Google/YouTube Declares Nazis Using The Dog Whistles

Really Google? Perhaps try wearing the tyrannical high-tech moniker for a while.

A newly-published leaked document contains what appears to be an email exchange among Google employees participating in a “transparency-and-ethics” discussion that includes a reference to PragerU, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro as “nazis using the dog whistles.”

The document was published by Project Veritas Tuesday, a day after the conservative group released its report on how political and ideological bias influences the ways in which Google connects users to content. The group obtained the “newly leaked document from Google” via their tipline.

“The email apparently was sent as part of the Google ‘transparency-and-ethics’ group internal communications and suggests that content from PragerU, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro should be disabled from the ‘suggestion feature,'” Project Veritas reports.

“Today it is often 1 or 2 steps to nazis, if we understand that PragerU, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro et al are nazis using the dog whistles you mention in step 1,” reads the email that appears to have been sent to over a dozen other Google employees. “I can receive these recommendations regardless of the content of what I’m looking at, and I have recorded thousands of internet users sharing the same experience. I don’t think correctly identifying far-right content is beyond our capabilities. But if it is, why not go with Meredith’s suggestion of disabling the suggestion feature?”

Project Veritas published the document a day after its exposé on Google which contains testimony from a whistleblower, additional leaked internal documents, and undercover video footage of an interview with the head of Google’s “Responsible Innovation” team, which monitors the responsible implementation of A.I. technologies.

“They want to act as gatekeeper between the user and the content they want to access, so they’re going to come in and they’re going to filter the content,” the whistleblower told Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe. “They’re going to say, ‘We don’t want to give the user access to that information because it’s going to create an outcome that’s undesireable to us.'”

As The Daily Wire reported, in the video O’Keefe and the insider discuss “leaked internal documents appearing to show how the search engine manipulates what information users see based on its ‘fair and equitable’ priorities, which at times filters out or deemphasizes factual information that its creators deem ‘unfair.'”

YouTube, which is owned by Google, has since pulled the video “due to a privacy claim by a third party.” This is the second Project Veritas video focused on Big Tech bias YouTube has pulled in two weeks.

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