I am Woman, my Life is My Choice

It is with indisputable clarity that minions of the Obama administration are expanding the battlefield in America, which is a Cloward Piven strategy. Just this week did Hilary Rosen take up an assault on Ann Romney, diminishing her value and worth as a woman, a mother and a wife simply over the fact that Ann Romney does not have a job which earns a paycheck. It was a scud missile hit to not only Ann but to all non-paychecking females since they dont contribute to commerce, no, rather capitalism, which is most hypocritical of the whole battleground. Ann and Mitt Romney raised several successful sons, Ann battled cancer herself and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.
Perhaps in Hilary Rosen’s busy schedule as a corporate capitalist she forgets that it is the wife and the mother that hires re-modeling contractors, the babysitters, the repairs to the home, that volunteers and is subject to spending based on household income. It is the female that multitasks with laundry, assisting in school work and teachers and car-pools. It is the mother who buys the greeting cards and gifts and does the wrapping to boot. It is the lady of the household that cleans, cooks and shops. Hilary Rosen bought into the liberal battle vortex of the Obama administration which is lead by Valerie Jarrett, who received Rosen more than 30 times for White House visits. What is more curious is Valerie Jarrett, Iranian born, is not only the Senior Advisor and confidant to Barack and Michelle, a long, long time friend, but she was a slumlord in Chicago, so much so the property was lost and condemned. Jarrett is a socialist and most of all she is the Obama Czar for Office of Urban Affairs and the White House Council on Women and Girls detailed in Executive Order # 13506.
As for Hilary Rosen, she found her arrogance and self inflicted worth by rubbing shoulders with self proclaimed movers and shakers. Hilary is the Editor-at-Large for the Huffington Post, she is the co-founder of Rock the Vote, the Chairman and CEO of Recording Industry of America. She has been paid well as especially so by British Petroleum as the hired consultant to lead the PR and communications after the disastrous Gulf Spill. One of Hilary’s martini buddies is Anita Dunn of ‘two of my favorite people are Mother Teresa and Mao Tse Tung’ fame. Anita Dunn was another Czar under Obama and left for other pursuits as did her husband, who was the long time legal council for Barack Obama before his assumption of the White House and for the next two years. The largest objective of Anita’s husband, Robert Bauer, lawyer was to stone-wall all the requests and demands for Obama’s personal history, like his college transcripts and what passport was used to travel to Pakistan.
Every person out there today had/has a mom and with that, the best defense is a good offense against Rosen and her like-minded friends, those being Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Anita Dunn. The Obama administration pays women 18% less than men within like payscales. Jay Carney, the White House Press Voice touts that Barack Obama is the only president that has taken positive measures to prove a female’s worth and value by passing the Lily Ledbetter Law, yet the paychecks for women under his regime reveal otherwise.
This attack on women is an additional war the White House and its crony operatives have waged in three years, they defined it, they launched it and they are owning this failure like some many that have been executed.  In the end, Hilary Rosen, the White House, Anita Dunn and Valerie Jarrett are duds in the war, much like the failed North Korea missile launch, failed between the launch and phase 1.
See Hilary Rosen fail in her back-step here


Women account for

What president has the worst record on female labor force participation?

Barack Obama.

The Obama Administration has brought hard times to American women.

Under President Obama, more women have struggled to find work than at any other time in recorded history.



of the jobs lost under Obama.

Source: (“Current Employment Statistics,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)

Source: (“Current Population Survey,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)

Source: (“Current Population Survey,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)

Source: (“Current Population Survey,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)



Under Obama, the number of unemployed women has increased by

Total Female

Unemployment Rate

Number of

Women Unemployed

Black Female

Unemployment Rate

Hispanic or Latina Female

Unemployment Rate



MARCH 2012


5.0 5.9

10.2% 13.3%

10.2% 10.8%


Turning the clock back 20 years

on American women.


Black Panthers, Past, Present and Future, Holder Silent

Department of In-Justice and Selective Application of the Law


Eric Holder was sworn in as the 82nd United States Attorney General when he took the oath (provided below) with Vice President Joe Biden presiding.  The focus of this summary will speak to the segment of the oath that reads ‘against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ The question is just who actually defines those enemies and on what criteria especially those of a domestic nature? Likely those decisions are a collaborative effort composed of a large group of people in Washington DC that include Eric Holder at Justice and Timothy Geither at Treasury to list a few.

“I (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and

defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,

foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to

the same; that I take this obligation freely without any mental

reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully

discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So

help me God.”

Congress Pete King held a hearing this month, (March 2012) on the domestic and international threat of Hezbollah and that summary is here.  The objective of this hearing was to publically place sunlight on Hezbollah and its operatives within the United States and to reassert their status as a terror network. The springboard of Hezbollah has bearing with regard to the deep ties to people within the Black Panthers Party and the New Black Panther Party and their later affiliation with terror organizations such as Hezbollah. It is important to understand that while there are two distinct names, the doctrine, and the mission and in many cases the same people have been carried over by name and relationships over the years.  The Black Panthers, like the New Black Panthers Party, have a Marxist doctrine and have merged much of the common objectives and like minded attitudes to Islam.

Not so long ago, the New Black Panthers on a handful of occasions have held rallies and those in attendance have very familiar faces as depicted below.





Among those appearing with Obama was Shabazz, the Panther leader who was one of the defendants in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed. Also present was the Panthers’ “Minister of War,” Najee Muhammed, who had called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47’s and then mocking their widows in this video.


Calls have been made to the White House to disclose which Malik Shabazz visited the private White House residence on July 25, 2009, two months after the DOJ voter intimidation case was dismissed. So far, the White House has refused to do so, leaving open the question of which “Malik Shabazz” appears in visitor logs released to the public.

Early in Hillary Clinton’s law and political career, she made it her charter to get involved in the protections of rights including those of the Black Panthers. While studying at Yale, see purposely attended a Black Panthers trial in New Haven to gauge the possibilities of legal abuse of rights during the trial. Hillary additionally worked with others in her circle to schedule monitors for this trial in her absence and later she wrote a summary report which was turned over to the ACLU.

Full of interest and intrigue, later that year, Hillary Clinton made her way to Oakland, California to work at a radical socialist law firm of Truehaft, Walker and Bernstein and they also took on a case to defend yet another trial of the Black Panthers.

A radical from Oakland named Abdul Alim Musa, an American, is first known as Clarence Reams.  Musa was raised in Oakland, California and maintained a deep friendship with Eldridge Cleaver and Pete O’Neal both of which sought a campaign and coordination with like minded radicals in Algeria where American forces are currently fighting al Qaeda operatives.  Musa is a supporter of the Islamic Republic and the Ayatollah Khomeini and has made several trips to Iran in the late 1970’s and early in 1980. There Musa created a steadfast relationship with Hezbollah and Hamas and Boko Harem as well as al Qaeda. Musa was a top leader of the Black Panthers and a force recruiter for radical Islam under the umbrella of the Nation of Islam in the United States. Musa has made it his charter to coordinate doctrines between domestic mosques and has an obscure public relations campaign designed inside hip-hop and rap music which has been most successful.

In 1970, the Federal Bureau of Investigation published that the Black Panther Party is the most dangerous and violent of all extremists groups. Eldridge Cleaver as a member of the BPP had very close ties to Al Fatah, Arab Guerillas in the 1970’s. Additionally, Cleaver met with the North Vietnamese as with the Premier of China Chou En Lai along with up to 60 additional members of the BPP. Later, Eldridge Cleaver developed a friendship with Professor Gates. We should remember recently Professor Gates from the ‘beer summit’ event held at the White House by Barack Obama.

Let’s take a look at some people and history of past and present Black Panthers. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, 53, former Nation of Islam activist and personal assistant to Louis Farrakhan; reportedly died from a brain hemorrhage; in Marietta, Ga. Farrakhan dismissed Muhammad in 1993 after the latter insulted Catholics, whites and gays, calling Jews “bloodsuckers” and the Pope “a no-good cracker.” As front man for the New Black Panthers in 1998, he led the contentious “Million Youth March” in New York City. [Time International, Feb 26, 2001 v157 i8 p15]


Another key subject to review is H. Rap Brown. In October of 1971, H. Rap Brown, converted to Islam and gave himself a new status and name of Imam Jamil Abdullah al Amin while serving time in Attica Prison.   Brown became known for his extremist beliefs after his book, Die Nigger Die! (1969) was published. He joined the Black Panther Party and was arrested for arson and inciting a riot. In 1970 he was shot, captured, and charged with armed robbery in New York City and sentenced to five to fifteen years.  He was released from prison in 1976 and became a leader of one of the largest Black Muslim groups in the U.S., called the National Ummah. He was also the owner of a grocery store in Atlanta’s West End, a poverty-stricken area that the National Ummah worked to revitalize.  In March 2000, two police officers went to Al-Amin’s grocery store to serve an arrest warrant on a minor theft charge. Al-Aman shot both officers, wounding both, and then shot one of the officers, Ricky Kinchen, three more times as the officer lay wounded in the street. Kinchen died from the gunshot wounds.  You are invited to look deeper into the Black Panthers by viewing the FBI file here.   In 1976, the FBI moved hard to take down the Black Panther Party.  A chronological and comprehensive history of the members of the BPP may be viewed here complete with listed videos and text.  A more recent summary of the Black Panthers, New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam is illustrated in this link.

To be fair, the New Black Panthers in some cases have been denounced by Bobby Searle, the co-founder of the Black Panther Party due to cases where a rush to judgment was made. An example of this rush to judgment and taking matters into your own hands included the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal.

Under the leadership of both Khalid Abdul Muhammad, now dead, mentored by Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, and Malik Zulu Shabazz, the New Black Panthers have maintained an aggressive and militant pro-black agenda in addition to a full anti-Semitic mission throughout the United States. Khalid Muhammad with Louis Farrakhan reached out to Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya for friendship and joint business ventures in the United States.  Qaddafi was a target by world leaders to step down from his dictatorship in Libya while opposition rebels for more than a year sought to find and kill Qaddafi and late in 2011 he was captured and died.

 “ Cases cause celèbre Islam prepares adherents for an inevitable violent revolution against the U.S. government: this revolutionary vision is at least as indebted to the ideas of men like Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, and Malcolm X as it is to more typical advocates of Islamic revolution like Sayyid Qutb. Those who share this view tend to be suspicious of outsiders, and outside influences. H. Rap Brown aka Al-Amin … made the transition from black nationalist firebrand to nationally prominent Sunni imam. In the 1960s, he issued scathing indictments of America and called for violent revolution. After his conversion to Islam, al-Amin adopted a more measured tone in his societal criticism, but remained attached to the idea of revolution. Though he focused on a more inward-looking revolution, one that would transform his community morally, al-Amin continued to believe that the system writ large was sick and broken. Some analysts have questioned how far al-Amin truly progressed from the violent ideals that he once openly proclaimed. “  More here.

We have covered many members of both Panthers Parties and history thus far including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Professor Gates. One last slick operator or rather lawyer to place in the mix is U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his role.

Unbeknownst to the public, Carlos Torres, FALN co-founder, and Marilyn Buck, a member of the Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army, were released from federal prison last year. Attorney General Eric Holder quitely implemented a policy of freedom for terrorists. More here and here.

J. Christian Adams, who worked for the Department of Justice in the Civil Rights Division under Eric Holder, writes more about Marilyn Buck and her deep roots to crimes and subversive activities while a member of the Black Panthers. Adams later resigned from the DoJ in complete protest and opposition of the New Black Panthers Voter Intimidation case due to the AG, Eric Holder refusing to sentence those found guilty.

Holder additionally gave a pass to the CAIR and Holyland conspirators by offering an explanation that has even confounded members of Congress.

Holder has offered key legal cases to his law buddies across the land to provide case council to Guantanamo Detainees and providing Constitutional rights to foreign terror agents in support of Muslim and radical Islam doctrine.

Today, the New Black Panthers have become a modern day lynching mob calling for the funds and bounty to arrest George Zimmerman of Sanford, Florida in the killing of a seventeen year old male.

Major Nadal Hassan, a radicalized Muslim, who randomly shot and killed U.S. troops at Ft. Hood, has not been brought to justice as the White House deemed this sad and tragic event as merely work place violence. What more is there to investigate on Major Hassan and why the delay in the prosecution? Could it be more selective prosecution and application of the law for Muslim sympathizers in the White House, the State Department and the Department of Justice? The answer here is evident for sure.

Back to the beginning as the question must be asked, who is defining the term domestic terrorist? What cases has Eric Holder argued for the protection and prosecution of those terrorists? It has clearly been proven that Eric Holder has been stone-walling on the Fast and Furious case where through the State Department waivers were issued to run weaponry to drug cartels that have fully integrated with Hezbollah south of our border with Mexico. Funds to pay for these weapons and investigations were from the Stimulus package of which Vice President Joe Biden oversees.

America today is full of domestic enemies and with the globe so easy to navigate without credentials and bona fide background checks, enemies are a dynamic threat to our way of life, be it by small incidents to our way of life, breaking the law and subverting the Constitution and by general fear. Confidence is gone when we look to the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and our Court system for protections of our homeland.

Lawmakers in Washington work to achieve more power over our respective lives in the name of legislation by way of lawfare, when in the end it tramples our freedoms. All the while domestic enemies continue to force recruit, act illegally, integrate with terror groups connected to defined organizations of terror worldwide and have no fear of prosecution as the history of Eric Holder speaks to a pass and looking the other way.

In closing, to confirm any doubts you may have with the historical connections between the Black Panthers and radical Islam to current terrorists, please view this video where Zawahiri quotes Malcolm X and is actually speaking to Black Americans that have been recruited via music, mosques and the American prison system.

Additional links in case you need more convincing are here, here and here.





Whats it All About…..Algae?

It is staggering to hear citizens say that Newt is un-electable when he is a man that is truly reaching out to Americans with logic and a personal touch. It was too gratifying about 2 hours ago, when I got an email from Newt’s campaign asking me to join a conference call to talk about oil.

Say what you will about capitalism, but it is part of the greatest ‘experiment’ objective of the founding of America, that cannot be denied. America has great people that are insightful, creative and inspiring and yes that includes those before us like Vanderbilt and Rockefeller of Standard oil, add in Ford with his Edsel and Model T, engineers and chemists. Newt knows his history and the rest of us need to take notice that since the release of Microsoft Office software, nothing BIG in America has been developed of which we can be proud unless you add Apple. The sad notion is that Steve Jobs while innovative, his products were made where? China.

Newt just recently said, ” I dont care who you are, I care about who you want to be.” That phrase needs to go far and wide, as we have a squatter in chief in the Oval Office that has never spoken to the fire in our collective bellies that has been kidnapped since obama took over the White House.

Oil is a pivot point in our economic engine and yes, wars are fought over this resource, but that is due to crappy foreign policy. How many know that even Richard Nixon spoke to getting off of foreign oil that has made the Saudis so rich, they actually paid the expenses of the United States military in the first Gulf War? Obama does not care that billions/trillions of our currency goes offshore to pay OPEC nations including that little sick creep in Venezuela, money that never comes back into our system for the sake of our domestic economic engine.

Newt deserves a major high five, as here is a man that is reaching out personally and daily to re-kindle that slow burning ember in our bellies of America. He earnestly desires to make America great, with our own resources, our own citizens, our own money, our own skills, and our own imaginations. Who can dispute that?

Romney was a business man using other people’s money including that of governement and today Mittens is using big bucks to tell people vote for him with only platitudes for his platform. Yup, people are too lazy, apathetic and stupid to research and hear Romney’s words to know the difference. Newt gives tangible names, conditions and solid mission objectives and sadly it is over the head of voters to keep up. C’mon America…….you’re virtually admitting your individual ignorance. VOTE NEWT, not algae.

Fear for America? Newton Gingrich the Solution

America is under attack from within. We see all the Alinsky tactics being used and Newt is the only candidate for the presidency that has spoken to the Saul mission to fall America by Obama and his nefarious army. We read today that gun sales continue to see new record sales especially with the prospect of Obama being re-elected. Newt has spoken to the undeniable list of the Kill America hit list by Obama that include the frayed relationship with Israel, he has spoken to the broken alliance with Pakistan and the failed policy with Syria that is proving to be a killing field of innocent Syrians.

Obama dithers while Iran’s centrifuges are spinning placing not only Israel in more peril but add in much of the Middle East, so much that Saudi Arabia is seeking a nuclear weapons program. It would do Newt well to speak of the Iranian growing footprint in Latin America and this is especially disturbing given the proximity to America. Iran has a missile system in Venezuela and countless other South American countries are joining the Iranian and North Korea kill objective as we now know that North Korea test fired nuclear missiles for Iran last year.

Moving on to domestic death to America, Newt has spoken to the CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood educational train moving at high speed across America to install Sharia into our public school systems.

Newt is the only candidate that has spoken to key laws that need to be repealed that will begin to cure the fears of American citizens. Most important, while Leon Panetta has a free pass to destroy our treasured military without question and while Hillary presents an increased operating budget for the State Department, which is curious since she has essentially paid off every corrupt leader globally as well as chieftans, if money was the solution, why does she need more?

America does need to get armed and America does need to become quite aware of situational awareness and be prepared for real doom in Obama does keep the seat in the Oval Office as an Occupier.

I stand with Newt and if you are truly informed and education and want to move forward in America, without fear, then Newt will take America back to the land promised to us long ago by our Founders.

Inspiring America with Newt

A series of debates, town halls and media events have led us to a handful of primary voting locations across America where the Republican field has whittled the number candidates racing for the White House down to four. The narrative of all candidates as a collective has been in full opposition to the Obama doctrine, a doctrine which is a moving target that appeases all issues and topics with no foundation except that of distribution of everything.

One must look now at the four that remain standing and the numbers that track their vote and electability ranking. To break in down simply is to say the electorate is just damned stupid when Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are not receiving the lion share of the ballots that are cast. Kudos to Paul as he speaks only to the messages of liberty, the debt and the exit of occupational forces in foreign countries without define mission objectives.

Newt Gingrich on the other hand speaks to those same issues as Paul, however Newt serves up much more for the sake of America and the alleged engaged population is too indoctrinated to hear Newt’s solutions.

Newt has a long history of thinking out of the box where concepts are offered that are innovative and refreshing. Newt has played the DC hustle game and that demonstrates he can stand toe to toe with the progressives as required to advance America, so yes, Newt was and is a hustler. As I see it however, you cant bullshit a bullshitter and Newt has the savvy to spot a bullshitter wherever they roam.

As a history professor, owning a PhD, Newt has a skill set that breaks down an issue to its core, a speaking ability to keep the argument simple and well defined. Americans are still too comfortable to seek the reconstruction that is required in all of DC for which Newt argues to achieve.

Newt is bold as demonstrated by having no fear to examine all that ails America as he has authored countless summaries, solutions and books that speak to re-tooling DC politics and has published all of them in various forms for the electorate to read, but have they read them? I submit the answer is no, as voters are too apathetic to perform their respective duty as a citizen to engage often as the sheriff of government.

Washington DC has been a nasty and nefarious machine whose engine operates with unlimited fuel sources paid for by lobby networks and media since the early 1900’s. Newt is telling America that he has no fear to throw sand in the gears of that engine to neutralize the transmission of a runaway vehicle.

America must embrace new century innovations and be inspired to look for creative conceptual restoration of government. America cannot grow and expand into the future with old tired business as usual playbooks. We dont need minimum wage and we dont need government schools. We cant prosper with a damning of growth tax code and we can fund a United Nations, NGO’s or the Millennium Challenge or the Merida Initiative where money goes offshore for projects that are outside the scope of America’s best interest without a voice in how those funds are spent. The list is long, yet if the electorate would stop casting ballots for personal reasons and vote for the sake or our country and her future, then Newt’s mission objectives is the clear choice. Newt does not only tell you this verbally but he has written and published the same. Remember the written word is more powerful than the spoken, so go visit his site at Newt.org and learn it, which is your duty as a citizen.