United States Federal Reserve System Introduction

The Introduction in to the United States Banking System

The Federal Reserve Banking System was created in 1913 after three failed tries to have a national bank from which the Federal government would have control and management of currency. After the United States Constitution was ratified, it was clear to the Founders and Signers that the ‘free market’ was to remain free. Sure, there were uncertainties in the financial system due to America taking a stand on its own terms. Private Banks were in existence for national and international banking services. Due to import and export relationships and treaties, currency and trade suffered from major instability.

This Was America

This Was America
Here is a reminder to the reader that the United States is a very young country with a short comparable history to those worldwide. This was an undeveloped pristine land that was discovered, loved and nurtured by people of protest to a heavy handed government.
Those that arrived on these shores of what is now America; were explorers, creators and people of vision. They had a spirit to use and cultivate talent, skills and knowledge to create something new—Liberty and Freedom. They had a quest to be self-sufficient and accountable for their own decisions. Generations passed along this attitude, dream and spirit. In a rather shallow history, America soon abounded in people of success and charity to share the triumphs and reasoning of ‘Natural Law’.
Today, due to greed which is corruption, America is a lost land. America has been infiltrated by a foreign concept, distortion and dishonesty. Any objective outside the scope of the Founders is radical and completely in violation with the force, soul and promise of this new land.
Nothing can destroy our nation but us. The lack of duty and dedication has given rise to complacency, indifference and a languid attitude.
Americans have become parsimonious in their obligations to defend our country from these foreign and radical forces mounting nationally and internationally.
America has an over-reaching government that interferes and obstructs our ‘natural rights and freedoms’. This current fraudulent government; the paid civil servants, are to adhere to a representative system which no longer exists. This representative system has been shattered, it has manufactured a system where the people work for the ‘Elites’ of government, consequently forcing citizens to be internationalists. America has become lost in the mix and is yet another land mass of laborers and givers of illegal tax monies all to a cause unknown.
Our government today is based on contract law which is how corporations function. All of government is a corporation, thus, is in absolute violation of the United States Constitution, which is a protection of ‘Natural Law’.
There are people to blame for this transfer of power. Who are these people? US

Natural Citizen, Important that You Understand the Difference


By Steve McCoy

To understand the correct application and enactment of government law (secular law) in
a free Republic, it is essential that we first understand that our rights come from God, not
from men, politicians or judges. Second that governments are instituted by man for the sole
purpose of securing those rights. Third, when man rebels against God’s Law and does what
he thinks is right in his own eyes, he sets himself up to be god and will soon implement his
own immoral secular law.

A Common Citizen Interviews Obama

Interview by a plain citizen with Barack Obama

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