Hey Jim Acosta, this Could be Why Media is an Enemy

Traveling over the CNN’s Jim Acosta’s Twitter account, this is his pinned tweet:

Then yesterday, he re-tweeted this:

And he retweeted this:

At the White House press briefing, Sarah Sanders called on @Acosta and he asked Sarah if she or the Trump White House would denounce that the media is an enemy of the people. She did not denounce that but went on to describe the media and progressive abuse the Trump administration endures, listing many nasty encounters.

What did @Acosta do?

He tweeted again:

As a conservative radio host, I watched that WH exchange between them and sent a tweet to @Acosta inviting him to an interview with me. ……crickets….

But there is more. It goes beyond CNN actually. Media and the left are simply branding all things law enforcement as racists including those in government, Republican voters and even some at Fox News. So we are in a posture war here that is undeniable. So….no sooner was all that over, here comes the New York Times.


Meet Sarah Jeong. She’s the newest member of the New York Times editorial board. She also has a history of saying pretty vile, racist things on Twitter.

Saved tweets from Sarah Jeong, the newest member of the New York Times editorial board. (source: Twitter)

Heck, just read more here, if you can stomach the vile branding of her and where the NYT’s is going in the future.

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