Obama’s Doctrine is Vertigo

The quite rage began across country by experts when it comes to foreign policy as a result of Barack Obama’s speech at West Point. Omitting the fact that he included climate change as a major global threat, Barack Obama worked to defend his posture and to explain his own view on why America is in fact exceptional and not weak when it comes to enemies of the United States. He even took a shot at World War ll veterans and military leadership by saying they did not estimate the later conditions or damage of their strategic decisions during World War ll.

Lawmakers Dark Money Against the Jews

Colleges and Universities across America have real anti-Israel operations going on where highly paid professors are no longer teaching but rather they are indoctrinating and forcing politics and anti-Semitism in the classrooms as well in campus life. You can bet there is much more behind this agenda, so  lets take a look. This is either dangerously close to violations of the Hatch Act or it IS a violation of the law.

anti semitism

MTV Indoctrinates Viewers at Behest of CAIR

In 1979, the United State severed ties with Iran. An interesting twist however, Iran did not sever ties with factions inside the United States and pro-Khomeini Shiite activities. Even back in 1979 and moving forward, Iranian influence and Islamic influence were making end roads into the culture and driving down Main Street USA. No one noticed except the FBI. But the investigations of the FBI remained classified until 2008 and then the reports were meant to remain obscure and out of sight from America.

There was Snowden but NOW there is Greenwald

Actually we should all be grateful to Edward Snowden for what he revealed about the NSA and the sweeping indiscriminate spying on U.S. citizens without a warrant or approval. This caused a real debate and formal discussion where the checks and balances should be a mission of all citizens.

Snowden has the proof for the sake of validation but should there be limits to what is published globally?