Lynch Wants $80 for More Control Control

AG Lynch: We Want $80 Million For Obama’s Gun-Control Plan

The price tag for implementing President Obama’s executive gun controls is $80 million, Attorney General Loretta Lynch declared during her January 20 testimony before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee.

Breitbart: Lynch said the administration will begin pushing for the money in Obama’s 2017 budget request, due next month, according to ABC News.

She’s already meeting some opposition. “This subcommittee will have no part in undermining the Constitution and the rights that it protects,” subcommittee chairman Senator Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)  told Lynch.

But another Republican lawmaker–Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)– suggested she would support the program to expand of background checks on gun-purchasers.

In addition to expanding background checks, putting new requirements on federally licensed gun dealers, and co-opting a ban on gun ownership for some Social Security beneficiaries, Obama’s executive gun controls include the hiring of “more than 230 additional examiners and other staff to help process…background checks.”

Lynch tried to sell the gun-control plan to the subcommittee by claiming that a “glitch” in the background-check system allowed Dylann Roof to buy the gun he used to kill nine people in June 2015 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, S.C.

But this claim runs counter to a statement from FBI Director James Comey. Roof obtained his gun, not because of a problem with background check system, but because of a clerical error made by one of the FBI reviewers who was carrying out Roof’s background check, Comey said.

*** Lynch was recently at the Al Sharpton National Action Network speaking at a breakfast honoring Martin Luther King. If there any questions about who she really is and what she is up to, here are more clues:

Dr. King’s words and deeds – and those of the millions who stood with him – are not vestiges of history, but timeless calls to action.

That call – that mission – has animated the Department of Justice since the inception of this Administration and it fuels our ongoing work to ensure that everyone in this country can achieve the full blessings of American life.  Our revitalized Civil Rights Division – the conscience of the department, led by the outstanding Vanita Gupta – is committed to ensuring that access to the ballot box is as fair and unencumbered as Dr. King dreamed it would be.  Wherever the franchise is being diminished – whether through historical barriers or newly erected ones – we stand prepared to use every tool at our disposal to protect the sacred American right to vote.  The Civil Rights Division is making significant progress bringing criminal civil rights cases, as well.  Over the course of this Administration, we have filed more criminal civil rights cases and prosecuted and convicted more defendants on hate crimes charges than at any other point in the Justice Department’s history.  And we’re working to protect civil rights within criminal justice, in part by strengthening relationships between law enforcement and the communities we serve and ensuring constitutional policing across the country.  We have launched a variety of new programs and innovative efforts at the local level – including my own six-city listening tour – to promote community policing and to build the relationships of trust that are so vital to effective law enforcement.

More broadly, we are working to ensure the fundamental fairness of the criminal justice system.  At the federal level, we are continuing to implement the “Smart on Crime” initiative – a bold reorientation of our prosecutorial approach that Attorney General Holder initiated in 2013.  In its first two years, Smart on Crime has not only been a bipartisan rallying point, but also a resounding success, with federal prosecutors using their resources conscientiously to bring the most serious wrongdoers to justice and with the overall crime rate declining in tandem with the overall incarceration rate for the first time in four decades.  But for fairness to be consistent and to have meaning, we have to look at every stage of the criminal justice process.  That is why we are working to end the school-to-prison pipeline to keep our children on the right path and out of the criminal justice system.  That is why we are investing in diversion and treatment programs that take an evidence-based approach to public health and criminal justice.  And that is why we are making sure that formerly incarcerated individuals have the tools and resources they need to successfully rejoin society and contribute to their communities.  We recently partnered with the Department of Education to extend Pell Grant support to some incarcerated individuals so that they can pursue an education that will not only reduce their likelihood of recidivism, but also throw open doors to opportunity. For all the details on what Lynch said , go here.

*** Note she was hanging with Al Sharpton at the National Action Network, a corrupt organization that owes millions in delinquent income taxes…..

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  1. Loretta Lynch…another commie appointee of the muslim in the White House. Now, we know that the “power of the purse,” is the check that congress has to stop Mr. obama’s unconstitutional gun grab. Do you think that Congress will use its authority to preserve the 2nd amendment? If Congress flexes it’s muscle and declines to fund Mrs. lynche and the president’s illegal gun confiscation, will Congress charge them with trying to subvert the Constitution? To do so would be the expectation of the American people. Do you think that Congress will do what the American people want? Did they repeal the ACA? Or stop the unconstitutional Iranian armament deal? Did they stop the unconstitutional PTT? Did Congress even read any of this legislation before passing it? If Congress will not even address the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional renderings on marriage and the ACA, do you think that Congress will address any of the unconstitutional actions of the president and his administration? If Congress does not act by stopping this president and his AG, from eviscerating our Constitution any further, then wouldn’t Congress’s inaction be unconstitutional? The condition of the U. S. government is 1 in which each branch, the executive, the Congressional and the Court, are all, simultaneously, in contempt of the Constitution and are acting unconstitutionally. Could this mean that every member of Congress, the supreme court and the president, himself, are acting unconstitutionally, while discharging the duties of their offices? What an appalling happenstance….every government official is, today, acting to subvert our Constitution and undermine the rule of our laws. Treason is treason even if everyone in the government is committing it. Treason is a crime against the people. (No wonder there is no justice coming out of the Justice Department) It has become abundantly apparent, as a result of the 2014 elections and the actions of Congress, in supporting the president’s unconstitutional “transformation” of our Nation, that the American people DO NOT CONTROL their Congress, their president or their courts, anymore. We have instructed these officials to close our borders. Stop immigration. Stop funding Planned Parenthood. Stop our integration with the U. N. and safeguard our Nation’s sovereignty, and do not take our guns and ammo. Is the will of the American people being served? Or those of the “special interests?” Today, the entire U. S. government is staffed with people who are acting unconstitutionally. It is our duty to remove these people, in order to preserve our Nation. If we take no action against these criminals, we will be “transformed” into a people without a State.

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