Two Formal Challenges to Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry Mission

You read it here, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is creating an off ramp to the early launch of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. In previous months, Gerald Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has been on a quest to impeach listing all kinds of reasons to do so. Nothing was really sticking as far as Pelosi was concerned. But then came this phone call President Trump had with Ukraine that gave us a whistleblower and before all the facts and the complaint was released, Pelosi lit the impeach inquiry candle. Turns out all along, she knew about the call details and the whistleblower all due to Congressman Adam Schiff office secret work with authoring the whistleblower complaint in the first place. Deep state is getting deeper….

Nunes RICO Lawsuit v. Fusion GPS

This is a 3 part RICO case against Glenn Simpson, all things Fusion GPS and Campaign for Accountability, Inc..

Very interesting of the details that Nunes and his lawyer provide in detail. While Conngressman Nunes is suing for at least $9.9 million, it is not so much about an end result but more about the discovery process in the case. That means in layman’s terms, a document production requirement which is all the Republicans have been demanding of government agencies during the whole Russian collusion case. Government agencies, including the Department of Justice and the FBI for the most part have either slow-walked responses, redacted documents or have been completely non-responsive. In this type of lawsuit, where a jury is demanded, documents must be produced.

California Strikes Down Police Assistance Law

California has now driven a larger divide between the public and law enforcement. You can bet a few other states may follow the same tactic.

California’s new law drives a major wedge between police and the public (Photo – Screenshot – YouTube)

If you saw an officer in need of help… what would you do?

Most people would step in and offer assistance… no questions asked.

But in California’s latest move to further the divide between the police and the public, citizens would now be legally allowed to refuse to help a police officer who needs assistance.

Apply More Shame to Facebook

Okay, so without much media attention, YouTube was just fined $170 million for children’s privacy violations. Hello Google? WTH? This was a settlement by the way between Google and the Federal Trade Commission.

But what about Facebook and protecting our data? We have heard and read items about how casual Facebook is with out data. But hold on, there is more.

Primer: Cambridge Analytica was a cyber spy network with political operations and twisted tactics.