Largest Dark Web Hub for Illicit Drugs, Firearms, Malware Shutdown

Largest Dark Web Marketplace for Illicit Drugs, Firearms, Malware and More Shut Down

The largest criminal marketplace on the dark web for the illicit trade of drugs, firearms, computer hacking tools and more was shut down Thursday, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced.

The online marketplace, called AlphaBay, operated for more than two years, allowing buyers and sellers to anonymously exchange illegal goods and services like drugs, toxic chemicals, stolen and fraudulent identification documents and malware.

Magnitsky Act, Facts and Putin’s Operatives in the U.S.

Bill and I have become distant buddies. I asked him for his opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled for July 25, 2017. He granted the request.

As a primer, current domestic spies and retired operatives have all stated that the meetings and or interactions between key Russians and those in the Trump orbit are indeed traditional tradecraft and that also includes several members of Congress meeting with the same.

Sridevi Aiyaswamy, Huge H1-B Visa Fraud

She has pled guilty.

Defendant was present and out of custody. Defendant was sworn-in by the Courtroom Deputy.
A Plea Agreement was EXECUTED in open court. Defendant ENTERED a guilty plea as to
Counts One (1), Two (2), and Four (4) of the Indictment (ECF No. 1). The Court ACCEPTED
the plea and found the Defendant made a knowing, intelligent, free and voluntary waiver of
rights and entry of a guilty plea. The Court also finds there is an independent and factual basis
for each count.

Sridevi Aiyaswamy, 50, lied on more than 25 I-129 forms used to apply for the visas, claiming workers had standing job offers from Cisco when in reality no such jobs existed.