Our Treasured Military, Used for Political Capital

Dear Officers:

It is now confirmed. The wolves are among the flock, deep inside the comfort zone of the Pentagon, and the proverbial blood is flowing across all ranks and branches. Dignity, comradeship, and trust are being slaughtered within the ranks of the military. Not just in the active ranks, but also among the retired corps. The carnage is robust and festering; without as much as a whimper.
In three short years, the grip of the politically liberal vise has gained much momentum. Now command and control is best defined as fractured, discordant, and abysmally petty. In the hands of many using politics, posturing, and intimidation tactics, unyielding political weapons are being employed in a full assault on the high standing and code of honor of each soldier that wears or wore a uniform.
One such manifestation of this erosion of the fabric of our military is the Major Nadal Hassan rampage. Hassan, a soldier with an extreme ideological bent was repeatedly and deliberately overlooked because of his Muslim roots to the point that he killed his fellow soldiers on a military base here at home when he should have been stopped long before this heinous event.
This is but one symptom of a now common practice to over-look possible collateral damage because of political correctness run amok. This new battlefield, on our own soil, is due to fear of reprisal, failed leadership, silent voices, the ‘steady paycheck mentality’, and utter apathy.
The most recent event in this politically correct environment is the Army’s sensitivity program forcing combat veterans and NCO’s to participate by wearing fake breasts and empathy bellies under their uniforms. This is now taking place in conjunction with a worldwide program developed in 2008 that demands sensitivity among men for their pregnant female counterparts. This amounts to an almost deliberate mission to crush the esteem of men in uniform. The Commander in Chief and the Senate either approved this program or assumed default approval positions by not stepping in and halting it.
The examples continue, and now there is new text and definitions for hostilities and what constitutes imminent danger. These have worked to alter the hazardous duty pay-scale for troops to save $255 per month, per assignment, all to meet the eventual $1 trillion Department of Defense austerity objective over ten years. Ironically, the pay-scale of those with desk jobs in Washington DC is not affected.
Facing live fire, IED’s, SAM missiles, and asymmetrical enemies and other weapons, on any battlefield or in the air, is in fact imminent danger! These are dangers that must not be dismissed by decision-makers for the sake of job security, bloated and wasteful government elsewhere, and political ideology.
Then there are the events where political capital earned great dividends. Yes, Osama bin Laden has been sought for ten years, and when he was discovered in a compound in Abbottabad, Seal Team Six was sent in by Obama and the rest is history. Or is it? Since that day, the story has been trotted out on numerous occasions, often for political gain. Whether it was a State of the Union speech, a stump speech, or the incessant ‘talking points’ uttered by the Vice President, White House staffers, and certainly not last, the Obama apologists and ardent supporters on media talk shows.
Months later, in Wardak, Afghanistan, an RPG ambush occurred. Why? Because the enemy knew they were coming. How? Because the media knew – the White House and others told them, and then the world knew. This event meant the death of thirty eight similar elite forces and some Afghans aboard a Chinook helicopter. Once again, worldwide airwaves caused in part many sons and daughters without fathers, wives without soul-mates and parents mourning as they have out-lived their sons.
Topping the use of the bin Laden episode for political gain, we have the incredibly bad decision by the White House and the Pentagon to release highly sensitive material. To who was it released? Not an ally for use in the battle on terrorism, rather, it was granted to a movie producer for the production of a big screen project scheduled to be released in October, begging the question, by whose authority?
There is a body of rules that the Commander in Chief and the Secretary of Defense must enforce, yet these rules are ignored – another egregious chapter in military history.
Our youth join your branches of service, they endure boot camp, then perhaps flight school, or sniper school, or intelligence training where upon graduation, the hearts and minds of a new fraternity become faithful masters and stewards of your craft. The goal of these efforts is to triumph together in the common cause of protecting all our national security interests. Soon, with promotion, when each bar, star, and pin is earned, there is pride, esprit de corps, and a custom to uphold and defend, the culture of courage that is taught within the armed services. Journeys are before each member wearing the uniform. These culminate in mission objectives to be achieved, victories realized, and the continuation of the annals of success in American history.
All Officers, from current and past eras, must mentor each among you to nurture the integrity, the will, the scope of defense for the protection on America. Your history, your experience, your knowledge as officers is a very precious instrument required to restore the honor of the Armed Forces. You are called upon to muster and inspire the rank and file at the Department of Defense.
The White House and all agencies must trample the pages of the UCMJ no longer. This callous disregard is a threat to the moral character of the uniform and the narrative belongs to you officers. You must rise up and begin to correct these defects. You are obliged to restore and adopt a posture to cure this twisting of your command and control while setting aside the division, the dissention, and the politics.
Requests for retirement have reached a level so high that it has become policy at the Pentagon to respond with a stamp of “not approved” to keep the numbers up while augmentation is attached, as they plan to pare back at the same time.
As one analyzes the words of people with standing at the Pentagon carefully, it is apparent that opposing sides have been drawn with regard to loyalty, oaths, and political correctness. Missions are assigned that create leadership divisions among the corps, regardless of branch. We are on a feeble and soft foundation today as America embarks on an epic conflict in the Middle East, Asia, and perhaps even South America. The United States military cannot perform on this fragile footing. She has come too far and gained too much through the expense of her blood and treasure, we cannot be idle.

You can no longer be taciturn with your interaction to the civilian leadership that has mandated a cultural thought process that is in complete opposition to the legacy of the military doctrine.
General Robert E. Lee authored a letter to General John B. Hood in 1863, shortly before the Gettysburg address that read, “I agree with you that our Army would be invincible if it could properly be organized and officered. There never were such men in an Army before. They will go anywhere and do anything if properly led. But there is the difficulty, proper commanders, where can they be obtained?”
Senator William F. Knowland noted that:
Article I of the Constitution gives the power to declare war to the Congress and not to the Executive, We are apparently now, drifting into a twilight constitutional zone where the executive can put us into war, the fourth largest in our history, without a Congressional declaration or a Congressional resolution recognizing that a state of war started by others already exists.
When Congress acts under its constitutional power, every statement for or against the resolution are part of the Congressional Record, and the press and the public are fully informed. The roll-call vote shows how each Member voted. This is responsible and accountable government.
If five or seven men can meet in a closed session in the Blair House or the White House, and put this nation into the fourth largest war from a casualty standpoint in our history, without their statements and recommendations being recorded or available, and without their positions on this matter being known, we have the war-making power transferred from the Congress, operating in the open, to the Executive, operating en camera. That is not, I submit, either responsible or accountable government.”

The time is short, restoration is in dire need. You must leave behind the whimpers, find the fire in your voice and you must force multiply for the sake of America’s future days, for we can no longer tolerate the shame and indifference. Those buried in the hallowed grounds of Arlington and other cemeteries across the land, with or without the caisson, under the glory of our Nation’s flag, are a tribute to the old guard and sentinels for America. Should they speak from their marble headstones, they would ask as I do, how can you be silent anymore?

Respectfully yours, a mere faithful civilian,

White House uses Military as Political Pawns

Honor the Uniform, Troops are not Fodder for the White House

No truer words have been spoken than those of a retired General who said publically, ‘Get the Hell out of the Media”. Make no mistake America, the Commander in Chief and his fellow anti-military friend Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense has actually weaponized a stealth plan against our true coveted weapon, our military. This entire Obama doctrine has been to demoralize the military and has spilled over into the ranks of the Special Forces and the Central Intelligence Agency that aid and support the fight against all National Security interests including our allies. This administration has their own hired snipers that use the lethal weapons of money, propaganda and politics to advance their agenda of demoralizing our military. Only this week has political correctness by taking God out of the Air Force patch, when prayers to God is the silent but true faith that keeps our forces in the fight for a safe return home and execution of battle plans.  Seal Team 6 has been in the media at the behest of the Pentagon and the White House as a political tool since the alleged take down of Osama bin Ladin. Since that worked so well, the Pentagon has curried favor with Hollywood with the approval of the White House and released highly classified intelligence to Sony Entertainment for a movie that is in production and slated to be released in October. We then are witness to the Pentagon playing foul with troop pay for redefining the scale of wages on combat pay and imminent danger pay all in an effort to save $255.00 per month per soldier in the field of battle.

The White House has ordered the Pentagon to gut the spending allowed by defense by more than $1 trillion dollars and this is play havoc with our aging assets including air craft carriers and aircraft. The Pentagon has terminated troops across all branches in favor of Special Forces as the preferred boots on the ground as occupational forces have left Iraq and are slated to exit Afghanistan earlier than the 2014 scheduled date. Has anyone taken a hard look at the build up of military assets of our enemies? We are embarking on a war with Iran, Syria and Russia. Get armed America and support our military, for they are demoralized, hence the high suicide rate.

Predictions for 2012

1. Falkland Islands – Argentina will ratchet up its claims over the islands and Great Britain is not as tough as she was when Margaret Thatcher was in charge. Military will be dispatched.

2. Cyber Attacks – Ever increasing, and Anonymous, China and others will ravage our networks.

3. South China Sea – Continuous chatter over the increase in China’s naval capabilities, coupled with the constant issues over the South China Sea and its islands will erupt in at least a few shooting incidents with its neighbors, and only the presence of the US 7th Fleet will keep China from escalating the incidents into war with Viet Na m , the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia.

4. Iraq’s Future – Iraq will turn into a civil war, and Iran intercede on behalf of the Shiites as Sunni uprisings, already underway will divide the nation as predicted so many times in the past.

5. The Kurdish Question – As Syria and Iraq implode, Turkey will invade both countries, ostensibly to quell the Kurds and Armenians again.

6. Obama Care – The SCOTUS will strike down the entire bill

7. Southern Border- Civil war in Mexico is what it really is now, and the Cartels will overthrow even Mexico City. The USA will have to intercede a few miles over the border to secure the border as millions now flee the Civil War. United States will join Mexican military in key areas.

8. Epidemics – New diseases, especially more virulent forms of the bird flu recently created/discovered will ravage vast populations.

9. US Economy – Unemployment will rise precipitously as the Euro fails, the Wall Street balloons burst due to public outrage, and a new Congress in November. Housing values will continue to fall and banks with little capitalization will shutter.

10. Euro Zone – Greece, Italy, and Spain will implode despite all the backing of the other countries including the USA. The Euro Zone will disintegrate with Germany leading the way out. This will set the banking system on fire and many banks will fail, there and in the USA. Turkey will make a hard move to join the EU.

11. Congress – The Republicans will once again control both houses, and this time it will be by wide margins in the House and narrow in the Senate. Pelosi and Reid will go ballistic and foment street riots with rhetoric because the new Congress will determine the outcome of the Presidential Election. Both will lose the battle and resign if they have not already after SCOTUS rules Obama Care as unconstitutional. There will be a handful of others that will announce their retirement from DC as re-districting forces their hand.

12. Presidential Elections – The most expensive, vile, vicious campaign in our history will cause riots in the streets, especially after Obama loses. There will be race riots and blood in the streets as allegations of fraud emerge from all quarters. This will be a seminal moment in US history and it may be the new Congress that decides the outcome.

13. Hugo Chavez will die and his handpicked successor will be even more brutal with Iranian influence and will establish what Chavez could not, a complete takeover of all facets of Venezuela.

14. Syria – Will slowly divide into three zones, Sunni majorities will control Damascus and the south and west, the Alewites will be ousted and break away in the north with Alleppo as its capital, and the Kurds in the northwest will be embattled in a war with Turkey. The result, three sections of what was once an ally to Iran. Iran will maintain cover for the Alewites in the north east section.

15. Egypt – Will fall to the dark forces of Islamization of the region and will cancel all pacts with Israel. As tensions rise in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood will foment strife in Gaza, and if Hezbollah unleashes its fury from Lebanon, it will pester Israel in the south in a very bloody manner.

16. Iran – Will close the Straits of Hormuz, at least temporarily at some point to test the meddle of the West, especially the weak and diverted attention Obama will spend on a vicious Presidential Campaign. The UN will do nothing, and China and Russia will fill the power vacuum exited by the USA. This will result in the test of a nuclear device by the end of summer. All this is a result of the 12er beliefs of its leadership to create the chaos it predicts will precede the coming of the 12th Caliph.

17. Lebanon – As Syria devolves into civil war, Hezbollah will help the Assad establish his realm in the smaller north east zone of Syria. In the process, to keep Israel out of Syria, Iran will instruct it to launch a massive campaign deep into the heart of Israel. Lebanon will fall into another civil war between old rivalries and new interesting bedfellows. Hezbollah will be hurt very badly and may even lose its strangle hold over the current government as Syria wanes away.

18. Israel – The third Intifadah will erupt as Syria fractures, Hezbollah launches its deadly missiles, rockets and WMD. There will be war in Israel, internally, from Gaza, on the West Bank, and in the North. Nuclear device may emerge if WMD held by Hezbollah, and/or, Iran goes nuclear capable.

19. Vladimir Putin will become President again but will be ousted or assassinated as the country boils over election fraud.

20. North Korea’s newest Kim Jung (Un), seeing all the turmoil globally will feel the need to flex his muscles to secure his position and will open slavos on its Southern neighbor, and maybe even Japan. Not a total war, but certainly one the will allow other wars to rage as the focus shifts almost daily across the globe.

Iran and Egypt Fall

Nostradamus: Century 1, Quatrain 40:
The false trumpet concealing madness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.
History is written now on the fall of the Middle East at the hands of decision makers within the Council of Foreign Relations to destroy the Christian foundation that was born there.
In the quest to manage Human Rights across the world by the elitist leaders who thrive on power and control, Iran fell due to President Carter and Egypt fell due to President Obama. Decades separate the regime changes but the underlying symptoms and conditions were essentially identical.
The Shah Mohammed Reza Phalavi assumed power in Iran and worked diligently to install reforms in the ruling of his country. He worked to deal with trade, the economy, social issues and the Constitution. In the midst of his efforts President Carter interfered with the Shah regarding the matter of Human Rights. Carter accused the Shah of torturing 3000 prisoners who were in fact radical fundamentalists, communists and terrorists. Carter demanded the Shah move towards socialist’s values as well as to terminate military tribunals in favor of civilian trials. As the Shah opposed the pressure from Carter, more unrest began to occur.

Unrests were initiated and fueled by cassette tapes and media propaganda created by the CIA and MI6. Carter insisted the UK and MI6 join his dialogue against the Shah and both countries stopped funding the military and social aid as well as the Mullahs in Iran. The Shah was flanked by fierce opposition to his rule and was soon forced to flee the country. The Ayatollah soon stepped up to assume control and he killed prisoners and all pro-Western Iranians. Common people were arrested for accessing global news and women were forced into servitude. All the while the Soviets were making their move to take advantage of the crisis and invaded Afghanistan to impose greater influence in Iran and Pakistan.
The condition in the Middle East deteriorated fast and the Muslim world imploded in anger which is the incubation of the radical Islam Caliphate moving globally today. Carter’s imposing and interference gave the history chapters prevailing failed Human Rights policy, the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, 600,000 dead, rule by the Ayatollah, the Iran-Iraq war, the Iraq invasion of Kuwait, the Iran revolutionaries seizure of the Tehran embassy, kidnapping 50 hostages, the Soviets invasion of Afghanistan and the later creation of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
President Carter worked with Cyrus Vance, a lawyer as his Secretary of State who preferred negotiations over military conflict and worked diligently to reduce arms in an effort to resolve a SALT Treaty with the Soviets. Vance was also a deep supporter of returning the Panama Canal and was instrumental in the Camp David Accords, the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Vance also participated in diplomatic efforts for Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, all of which failed, in addition to finding some common ground with North Vietnam. Vance later resigned due to pressure from Brzezinski as well as the full opposition of sending it troops to rescue the Iranian hostages, which also failed.
Carter also had Harold Brown as his Secretary of Defense, who had deep educational credentials in engineering and science. Brown was the academic and followed the same ideology as Vance. He worked to reduce spending in defense and had a mission to force NATO members to build up their defense systems rather than the United States for a balanced global inventory. With the fall of Iran and her arsenal, the United States lost a key ally and key weaponry in the Middle East. This was the beginning of the polarization of the Middle East and allies across the globe for the United States.

There was a time when Egypt was occupied by Persia in 341 BC and fell before in history by being too top heavy in government and a military infrastructure. Egypt went broke due to emphasis on rule rather than growing the economic system and the population support system. Centuries later, Egypt recovered with changes in rule and became the crown jewel of the Middle East. Once again however, Egypt fell as it went into debt for failing to sustain the complex social structure requirements. This time Britain stepped in to assume control but for a rather short period of time until 1952 when Egypt over-threw the British monarchy and gained full sovereignty.

Over time, Egypt repeated her failed leadership and debt caused the government to seek outside aid including that of the United States. Mubarak held the peace in the Middle East as directed by the United States as Egypt is ninety percent Sunni and has a small representation of Coptic and Christians and the military with the aid of the West ensured some condition of calm in Egypt. The United States felt she could rely on Mubarak’s leadership as did the Saudis and Israel and so it was, the Middle East was kept to a quiet roar. Corruption, which is the usual condition, was later exposed and protests began.

The January 25th Youth Movement was coordinated by internet solicitation and propaganda fueled by radical and socialist opposition groups in the United States. The Obama administration with the help of the State Department supported the protestors yet continued to provide $1.3 billion per year in aid to Egypt with new conditions of the military ceding power to the newly elected officials. It soon became a global demand that Mubarak be removed from power at the raging demand of a network of protestors fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is systematically building a footprint throughout the Middle East while maintain the headquarters in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood had been festering as a result of historical Muslim doctrine interference by the West.

The Obama administration with Hillary Clinton is a lead role as Secretary of State allowed the Egyptian military to dissolve the Egyptian parliament with is affecting the Peace Treaty with Israel. Hillary Clinton pledged protection for the Coptic’s and the Christian in Egypt from the constants attacks and massacres after Mubarak was forced from power. Egypt has the highest population in the Arab World and under failed policy of diplomacy or enforcement of the Oslo Accords, elections are being held where the Muslim Brotherhood is majority power and influence and will alter the Constitution of Egypt.
Egypt is still the crown jewel of Africa but for many different reasons today. With a radical and unionized doctrine, the Muslim Brotherhood will assume control of the Sinai Peninsula, the natural resources and the Suez Canal. This will permanently alter worldwide geo-politics and further polarize the globe for the sake of energy, natural resources and defense.

Egypt sits as one of many headquarters radical Islam and the movement of the Caliphate reach across Europe and the West.

Another ally of the United States has fallen and once again Egypt joins the ranks of enemy nations due to failed foreign policy under the guise of Human Rights interference by the Obama administration and with the assistance of the United Nations.

Kansas, Roosevelt, Brown and Obama

Who is John Brown and Why Osawatomie?

Earlier this month, President Obama gave a speech at a local high school in Osawatomie, Kansas, a town of only a few thousand people. While much of the blowback of the speech regarded his references to Theodore Roosevelt and the plan of New Nationalism, it is important to determine why the location in Kansas was chosen. Perhaps it will lay more creditability to the text of the speech itself.
This summary is a rather long piece should you choose to read all the provided links, yet it is suggested that Patriots take the time to in fact understand what is behind the curtain with the political quests of Barack Obama as is defined by his private armies.
It is prudent to return to 1975 and a forgotten organization named Weather Underground. Members of the Weather Underground have rotated through the ranks and most have remained true to the organization’s missions and objectives. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn remain committed through education by altering history which Howard Zinn was key to accomplishing  by recruiting the very radical concepts of the mantra born in Osawatomie using John Brown as the historical springboard to the ground war within America.
The Weather Underground Organization was radical enough such that the FBI created a comprehensive file that can only be viewed with conditions attached and is not available for general public consumption.
Taken from this website,   below is a piece of text that will give rise to the chosen location of Obama’s speech and nothing is by chance.



But revolutionaries expect adversity, expect to be fought every inch of the way by an entrenched ruling class, expect to confront danger and demoralization and overcome it, with creativity and audacity.
Theory and ideology are important tools, and we should make study of Marxism-Leninism an important part of our work.
It is also important to understand the facts spoken within the speech and the twisted comparisons as revealed by several media blog posts. Overwhelm the system is the audacious and extreme objective to weaken the and eventually fracture the very foundation of America as we have arrived at this very moment without so much as a tear shed or a collective actionable mission to protect and defend our land as is the very duty of the American citizen. Sure we have bloggers, the Tea Party, Freedomworks and 9.12 groups, yet if citizens were current on events and learned of the motivations of the destruction set by the likes of Weather Underground spin-off organizations such as ACORN and SEIU, America would not be facing the meltdowns were are today not only domestically but internationally.


We have many key leaders in Washington DC that are in key cabinet positions that assuredly endorse Rule for Radicals. Here is a sample in video form that forces us to revisit Hillary Clinton and her historical ties and college thesis.  Lawmakers in Washington DC are more indoctrinated to protecting against individual failures while destroying our liberties to achieve that objective all under the ‘general welfare’ clause and packaged for political correctness.


The end result, America has in fact becomes slaves to the Federal government, which is the expanded position John Brown sought to end.