FileHell, the Veterans Administration

The truth is bubbling to the top and some in the media are beginning to notice the failure of leadership, waste, fraud and abuse, but mostly patient neglect of veterans. A doctor after many years working at the Phoenix VA had to quit and took on the mission, the whistleblower mission to expose how the collusion worked at this VA hospital.

Warnings were given from a top VA administrator in 2012 about case files, neglect and records manipulation to Congress. So who is approving this purgatory for veterans?
The VA procedure to cover-up the neglect at the VA is reprehensible and every
employee should be a patient themselves to see what abuse veterans endure after
service to their country such that we should bring Eric Shinseki before a
Congressional hearing only after he himself spent 60 days at any of the abusive
and corrupt VA hospitals across the country.

I came to know Howard Altman after meeting him in Tampa at the RNC convention.
I have concluded that Howard is a determined investigative journalist when it
comes to all military matters. Mr. Altman was given a tip about 19 deaths of
veterans and he is committed to finding the real truth for the sake of all
veterans’ plight as they apply to the neglect and cover-up by VA hospitals
around the country.  Sadly, Mr. Altman followed the instructions to file a Freedom of Information Act request to seek documentation, but his request was denied.

After a cursory search of patient neglect and abuse of veterans at VA hospitals,
it was determined that countless cases do exist such that the administration
drafted a memo for distribution to all VA centers to address the deathly issue.
The sample memo is here.
An in depth report on the Veteran’s Administration is found here.
It is almost impossible to determine the quality of the numbers, which is to
say the numbers could be much worse as reports have been edited and amended for
the sake of gaining employee bonuses, sadly while veterans are left in red tape

The backlogs continue and this administration is failing veterans who have
already fulfilled their part of the government contract.


VA backlog

(Photo is an actual room full of VA backlogged files)

There is a Congressional Veteran Administration committee that is assigned to
address all veteran needs yet their efforts are trumped by Eric Shinseki all
due to sequestration, political ill-will and malfeasance. The backlogs continue
such that the matter is ignored by all especially the Commander in Chief.
Michelle Obama gives shallow attention to a program of getting returning
veterans jobs and that sadly too is not productive.

Due to Obamacare, veterans are losing their healthcare coverage anyway such
that we see an omen in the future of a national failed healthcare system.

If the VA was doing its job and delivering in their part of the contract would
there really be a need for countless private sector non profit organizations
that work diligently to clean up yet another profound government mess like
Wounded Warriors or The Independence Fund or the Fisher House Foundation? The
private sector does a better job at everything than government and it is a
blessing that such privately funded veteran organizations do exist.

As Commander in Chief, just what is the reason Barack Obama or Eric Shinsheki himself has not ordered a full FBI or Department of Justice criminal investigation? Oh never mind, rhetorical questions are common in the city of ‘no-consequence’.

Cold War Part Two

Flashing Red: Fighting breaks out in Ukraine this morning.

And the new announcement of the Russian flotilla in the Caspian Sea.

Very few in the media are attempting to connect the signals and events globally with regard to Putin’s moves to rebuild a new Russia. Not only has Putin virtually installed a footprint in Latin America , not only has Putin assumed control of Crimea, not only has Putin set his sights on annexing additional Baltic States, but, he has his military assets popping up in very interesting places lately.

It seems that Russian has a warship very close to Britain such that the Royal Navy dispatched a shadow watercraft to monitor the Russian destroyer. Then if one looks up in the air, near Scotland there are TU-95’s, known as Bears that are quite worrisome to the Brits such they the Royal Air Force launched aircraft to chase the TU-95’s out of the airspace. Then, the it seems the same has happened in Dutch airspace where fighters too were dispatched to do the same.



Russian warship


A Russian Akula nuclear submarine was in the Gulf of Mexico in August of 2012 completely undetected and few questions were asked. While the Obama administration has allowed Russian spy planes in the United States airspace, only in the last few days is the Pentagon working to terminate that program allowed in the Open Skies Treaty.

Just this past February, a Russian warship retro-fitted with sophisticated surveillance technology finds it was to a Cuban Port without the customary advanced notice.

Beyond these recent events, the Russians are also diligently working to establish naval bases in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Algeria, Cyprus, Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore. No one else is paying attention or reporting Russia’s robust agenda in the Artic with unified bases.

The Putin plan so far with Crimea is such a success that a new commemorative coin has been minted for this conquest of Crimea.

Russia has taken up a new alliance with China, while Putin continues to support the civil war in Syria with arms for Assad and Putin is threatening the West with voting power to side with Iran over nuclear sanctions if the West challenges any component of Putin’s global plan.

This is a very dangerous and sophisticated chess game being played on the global stage and it appears that John Kerry with his failed Geneva agreement with Russia was barely noticed or obeyed by Russia, in fact not at all.

I would advise listening to this podcast by Newt Gingrich, who as a historian spells out the chess game and illustrates the danger around the corner that moves the West closer to a Cold War Part Two, which the Obama administration refuses to recognize.

In the meantime, it appears that all along Germany has been aiding Russia in Putin’s quest. while Russia has also installed spies in Germany at levels not seen since the Cold War era.

All is right in Barack Obama’s world though relating to foreign policy, Ukraine receives $50 million dollars from the recent visit by VP Joe Biden and some MRE’s. Barack Obama seems to think that the pivot away from the Middle East and Russia to focus on Asia will save his foreign policy legacy, but it wont save the West from Russian worldwide posturing and growing strength.

Caviar and vodka anyone with those nuclear weapons?



Clinton Skeletons still Dancing

In the last month, many Clinton administration documents are being released which is required by law. To date we have seen documents as they relate to enemies lists, how to stage and rebuke scandals all of which lead to the just how they think and their hidden missions.

Just this week included in the most recent round of documents we find that Bill Clinton wrote a personal note to the Dar al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia asking to work together in proposed suggestions from the mosque. After 9/11, the FBI visited this mosque and at least two of the hijackers on that terrible day worshipped there. Additionally, Mohammed al Hanooti was the Iman at the mosque for four years and he was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Of particular note, Anwar al Awlaki was also an Iman there as well. al Awlaki was killed in a drone attack in Yemen. al Awlaki was a U.S. citizen who Major Nidal Hassan of Ft. Hood shooter fame communicated with and al Awlaki was also a major contributor to the Inspire magazine, the al Qaeda publication that advances the jihad doctrine around the world.

After the decision to kill Awlaki by drone, Barack Obama and his staff has sought to keep classified the document trail regarding Awlaki, but a judge ruled today those documents are to be released.




The Clinton’s have a long history of being on the wrong side with particular emphasis placed on campaign money, aborting operations to kill Usama bin Ladin and approving pardons for corrupt placeholders, criminals, bombers and jihadis.

Well in case you are seeking additional proof on the Clintons and need something more on Hillary as she seeks to win the Democrat nominee to be president in 2016, we cannot overlook her complicity in Benghazi but here is the movie titles ‘Hillary’ so you can revisit this lying and corrupt elite couple. This movie was banned from normal theater distribution using the work and names of those like Harry Reid.

Oh yeah, one more thing, remember Sandy Berger, you know the guy who stole documents from the National Archives? Well those documents were over the aborted mission to kill Usama bin Ladin, Sudan and the Millennium Plot. The FBI file is here.

We don’t want a co-presidency in the White House again, and frankly this pair should have their citizenship revoked.

Putin is Stalin, both Equal Another Ukraine Holodomor

While VP Biden flew to Kiev today to show shallow solidarity with Ukraine, one must know that Kiev is the birthplace of the former Soviet Union, the keys to the kingdom of history, which is ripe for a re-birth.

Ukraine has a very nasty history and in recent decades has worked to find itself among a true democratic nation, learning to finds it’s way in the modern era. Putin is following the Stalin doctrine and is blocking Ukraine/Crimea from further advancements.

It begins with famine, disease, genocide and death, lots of death where Jews were no exception. Recently, the agenda for all Jews to register and pay a tax or leave the country, of which some leadership in the world is calling disgusting, it proves a multi-track mission that is a carbon copy of the KGB/FSB under Stalin.

A holocaust survivor sees this clearly and has spoken out to the Jews in the region to get out now. How can this be in this time, where historically, all lessons were learned and trials and documents have proven the history, but yet never seems to be written or taught?

What can Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton or John Kerry know and what have they ignored as they dither on the policy with Russia, Ukraine, Crimea or any of the other Baltic States? They know and they ignore, as there are too many staffers and historians in the administration that provide context and facts. Additionally, all administrations have deep ties to academia where professors on all sides of arguments and debate deliver research, white papers, documents and thesis on all parts of the globe, so currently the matter of Russia, Ukraine, Crimea and more historical content has been dusted off as recently as 2009 when the real Russia goal of annexing additional nations is the sole quest of Putin.

The question of Holodomor must be reviewed as a window of what may come soon in that region. After some digging, this University of Chicago professor knows the history and created an assignment for his students and other assigned professors. Within this assignment, there are facts that are not disputed.

“One of the universal lessons of the Holocaust is that national,

ethnic, racial, or religious hatred can overtake any nation or society,

leading to calamitous consequences. To reinforce that lesson, such

curriculum shall include an additional unit of instruction studying

other acts of genocide across the globe. This unit shall include, but

not be limited to, the Armenian Genocide, the Famine-Genocide in

Ukraine, and more recent atrocities in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda,

and Sudan.”




Holodomor means “death by starvation.”

Although we will never know the exact number

who died in Ukraine during this period, the Ukrainian government today estimates that, taking into

account data related to the demographic consequences of the famine, “Ukrainian losses resulting

from the famine of 1932-1933 total no fewer than ten million people”. This campaign, purposefully

orchestrated by Joseph Stalin and his Soviet cohorts, included summary executions for hoarding

grain and deportations for resistance*.


Why is the Holodomor Unknown?


There are two reasons: The Soviet Union never


admitted its existence and many correspondents in the West, primarily Walter Duranty of the New


York Times, were complicit in covering it up.


What are the Implications of the Holdomor in Today’s Geopolitical World?


The Soviet genocide against the Ukrainian people was part of a centuries-old pattern of behavior by


Moscow’s rulers. The Soviets were following in the footsteps of their Czarist predecessors who


denied the existence of a separate Ukrainian nation. The return of Russian chauvinism under


President/Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the rehabilitation of Stalin in today’s Russia, the questioning


of Ukraine’s right to exist as an independent nation by many Russians, as well as the continued


denial of the Holodomor/Genocide by Russian governmental officials, are troubling developments,


not only for Ukrainians but for all freedom-loving people throughout the world. ***


The purpose of this curriculum guide for educators is to acquaint them with this tragedy.


Myron B. Kuropas, Ph.D.


It should be noted here that Walter Duranty worked for the New York Times and was a paid agent of the KGB. Not to be overlooked, the KGB created the PLO, Black Liberation Theology and sought to defeat the Vatican.

During the winter of 1932-33, some ten million Ukrainians living in the Union of Soviet

Socialist Republics (USSR) died of forced starvation. They perished during a Genocide

Famine (hereafter referred to as the “Holodomor”, the current Ukrainian term used to identify

the calamity) engineered by the Soviet government which had three major objectives in that

part of its expanding empire:

1. To annihilate a significant portion of that segment of the Ukrainian population which had

most vociferously and openly resisted increasingly oppressive Soviet rule.

2. To terrorize the surviving Ukrainian population into submission to Soviet totalitarian


3. To provide funds for Soviet industrial expansion from the sale of expropriated Ukrainian

wheat and other foodstuffs to the rest of the world.

Just as the Jewish Holocaust is not simply a “Jewish issue”, the Holodomor in Ukraine is not

simply a “Ukrainian issue”. Both genocides have universal implications. The Holocaust is an

example of genocide perpetrated by an overtly racist, fascist regime which had as its

avowed purpose the annihilation of the Jewish people. The Ukrainian Holodomor is an

example of genocide perpetrated by a Communist regime which, while calling itself

internationalist, was contaminated by Russian chauvinism. For Russian Bolsheviks,

Ukrainian ethno-cultural self-assertion was a threat to both the primacy of Russian culture in

Soviet affairs, and to the centralization of all authority in the hands of Soviet dictator Joseph


Although the Holodomor in Ukraine is one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated against a

single nation in the 20th century, the West is hardly aware of it ever having taken place. This

is so for four reasons:

1) consistent denial by Soviet officials;

2) conscious cover-up by influential Western correspondents reporting from Moscow;

3) a dearth of information about the Soviet Union’s crimes within its own borders, crimes that

since the collapse of the Soviet Union appear to be fading from public consciousness, both

here and abroad;

4) an information vacuum regarding Ukraine and its people among American academics, the

mass media, and the general public where the prevailing view was that Ukrainians were

Russians who spoke a Russian dialect. Even though Ukraine has been an independent

nation-state since 1991, this perception, still promoted by many Russian intellectuals,

remains an accepted fact in many American circles.

This professor’s document is here to be read, it is filled with indisputable citations and quotes from those where were there.

So we now know this administration’s policy on Russia with regard to Ukraine and Baltic States is feckless and most of all deadly.

Obamacare, Fraudulent and Deadly

If one looks at Barack Obama’s most recent suggested White House budget, line by line, it is socialism and destructive. No worries however, it was defeated without so much as the media reporting the vote. So, what more do we need to know? A couple of things. Who exactly advises Barack Obama? Thomas Piketty is the answer. Who is he? A French socialist who hates capitalism. Even more scary, Piketty has the ear of many in Washington DC on the side of the Obama regime.

Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” has only just been translated into English – several weeks ahead of schedule, due to popular demand – and the New York Times’s star columnist Paul Krugman has already described it as “the most important economics book of the year — and maybe of the decade”.

The French economist’s current US book tour is turning into something of a red carpet event. So far this week, he has met the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors as well as Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.

So this brings us to Obamacare. Economically, Obamacare is Armageddon for America, all of America, the economic future, the financially stability, global competitiveness and worst of all for the young, old, and indigent.

Since the launch of the official PPACA website (which is highly recommended not to visit due to security risks) there have been horror stories about the failure of the website, the massive number of policies cancelled and the billions of dollars thrown at the law to make it work.




Steve Tucker, a career health insurance broker and expert reveals some real ugly truths about the law as he HAS read the law and the 22,000 supplemental pages to the law. There are facts and trigger points in the law that take America and the best healthcare system worldwide into the twilight zone.

What is most important is only and only Democrats voted for this law, most of which never read a single page of it and then Barack Obama signed it into law and he too never read a page. You must acknowledge too that Republicans are in fact aware of the content of the law and have worked to repeal, alter and or delay the law as many as 47 times, but Harry Reid the majority leader of the Senate refuses to advance any House bill….ever.

The healthcare system in America never required complete alteration, in fact as many as 45 states already had/have two fully funded medical coverage that covered the sick, elderly and poor. Only a real handful of states needed like plans. But we are at numbers approaching trillions as we move into 2016-2017 and when more than a trillion dollars becomes a real number to be applied to Obamacare, then the earth needs to stand still and hear this full interview with Steve Tucker.

This is the unvarnished truth of a scam, redistribution of wealth, lies, collusion and un-Constitutional law. Fair warning to the listeners for the content of this interview but we must face the scary and damning facts for the sake of being an informed citizen.

Listen to the WHOLE interview here. (The Steve Tucker, Obamacare show)

Obamacare puts America in crisis and this is well known by those that voted for the law. Thank you again to Steve Tucker.