IRS/FBI Get Clinton Foundation Referral, No DNC?

While this is a very positive step that IRS Commissioner Koskinen has approved an audit of the Clinton Foundation, what is the timeline? Further, a referral has also been made to the FBI and the Federal Election Commission.

Then, the former top attorney general and the Department of Justice told us during his talk at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia that he has known Hillary for 25 years. Ah, so he knows all but, ‘facts don’t matter’, do they? Nah and Holder went on to talk about criminal justice reform. Is all this talk about criminal justice reform really to head off any future prosecution of the powerbrokers in DC? Hah!

The Daily Caller has reported, “The Exempt Organization Program is the division of the IRS that regulates the operations of public foundations and charities. It’s the same division that was led by former IRS official Lois Lerner when hundreds of conservative, evangelical and tea party non-profit applicants were illegally targeted and harassed by tax officials.”  The House referral letter is found here with evidence.

Two particular areas of focus of the requested audit include Laureate Education and Uranium One. Read the complete details here from Daily Caller.

**** So what about the Federal Election Commission and the IRS auditing the entire DNC? Seems lawyers were quite busy as noted here by Free Beacon:

Democratic Party lawyers had to step in repeatedly to prevent illegal or prohibited political fundraising by a new Democratic National Committee group designed to coordinate legal strategy with hundreds of friendly attorneys, internal documents show.

Multiple proposed fundraising pitches by the new Democratic Lawyers Committee (DLC) invoked the names of high-ranking administration officials in what would have been violations of federal laws and White House policies against political activity by administration officials, according to emails between the group’s top staffers and their attorneys.

The hacked emails, released by the group WikiLeaks last week, provide a detailed narrative of the DLC’s formation and its hectic first few months, which saw celebrity attorney Gloria Allred micromanaging the group’s self-described “propaganda,” a senior DNC staffer admonishing colleagues for nearly spoiling its rollout with illicit fundraising asks, and DNC staffers pretending to be then-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on email in order to land a venue for a high-dollar fundraiser.

“The stated goal of the DLC is to organize the legal community and [we] must arm them with the information, contacts, and inspiration they need to provide significant support for the Democratic Party’s fight to maintain control of the White House and help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2016,” according to talking points circulated internally. More to the story here.

The comes the White House collaborating with the DNC and concocting an event for foreign money. Ya don’t say huh?

“Hi Vet Team, we would like to do a finance event at Hogan Lovells US LLP … on June 14th with White House Political Advisor David Simas and DNC CEO Amy Dacey,” Chalupa wrote in an email. “Can you let us know if this venue passes vet? Thanks!”

One day later, Alan Reed, the DNC’s compliance director, responded to the request by saying that he saw “no real issues.” Reed wanted to make sure everyone was fine with using the venue given the “significant lobbying” that they perform.

Attached to the email was the background check for the firm, which noted, “Hogan Lovells lobbies the federal government on behalf of a number of U.S. groups and organizations.” It contained a list of departments the firm lobbies, which included the House and the Senate along with the Departments of Defense, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, State, and Interior, among others.

The event was given the go-ahead.

The background check said Hogan Lovells did not appear in the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Unit (FARA).

However, the firm does appear on the FARA database and is currently registered to work on behalf of both the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the government of Japan in 2016, FARA disclosures show. Free Beacon has additional information here.

So, what about the collusion between the DNC and the Clinton Foundation? Ah glad you asked.

Taken in part from the Washington Examiner: A hacker who claims to have infiltrated the Democratic National Committee’s server posted documents on Tuesday he says came from the party’s digital files. Many of the new documents contained information about how the Clinton campaign and its allies should respond to criticism of the Clinton Foundation’s revenue sources given controversy over the fact that the philanthropic network accepted donations from foreign entities while Clinton served as secretary of state. More here.


Guccifer 2.0 DNC Clinton files: 2016er Attacks by Washington Examiner on Scribd

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