Who is Behind Black Lives Matter….

The #BlackLivesMatter operation is a concoction and a deadly one now as we have seen in recent weeks. The main author of the research summary is Nazgol Ghandnoosh, PhD and this operation has been fully embraced not only by the left, but the Democrats, the White House and the Department of Justice.

It must be remembered and noted that Eric Holder before leaving as the U.S. Attorney General, went to Ferguson at the behest of the White House to investigate matters there and the consequences are now the ‘Sentencing Project’.

Additionally, Eric Holder outlined a new sentencing reforms for drug offenders.

In short as you go forward in this short article complete with linked citations, understand, the deadly operation has resulted in a new domestic battlefield where police officers and law enforcement are the targets designated for death.

Anymore questions? The White House, the entire Department of Justice owns these assassinations. ‘All enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC….

It should also be noted that Barack Obama has authorized the release of countless prisoners and even visited a prison, much less he commuted several sentences in recent months.

The full document is here.

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