We Never Stop Learning, We Are Here to Learn

There is an old adage, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and as we get older, it is important to continue that learning process. Being informed and current on events and knowing history gives one the fundamentals of confidence, self respect and most of all a sense of accomplishment.
Is it possible you can read a book a month? Of course it is possible and the reading list below will continue to give Patriots and conservative citizens a great start to your library.
The Road to Serfdom
Atlas Shrugged
Liberty and Tyranny
Somebody’s Gotta Say It
The 5000 Year Leap
Constitutional Chaos
The Manchurian President
John Adams
The Moral Compass
The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution
The most important book of all is the Bible. Everyone needs many moments in their lives to stay grounded and for encouragement. Read and learn, it is a personal spring board to where life will take you.

Do You Have Time to Do Your Duty as a Citizen?

Let us start out with this link: http://library.thinkquest.org/23154/citizenjob.htm
The United States is in turmoil and has been for countless years. The turmoil stems from several key issues those being the breakdown of the family unit, taking our attention away from what the Federal Government does without a peep from citizens and living lives on credit. Sure there are more issues that have led to turmoil, least of which is education.
So what are the solutions to curing what ails America? Engagement …..pure and simple. We can no longer leave matters to others to resolve. If you don’t like what is life has become, you have no one to blame but yourself.
Have you done the following in the last 5 years?
• Vetted candidates and voted for the best representation for local, national and international action?
• Have you contacted your representative in Congress or the Senate?
• Have you learned about the limitless power of those in Washington DC?
• Do you know the key names of people in Washington DC and what their backgrounds are?
• Rather than donating money, have you donated time to physically see how things work or don’t work?
• Have you chosen one or more subjects and researched that subject to learn more?
• Do you turn off the television and have real quality time with family members or friends?
• Have you visited a school to see what is actually being taught and how students and teachers behave in the classroom?
• Are you aware of laws and legislation that is outside the scope of limits on the U.S. Constitution?
• What do you know about international events?
• Do you trust or rely on the news you read or hear? Have you verified all the events?
• Have you joined and participated in an organization that benefits our society?
• Have you visited a church to hear and understand a message?
These are just a few items that should guide you in what is best to keep you informed and active. Here are a few links that should help you get started if you are lacking in direction or focus:
• What is Agenda 21?
• Can you describe what Operation Stillpoint is?
• Can you name just one Presidential Czar and define their background and agenda?
• Take a look at AnyStreet.org to understand grass-roots activities.
• Join a PTA, The 9.12 Project, get on the email list for JudicialWatch.org
You have a duty as a citizen to devote some real time to the world around you, to get involved, get engaged.
I will end this text with this link. It is full of quotes from our Founders. It is a condensed summary of inspiration. http://etext.virginia.edu/jefferson/quotations/jeff1700.htm

Climate Change, Charge and Colletion

Climate Change, Charge and Collection

First we had Cap and Trade Bill, that did not go well except in the House of Representatives. It is stalled in the Senate. What to do now? Hey name it something else, it is now the American Power Act. Whatever it is called, it is the last nail in the coffin of the American Energy infrastructure and the entire United States financial system.

Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court

Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court but sits at a Desk at the Department of Justice

The United States of America’s top lawyer, Eric Holder has made it a life-long practice to practice law on the fringe of the U.S. Constitution. Eric Holder has lost all public trust IF the public is paying attention. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/President-Obama-should-fire-Attorney-General-Eric-Holder-8162995-55452607.html