King George in the White House

The Modern Day King George
Hey, when was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? Could it be that Barack Obama is worse than King George? Let’s examine just two phrases in the text.
“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”
What proves this statement to be true of the man sitting in the Oval Office? Here is the release from last week. So, if some or many citizens pay cash for basic and legal purchases, they are suspect? If we choose to buy dehydrated foods, that is suspicious? How does this affect college students eating the staple of Ramen Noodles or many people across America that no longer have credit cards? It should be noted that 27 different agencies have access to SWAT, but to use high powered weapons and aggressive sharpshooters to raid a private residence all due to a student loan that is in default? America is under attack by many government agencies, how can we allow this to happen without so much as a whimper?
“For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.” Take a hard look at the ‘Czars’ that Obama has on his payroll. These people draft policy, not law and these policies create mandates in cabinet departments like the EPA, the Department of Education and Health and Human Services, just to mention only a few. In case you missed it, we are in an illegal war in Libya. Make no mistake, it is a war, there are uniformed troops on the ground. We have spent more than $1 billion dollars in an effort to remove Qaddafi, which has proved ineffective. Yet, no action on Assad of Syria?
Reviewing the Declaration of Independence is a compelling assignment and a necessary assignment. This is a very sad time for America as her citizens have not educated themselves and maintained the Checks and Balances. Those on the Federal payroll work for us, yet we are in twisted mire and it is our time to regain our power.
Our time is now to regain our power over government, make our voices heard and stop the tyranny.
Here is your link to the Declaration of Independence, the facts and the history.

Respect Their Sacrifice

Respect Their Sacrifice
I have a friend, a real friend that I have come to know in my heart that he is a true man, a loyal warrior. He is a SEAL. We understand each other yet many words don’t need to be spoken between us – those unspoken conversations are already known and understood. We have never met.
America has a team of friends we have never met so many words are unspoken. They are the SEALS. Some of our friends have fallen from us, yet our way of life is richer for they walked with us for a while. They asked for missions no other could undertake and yet never sought a hero’s title or fame. So we know what was in their hearts. These men are by definition like no others we know. Our SEALS took a loss that we can never explain, never realize and never forget.
We must honor and respect the secrets they require and the grief they deserve. The prayers flow freely in their name.
SEALS are the adopted sons of America. We embrace their spirit, loyalty and brotherhood. Those whose lives were lost leave behind an honor we cannot fully explain, that is a station few will ever reach outside a dream.
To our fallen sons, I know you have now passed the golden tree, mounted your shields to the ceiling and have a seat at the table reserved for the chosen at Valhalla.
“But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive’ ~ Shakespeare

Shame on Us

Our battleground is our homeland; we are citizen soldiers possessing a duty to defend our home. Americans has a unique identity, a legacy passed on through generations to us by our Founding Fathers. This identity is the ownership of being honest, respectable and free. We are privileged due to two key documents that paved the way to a land and way of life where all things are possible.
So, why do we have a growing misery index? It is submitted that our present condition is a result of apathy, in action and deference to politicians and people within our government. We gave away our authority and checks and balances without as much as a whimper. SHAME ON US
The first reaction here is to offer excuses for the failure of our duty. Did any of the Founding Fathers offer up an excuse for the treason they committed against the King? They anxiously assumed the duty, risks and threats for a single objective….FREEDOM These men had the weight of a citizenry on their shoulders and remained diligent and committed to a way of life and mission that was bigger than themselves.
The Founders did not have the tools and technology we have today, yet, they did have a fire in their belly that today no longer burns. SHAME ON US
We have no excuse for our dereliction of duty. What have you done for America today, this week, this month?
We must teach and we must learn ourselves. We must be pro-active and we must dedicate time and insight for the sake of our family, community and country.
Have you made a phone call today?
Have you learned something today?
Have you recruited today?
Have you established a plan or revised a plan?
Have you taken the time to be current on events domestically and internationally to know the risks and threats to our way of life in America?
Can you list five or more freedoms we have lost in the last year?
Have you made a pledge, offer or commitment to others that you have not fulfilled?
It is true people generally keep their distance in political conversations. In the mid 1700’s, there was an estimated population in the thirteen colonies of 2.5 million people. Those people lived a hard life as compared to what assets we have today. Yet, they freely gave time to their churches, their community and country. What are you doing? SHAME ON US
There are countless organizations out there asking for your participation for the sake of preservation and restoration to the Spirit of America. Money is not always required; often it is imagination, communications and skills that are needed. What commitments have you made and achieved?
Watchmen of America is a fraternity of dedicated civilian soldiers possessing a fire in their belly to defend our community, preserve our freedoms and restore respect. If we have not worked at this fraternity today and tomorrow…..SHAME ON US
Quote from a letter written by Tho. Jefferson to Horatio G. Spafford , March 17, 1814
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and will never be.’

Know Your Enemy, Know Your Risks

Are You Prepared?
Know your Enemy and Know your Risks
Are you hoping someday soon, America will go back to the productive days of years past? Are you hoping real estate prices will recover? Are you hoping legislators will resolve the debt issue? Are you waiting for the days that the 6 wars we are in globally will be over? Are you waiting for the value of the dollar to recover? Do you see a time when food prices will go down?
You will keep waiting…..and hoping…..the only person you can count on is…..YOURSELF

Below are some questions that only you can answer. The questions are to provoke thought and action for your successful survival.
1. Do you have enough balanced food stored for at least 6 months?
2. Do you have enough water or nutritional fluids stored for at least 6 months?
3. Do you have a well stocked first aid supply complete with prescription(s) as needed?
4. Have you taken a first aid class or have certification?
5. Do you have a method of self defense and have skills at those methods?
6. Do you have a communications plan in place that is outside the scope of the internet, land line phones or cell phones?
7. How long can you live off the power grid?
8. Do you have a garden or pots available to grow vegetables?
9. What provisions have you made to exist without running water?
10. Do you have alternate fuel sources?
11. So you have cash put away for emergencies outside of a bank?
12. Do you have enough warm clothes?
13. Have you made provisions for your children?
14. Do you have a ‘bugout’ bag for each member of your family?
15. Do you have enough fuel for vehicles, cooking or power?
16. Do you have a generator?
17. Do you have trust in neighbors or friends for confidence of support or aid?
18. Do you have a hand crank radio?
19. Do you have flash lights, hand cranked, candles, or batteries?
20. Do you know what vegetation is safe to eat?
21. Do you know what a snare is or how to trap wildlife or fish?
22. Have you had a recent medical and dental check-up?
23. Are you in good enough physical condition to hike 5-10 miles a day carrying 30 pounds?
24. Do you have a list of emergency procedures for your home and family that everyone is aware of?
25. Do you have a supply of personal hygiene items for emergencies for 6 months?
26. Do you have a small set of tools that you can keep handy?
27. Do you know how to treat water for drinking?
28. Do you have a plan to take care of pets?
29. Do you have a supply of disinfectants or sanitizers?
30. Do you have a large supply of paper products like toilet paper, paper plates, and plastic utensils?
31. Do you have maps/topography documents for your area?
32. Do you have an evacuation plan or rally point?
33. Do you have whistles or a bullhorn to get attention?
34. Have you done any role playing for countless conditions or scenarios?
35. Do you have outside sleeping gear and protection?
36. Do you have a fire starting kit?
37. Do you have sun and insect protection?
38. Do you have a supply of vitamins in the case of bad nutrition?
39. Do you understand a balanced diet and know how to read nutrition labels for food storage?
40. Do you have a small solar power source?
41. Do you have a supply of exam or latex gloves?
42. Do you know what to do with human waste?
43. Do you have legal documents in order and more than one copy that are notarized?
44. Do you have walkie talkies or a more sophisticated communication system?
45. Do you have a safe room, vault or safe inside and outside?
46. Do you know to keep all your operational security a secret except from those that are MOST trusted?
47. Do you have a taser, stun gun, pepper spray or tear gas for additional defense?
48. Do you have footwear that is comfortable for walking very long distances?
49. Do you have a bicycle to get around if vehicles or gas is not available?
50. Do you have items in your home for trade or bartering?
There are hundreds of books, videos and websites that will demonstrate how to address these 50 questions and more. Waiting until the last minute will not be prudent. Being self reliant and self serving is having confidence for security and safety. All of this will take time, money and energy, so it is smart to start now. In 6 months time, you should be able to address each of these questions and more with sureness and then you should invite a close confidant to do the same. The government is not in a position to help all of us and it is not smart to rely on anyone else for the safety and security of yourself and your family.

Watchmen of America


Are you really current on the events at home and worldwide? Are you able to process beyond what the media reports and look deeper on the causes and effects of government and associated decisions?
Just for a moment, consider the most recent disasters we have endured in the past few months. There have been:
• Massive Floods
• Major fires
• Tornadoes
The consequences of these disasters have drowned livestock, burned agriculture and put two energy plants at risks. Standing water has caused disease in animals and humans.
Barack Obama, DHS and FEMA have said very little, offered minimal assistance and in many cases refused support.
The lesson to be learned if you were paying attention is you are on your own. There will soon be a food shortage crisis, a fuel crisis and an illness crisis. You must plan and prepare for all scenarios. There are countless websites, magazines and books available that provide the pathway for you to meet your needs. You can also confer with like-minded people that are already prepared and trained for such disasters.
A prudent suggestion is to visit the website and network in your state to join forces for a community civil preparedness system. We have embarked on a time where self-reliance is the fundamental key to survival.
• Do you have food storage?
• Do you have self defense skills?
• Do you have first aid training?
• Do you have alternate communications in place when telephone land lines are destroyed?
• Can you reach someone outside of Facebook and Twitter?
• Do you have an alternate safe house?
• Do you have reserve money?
• Do you have local people to come to your aid?
• Do you have a provisions bag packed for emergencies at all times?