Obama as Diocletian, With Wild Abandon

He regulated courts by decree. He established a council of advisors. He gutted the Praetorian Guard. He forced the worship of Roman religious doctrine. He persecuted Christians. He divided nations. He imposed radical reforms creating repeated economic crisis. He created a new fiscal and monetary system. He established a brutal regime and relied on slavery. He extinguished all threats to his power. He built a massive bureaucratic government. He established price controls to curb inflation. His family had no social status. He saw his destiny to be that of a reformer. He maintained a quest of forced peacekeeping. He elevated himself above the citizenry. He focused on massive building projects of bridges, palaces and public use facilities. He created higher taxes. He ordered all scriptures to be burned. He demanded exclusive political authority.

His name was Diocletian, the emperor of the Roman Empire from 285-305
Today, we are witness to all the same both at home and globally under the Obama regime. It started early within his election campaign with a backdrop of Roman columns. In 2011, we face the exact autocratic condition. Our military is under the budgetary scalpel. Daily, the Christian Doctrine and worship is a fatal decision. America, joined with other nations worldwide is failing due a complete re-tooling of a fiscal and tax policy to delay the eventual destruction. Ruling power is forced by subjugating law and structure. All slurs and challenges to his ability and objective are deemed a violation of compliance and must be exposed and revealed to Obama’s agencies for investigation.
Diocletian closed the borders to his empire, forbidding access to debate and discourse. Obama has created a protection of his empire with the employment of czars and advisors, who are armed with a quest that destroys the American foundation aid forth more than two hundred years ago.
Diocletian, due to exhaustion from opposition, confusion, lack of confidence and mismanagement, caused by his own hand, resigned from power and faded away in Croatia. Constantine, a convert to Christianity and devout follower, rose to lead the Roman Empire by reconstructing the largest military and protecting the worship of all faiths. Constantine restored the monetary system with gold.
No more wild abandon and order was established within the Empire.

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Denise Simon