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Sen. Grassley is Seeking all Comms, and Naming Names, McCabe Resigns


FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepped down Monday as the agency’s No. 2, multiple sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.

McCabe will remain on the FBI payroll until he is eligible to retire with full benefits in mid-March, the sources said.

Let’s being here shall we?

For the period from March 2016 through January 2017, please provide all communications to, from, copying, or relating to: Fusion GPS; Bean LLC; Glenn
Simpson; Mary Jacoby; Peter Fritsch; Tom Catan; Jason Felch; Neil King; David
Michaels; Taylor Sears; Patrick Corcoran; Laura Sego; Jay Bagwell; Erica Castro;
Nellie Ohr; Rinat Akhmetshin; Ed Lieberman; Edward Baumgartner; Orbis Business
Intelligence Limited; Orbis Business International Limited.; Walsingham Training
Limited; Walsingham Partners Limited; Christopher Steele; Christopher Burrows;
Sir Andrew Wood, Paul Hauser; Oleg Deripaska; Cody Shearer; Sidney Blumenthal;
Jon Winer; Kathleen Kavalec; Victoria Nuland; Daniel Jones; Bruce Ohr; Peter Strzok;
Andrew McCabe; James Baker; Sally Yates; Loretta Lynch; John Brennan.
The above paragraph is part of a letter Senator Grassley has sent to Donna Brazile. Another interesting letter was sent to Joel Benenson. Joel worked as a pollster for the Hillary for America campaign and has since been hired by Facebook…sheesh.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have hired Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama and the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, as a consultant, according to a person familiar with the hire.

Benenson’s company, Benenson Strategy Group, will be conducting research for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the couple’s philanthropy. The organization — whose mission statement, according to its website, is “advancing human potential and promoting equality” — is endowed with the couple’s Facebook fortune.

As this is being published, sources confirmed that FBI Director Christopher Wray is on Capitol Hill viewing the controversial Nunes memo on the Obama administration spying operations.
So glad that Senator Grassley is on the case and has the names, I would argue he missed one and that is Bill Priestap. He is/was head of the FBI Counter-Intelligence Division, a person that both Peter Strzok and Lisa Page referred to in text messages essentially providing a heads up to Priestap that when Hillary wins, the blame for the investigations needs to focus on the Department of Justice much more than the FBI. Seems in yet another text message, Priestap agreed.
Of note, in the Grassley list, are two names of particular interest. They are Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal. They have a shady history with Hillary, as they were part of the operation in Libya and Benghazi.
Bill Priestap was the top fella giving directions to then director James Comey.

Grassley, Graham Send Batch of Letters Related to Potential Political Influence on FBI

Jan 26, 2018

WASHINGTON – As part of their ongoing oversight efforts to ensure that the FBI’s law enforcement activities are free of improper political influence, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) yesterday sent six letters seeking information and documents regarding Christopher Steele’s work on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary for America. The letters seek information and documents relating to those political organizations’ knowledge of and involvement in Mr. Steele’s work and his reported interactions with the FBI while he was working on behalf of these political organizations.  The letters were sent to:

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