technology center that will produce radioisotopes for use in medicine, agriculture, industry and science. Reported in part by Free Beacon: U.S ...
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Self Described Socialist Now the DA in San Francisco

Senator Dianne Feinstein lives in Pacific Heights, a suburb of San Francisco. Speaker Nancy Pelosi lives there too. In fact 56 billionaires live in the Bay Area of which at least 20 live in Pacific Heights. Did they all vote for the Marxist Boudin or know his history much less objectives as a District Attorney? Primer, a leading voice from CNN for Black Lives Matter: YES!!!! @ChesaBoudin has now pulled into a commanding lead as votes continue to be counted in San Francisco. He’s ahead by 5,897 first place votes and is the clear choice for District Attorney. https://t.co/2MRLg3OMeT — Shaun King (@shaunking) November 9, 2019 Was going to write a piece on Boudin but I found this perfect summary below. On Saturday, public defender Chesa Boudin won the race to become district attorney of San Francisco. His victory, although celebrated as part of the larger national movement to elect ...
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Syrian Henchmen Financial Sanctuary in Moscow

2011: Hillary Clinton declared that Bashir al Assad was a reformer. Primer: Rami Makhlouf: Wealthy, powerful cousin of Syria’s president Makhlouf, 45, is Syria’s richest man and a member of what was described during U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearings as a powerful “mafia” that also includes Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, Makhklouf’s cousin. Before his country plunged into civil war, Makhlouf was allegedly worth $5 billion thanks to his control of monopolies and semi-monopolies in the air travel, telecommunications, real estate, oil and construction sectors. Makhlouf is on U.S. sanctions lists and is a known beneficiary of corruption. *** Several Makhlouf family members, close cousins and accomplices of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, have purchased tens of millions of dollars’ worth of properties in Moscow’s prestigious skyscraper district. Headed by al-Assad’s uncle, Mohammed Makhlouf, the Makhloufs are considered to be Syria’s richest and second most important family. Before 2011, they controlled ...
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Will the Investigations Include the Unmasking Scandal?

2016: Primer Could it be that the Obama White House called for a favor from the Washington Post to help on this? The Obama White House used media to an historic art form including selling the bad Iran nuclear deal. Anyway… The operatives needed to have the list of names first and Trump shared some names that included Whalid Phares, Joe Schmitz and Carter Page. Remember the FISA application scandal listed Carter Page’s name. Further, Joe Schmitz, a former Defense official and lawyer was also a top executive at Blackwater. No wonder there was the festering story about Eric Prince and his alleged nefarious meeting in the Seychelles with Putin’s money-man, Kirill Dmitriev. Dots connecting… Moving forward to April of 2017… Per Eli Lake at Bloomberg: White House lawyers discovered that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens ...
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FBI in Joint Ukraine Corruption Investigation Since 2016

It is labeled to be the largest bank theft of the 21st Century. Did FBI Director Wray briefed President Trump on this prior to the contention phone call with Ukraine President Zalensky? You can bet members of Congress know this as well giving plenty of reasons to delay transfer of military assistance until a condition report was provided. Read on… Congressman Nunes issued a letter to Chairman Schiff seeking approval of the Republicans witness list  uring the impeachment inquiry. The list is pretty good and most interesting is Nellie Ohr, the wife of Bruce Ohr who worked with Fusion GPS using Ukraine as a channel. Good, this list is a great start but hardly complete. There should be at least ten more on the list, yet Congressman Nunes may be holding back on additional names so as not to interfere or complicate John Durham’s work. The matter of the impeachment operation managed ...
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Obama Admin Tried to Partner with Burisma

Where is Chairman Adam Schiff now? He brought in George Kent, the former charge d’affair at the Kiev embassy for testimony. And the whistle blew except Schiff did not run out to the hallway outside his office to the nearest microphone.
Hat tip again to John Solomon for his report and tireless investigative work.
In part from his report: George Kent, the former charge d’affair at the Kiev embassy, said in testimony released Thursday that the State Department’s main foreign aid agency, known as USAID, planned to co-sponsor a clean energy project with Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas firm that employed Hunter Biden as a board member. At the time of the proposed project, Burisma was under investigation in Ukraine for alleged corruption. Those cases were settled in late 2016 and early 2017. Burisma contested allegations of corruption but paid a penalty for tax issues. Kent testified he personally intervened ...
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