Going Digital to Aid Obama’s Intel

Ah, I learned about it in media reports. This is Barack Obama’s canned response to any crisis nationally or globally. Likely the best suggestion is for Barack Obama to purge his National Security Council, to purge his CIA leadership, to purge his FBI director.

While at least the New York Times is Obama’s personal written mouthpiece, it appears that journalists globally should include a courtesy copy of their news reports items should include the White House. As an example, this news report tells us that Belmoktar is planning more attacks from Libya. This news report tells us who some of the members of ISIS is in Iraq. Most importantly, this news report tells us a General is explaining the real concern of the alien incursion at our southern border.

America could save billions of dollars if the White House would just continue reading items from journalists. But in the end, does that really influence his actions or policy? Well even according to the New York Times, the answer is no. Not even begging the White House to act for a year or more caused Barack Obama to be assertive and or proactive with regard to the building conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

obama tablet

So, what does Barack Obama do all day long anyway? Well that in reality continues to be a secret, there are two versions, one for insiders and one for the media.

Of most concern since his daily schedule is mostly obscure, bombing the fact he says is the most transparent administration in history, does he even attend and review in any form his Presidential Daily Briefings? The short answer is less than have the time. This could say then he is in fact behind on half the issues domestically and globally, enter the plausible deniability.

The Government Accountability Institute conducted an analysis of how much time President Barack Obama has spent attending his Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs), as recorded on the White House official calendar and Politico’s comprehensive calendar. The study covered the President’s first 1,225 days in office, running from January 23, 2009 through May 31, 2012. Of those, President Obama attended a total of 536 Presidential Daily Briefs.

The chart in the link above shows that in May of 2012, Barack Obama only received a PDB 7 times. Ah 7?

Okay, well all is well in the world today now that his PDB’s have gone digital, meaning he can fire up his tablet and that solves his knowledge base problem, or does it? Well it seems that the office of ODNI is the primary source of PDB’s and that points to James Clapper. But, recently Clapper has been more than honest in his assessments and document releases pertaining to the NSA, so now that duty has fallen to Clapper’s deputy. Problem solves yet? Nah.

“Cardillo spends a lot of time in the White House so he knows his principal client pretty well. As a deputy on the National Security Council he meets one to three times a day in the Situation Room. And then there are those regulars forays to the Oval Office for the “oval briefings.”

He told a small gathering of reporters Thursday afternoon that we wouldn’t be “surprised by the topics” of the PDB. “Today it’s Ukraine; it’s Iran; it’s Korea it’s South Sudan; it’s cyber; it’s terrorism etc.”

It seems Barack Obama went digital two or more years ago and he still gets his information from the media or does he? Well no actually it appears that many others get these briefings as Obama seems to fill his time with appointments that remain a secret.

Well for those reading this perhaps you can tweet to the White House what they need to know as that is the powerful tool being used by our enemies. And maybe since our U.S. Ambassador was asked to leave the country he represents, we may see him attending afternoon tea at the White House, but you wont find that on Barack Obama’s daily schedule just as Hillary’s afternoon tea was omitted as well.

Going digital has not worked either….moving on, all is well in the world so fund-raisers for the DNC takes priority.

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Denise Simon