What About those 3 Dead Russian Journalists?

Rather interesting that fellow journalists are not outrages and there is not full reporting on these murders. Jim Acosta? April Ryan? CNN? (snarky)

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian exile and Putin foe has a news organization called Investigation Control Center. Three investigative journalists were dispatched to (CAR) Central African Republic to determine why a Putin connected militant group Wagner is operating there. Sadly, it did not end well.

As Facebook Continues to Stray From a Social Media Platform

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What the heck Facebook? Perhaps it is just time to terminate relationships with Facebook. Zuckerberg thought in his early conception and launch of Facebook it was a global means to connect people together, you know expand friendships so we can all like each other worldwide.

Ahem, that is hardly where he and Sheryl Sandberg have has take the company in recent years.


Let’s begin here:

Hey Jim Acosta, this Could be Why Media is an Enemy

Traveling over the CNN’s Jim Acosta’s Twitter account, this is his pinned tweet:

Tommy Robinson is Free, but Hold on….

Daniel Pipes posted:

But Robinson still has to go to court again for another hearing, where he could still be found guilty of contempt of court, which would be in breach of his suspended sentence that still stands, for doing the same thing previously.

Manchester far-right protestors tussle with police | Daily ...

Tommy Robinson has been freed from prison on bail after judges quashed findings that he committed contempt of court in Leeds.

About that Time Obama Gave an AQ Affiliate Grant Money

There has been lots of chatter about removing the security clearance access of John Brennan and a few others. No one has asked about Hillary’s or…..Obama’s. There has been lots of chatter of impeachment, traitor and treason….but when it comes to aiding and supporting the enemy….check this out.

Grant money is a gift….by the way.

Islamic Relief Agency Admits Illegal Funds Transfer to ...

Islamic Relief Agency Admits Illegal Funds Transfer to ... story and photo, more detail here.