Chicago Murder Capitol due to Gangs and Illegals

The Left will tell you the matter of the deadly crisis in Chicago is due to poor schools and lack of economic opportunity. Send more money. REALLY DUDE?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is giving his farewell speech in his hometown of Chicago. Will he mention and of the crisis and murder in his beloved city? Nah…

   Do you suppose they own those weapons legally? Hah…

A 2012 Chicago Police Department gang audit found there are more than 600 gang factions in the city, with a minimum combined membership of 70,000. As the number of gangs in the city increase, it’s difficult for gangs to control large areas. Instead, gangs cling to streets.


It seems too that under Mayor Daley and his public housing program propagated the issue beginning in 2006. Passing out money and entitlements was the beginning of the tailspin.


Gang warfare on streets of Chicago fueled by Sinaloa Cartel heroin


The following script is from “Crisis in Chicago,” which aired on Jan. 1, 2017. Bill Whitaker is the correspondent. Andrew Bast, Guy Campanile and Michael Radutzky, producers.The number of casualties in Chicago since last New Year’s Day has surged to a level more in line with a war zone than one of America’s great cities. More than 700 people were murdered. Over 4,000 shot. That’s more than Los Angeles and New York combined.

Gangs, guns and drugs have caused chaos in Chicago for years. But something new caught our attention. There’s been a drop in the kind of police work that law enforcement says is critical to preventing crime. Usually stops and arrests go up when violence is rising. So we went to Chicago to look for an explanation. What we found was a police department on its heels as the city suffered its worst bloodshed in 18 years.

In the six days we were in Chicago, 55 people were shot, 16 were killed. We were struck by just how routine it all felt. The dead and wounded were removed with grim efficiency — right down to the HAZMAT crews that cleaned away the blood. Murder seemed almost normal.

ifty-nine gangs are at war over territory and drugs on Chicago’s West and South Sides. But the makeshift memorials we saw, also mark places where people were killed in gang initiations or over petty insults. This gang member was taunting a rival on his phone live on the Internet when he was shot. Watch and you’ll see the gunman. More here.


Just last May of 2016, 2 FBI Agents Shot Serving Warrant Near Chicago, Suspect Found Dead

Two FBI officers were shot serving a warrant on Melvin Toran Tuesday. Toran (pictured) is a reputed leader of the Black P Stone Nation gang. He was found dead at the scene. (Photo: Illinois Department of Corrections)

Two FBI officers were shot serving a warrant on Melvin Toran Tuesday. Toran (pictured) is a reputed leader of the Black P Stone Nation gang. He was found dead at the scene. (Photo: Illinois Department of Corrections)
Toran was a reputed high-ranking member of the Black P Stone Nation street gang, according to a federal law enforcement source. FBI agents had gone to the home in the south suburb of Chicago to arrest him on charges of narcotics trafficking, part of a gang sweep involving several other ranking members of the gang.

With Congress people like Bobby Rush or Luis Gutierrez, it is no wonder the truth is ignored.

Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez, an illegal-immigration activist,  proved he can’t handle the truth as he became completely unhinged when confronted with his own words by an immigration expert. Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about the dangers of “sanctuary city” policies.  

When Gutierrez took the floor he accused Vaughan of not being informed and said she was “exploiting” the murder of Kate Steinle, the young woman who was murdered by a 5-time-deported illegal criminal, to make a buck.

Street gangs in Chicago, Illinois

Asian street gangs in Chicago

  1. Asian Boyz
  2. Black Shadow
  3. Black Widows
  4. Hop Sing
  5. Local Boys
  6. Wolf Boys

    Folk street gangs in Chicago

  7. Ambrose
  8. Allport Lovers
  9. Black Disciples
  10. Brazers
  11. City Knights
  12. Gangster Disciples (GD), branches include Eight ball Posse, Insane Gangster Disciples and Hellraisers
  13. Gangster Party People
  14. Harrison Gents
  15. Insane C-Notes
  16. Insane Campbell Boys
  17. Insane Cullerton Deuces
  18. Insane Deuces
  19. Insane Dragons
  20. Insane Guess Boys
  21. Insane Latin Lovers
  22. Insane Latin Jivers
  23. Insane Orchestra Albany
  24. Insane Popes (North Side)
  25. Insane Spanish Cobras
  26. Krazy Getdown Boys
  27. King Cobras
  28. La Raza
  29. Latin Dragons
  30. Latin Eagles
  31. Latin Stylers
  32. Latin Souls
  33. Maniac Campbell Boys
  34. Maniac Latin Disciples
  35. Milwaukee Kings
  36. Morgan Boys
  37. Racine Boys
  38. Satan Disciples (SD)
  39. Simon City Royals
  40. Spanish Gangster Disciples
  41. Spanish Gangster Two Six
  42. Two Two Boys
  43. Young Latino Organization Cobras
  44. Young Latino Organization Disciples

    People street gangs in Chicago

  45. Bishops
  46. Black P Stones (braches include Apache Stones, Jet Black Stones, Titanic Stones, Ruben Night Stones, Jabari Stones, & Black Stone Villans)
  47. Four Corner Hustlers
  48. Familia Stones
  49. Gaylords
  50. Insane Popes (South Side)
  51. Insane Unknowns
  52. Latin Brothers
  53. Latin Counts
  54. Latin Pachucos
  55. Latin Stones
  56. Loco Boys
  57. Mickey Cobras
  58. Noble Knights
  59. Outlaw Bloods
  60. Party Players
  61. Ridgeway Boys
  62. Saints
  63. Spanish Lords
  64. Stoned Freaks
  65. Twelvth Street Players
  66. Vice Lords (Branches include the Conservative VLs, Unknown VLs, Insane VLs, Renegade VLs, Mafia Insane VLs, Imperial Insane VLs, Cicero Insane VLs, Spanish VLs, Traveler VLs, Outlaw Lunatic Traveler VLs, Ebony VLs, Gangster Stone VLs, Undertaker VLs, & 4VLs.)
  67. Villalobos

    Street gangs in Chicago

  68. 12th Street Players
  69. Adidas Boys
  70. Akrhos
  71. Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation (ALKQN)
  72. Aztecas
  73. Aztec Souls
  74. Black Cobras
  75. Black Gangsters
  76. Black Souls
  77. Brown Pride
  78. Brothers For Life
  79. Cameron City Outlaws
  80. Crazy Gangsters
  81. Homicide Boys
  82. Imperial Gangsters
  83. La Onda
  84. La Primera
  85. Latin Mafia
  86. Latin Players
  87. Latin Pride
  88. Lynch Mob
  89. Netas
  90. Nike Boys
  91. Paulina Barry Community (PBC) [inactive]
  92. South Deering Boys
  93. Sawyer Boys
  94. The Arabian Posse
  95. Thugs Re-United
  96. Vatos Locos
  97. Whipple Boys
  98. Whipple Brothers
  99. Young Sinners

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