15-6, the Bergdahl Investigation

It is important to understand the timeline and who was where, when.  The Taliban talks and the Afghanistan exit strategy began in earnest several years ago, which places Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, David Patraeus, John Brennan and Bob Gates back in their respective jobs when the ‘Afgan Good Enough’ team was created headed by the now dead Richard Holbrooke was leading the charge to make nice with the Taliban and close Gitmo.

Next, Pardon a Traitor?

The list of traitors to America is growing and the list includes many within the Obama administration. Remember, traitors are in violation of their oath and traitors joining forces with the declared enemy fall to treason.

Reminder: during the Obama administration we have had three attacks, Ft. Hood, Boston Bombing and Benghazi.

Snowden, Truthful Spy

Each week there are media reports publishing additional nuggets with regard to the NSA, Edward Snowden and Obama administration policy alterations. Well at least something is coming out, where we can take these nuggets and go further.

Edward Snowden gave an interview about his job assignments and the fact they he did in fact attempt to raise some hard questions about what the NSA was doing without the knowledge or approval of common citizens.

Stop With the al Qaeda Core Crap

Just because Usama bin Ladin is dead does not translate to al Qaeda being decimated, in fact nothing is farther from the truth.

It should make one wonder why the CTC (Counter Terrorism Center) has only released 17 of the documents from the trove of evidence taken from the bin Ladin Pakistan compound. It also should be the question on why drone strikes have suddenly stopped in Pakistan and moved to other locations such as Yemen.

Obama’s Doctrine is Vertigo

The quite rage began across country by experts when it comes to foreign policy as a result of Barack Obama’s speech at West Point. Omitting the fact that he included climate change as a major global threat, Barack Obama worked to defend his posture and to explain his own view on why America is in fact exceptional and not weak when it comes to enemies of the United States. He even took a shot at World War ll veterans and military leadership by saying they did not estimate the later conditions or damage of their strategic decisions during World War ll.