AG Sessions Lawsuit and Big Win for President Trump

A 3 judge panel…unanimous decision by the way.

The program began in 2006. The Federal government created a grant assistance program for states, local and tribal governments to reduce crime and violence….let that sink it. It is called the Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program….let that sink in….justice.

This would have been easy to argue in court actually to stop the violators from receiving the grants. Just understand the simple premise —>

DOJ to Sanction/Sue Sanctuary Counties/States

State of New Jersey lawsuit

Kings County, Washington lawsuit

FNC: Charging that so-called “sanctuary” cities that protect illegal immigrants are jeopardizing domestic security, Attorney General Bill Barr announced a slew of additional sanctions that he called a “significant escalation” against left-wing local and state governments that obstruct the “lawful functioning of our nation’s immigration system.”

Barr announces sweeping new sanctions, 'significant ... source

Green Light Law v. Trump Administration

Hat tip to DHS….

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles has a rather new law called the Green Light Law where illegals can obtain state issued identification licenses and or driver’s licenses. New York is one of 13 states with such a law with slight iteration differences. It is unclear what undocumented applicants must provide to the clerk as evidence and what safeguards are in place to prevent fraud and higher risks to public safety. Law enforcement across the country use DMV databases hundreds of thousands of times a day for normal traffic stops, identification verification, outstanding warrants and in many cases criminal records across state lines.

CBP 2019 Report on Travel and Trade

If you don’t think that Customs and Border Protection is needed and is quite busy, take a look at this report. Then consider what CBP just can’t get to because of lack of resources. At least this changes the topic for a short while from impeachment…

WASHINGTON — U.S. Customs and Border Protection released its annual Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 trade and travel report today. According to the report, CBP personnel processed $2.7 trillion of imports and 410 million travelers in FY 2019.