Check the Corruption in the Paycheck Protection Program

The federal government has not disclosed most of the forgivable coronavirus-stimulus loans issued to businesses under the $660 billion federal Paycheck Protection Program.

The Small Business Administration has publicly released lists of the forgivable loans under $150,000 issued in each state but it did not include the names of the recipients.

Loans under $150,000 make up the bulk of the loans issued. According to SBA data through June 30, 2020, loans under $50,000 represented 66.8% of all loans provided, $50,000 to $100,000 represented 13.8% and $100,000-$150,000 represented 6%.

Executive Order Suspending Work Visas Extended

The original executive order signed in April:

would temporarily suspends the issuance of new green cards, a limit on immigration he says will protect American jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“In order to protect our great American workers, I have just signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the United States,” Trump said at a White House briefing Wednesday.

Make the Whole Nation an Opportunity Zone

Having just interviewed for a radio segment, Joel Griffith, an economic expert at the Heritage Foundation, I was motivated to draft this piece about how America re-opens and what will America look like in coming years.

Years ago, during the genesis of the dot com era, companies across the nation were launching incubation centers where innovation, creators and entrepreneurs were mobilized to advance business opportunity across all industries. Governments at all levels should get out of the way with stifling red tape, permits, fees, regulations, taxes and other bureaucratic measures to unleash business transformations.