Day After Debate Quarterbacking

The CNN poll after the debate of 67% Romney and 23% Obama revealed a pick 6 for Romney.

See for yourself

Romney took the defensive position of a free safety and scored a pick 6 play for the entire 90 minutes of play. Barack Obama never had his eye on the ball in Denver, so what was the distraction? Some say that Obama never brought his “A” game, but I would argue he in fact did. The President has been on the field for four years but he has been looking to the stadium lights and neons for his whole term.

So, let us take a closer look at the playbook that the President has and for sure blew his play call and assignment.

1. Eric Holder is likely to step down as Attorney General at the Department of Justice due in part to the international incident born out of his team at the DoJ and ATF over Fast and Furious as revealed by Univision.

2. Hillary Clinton has quite possibly told her head coach, that is she not responsible for the ‘block in the back’ event that took place in Benghazi where we lost control over sovereign territory and four Americans were murdered.

3. The increasing threat of Iran to the entire Middle East as a total since the ‘take a knee’ option has failed as Obama’s foreign policy sanction agenda.

4. The embarrassment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on worldwide television had to draw a cartoon of a Wiley Coyote bomb to explain at the kindergarten level the terms of a red zone of our only solid ally in the Middle East.

5. Could it be Janet Napolitano is under coaching scrutiny and has been placed under the bench and behind the Gatorade cooler due to the DHS/Fusion Center scandal and she herself may turn in her shoulder pads and jersey?

6. The promise of play action where the purchase of the Illinois prison to house the enemy combatants from Guantanamo and those 50 from Afghanistan that we refuse to turnover to Karzai be a new locker room?

7. We cannot forget the White House mandate to the Labor Department to force the violation of the WARN Act, which is law with government contractors.

8. And is there likely a military mutiny occurring in Afghanistan over the green on blue attacks murdering our treasured soldiers? General Allen has been relieved of his command telling us that the play to run a flea flicker and escalate an early exit strategy than advertised as 2014 may have been announced over the PA system.

9. There has been radio silence with the booth over the fact that foreign hackers from the team Iran that hacked into the White House most sensitive system of nuclear codes and the punt team has been sent in.

In the end, Barack Obama sat on the sidelines as usual hoping that the coaching team of Jarrett and Axelrod would call a Hail Mary play would save his game. Team Obama is in financial trouble and all the top plays and coaching staff are idle to penalty flags all over the field. Romney is headed to the Super Bowl for 2012.

The Chase in Benghazi

The Soviet occupation in Afghanistan was a long and stalwart war to install a generational subset of communist footprint in the region where defeat was predictable as the CIA aided in the quest against the Soviets.  Part of the Clinton objective was to arm key factions to fend off the Soviets and it was successful. As the full retreat by the Soviets was underway, al Qaeda and the Taliban were soon in full possession of weapons that the United States had provided over the years to the opposition and this would soon become a major threat to the West. The cure was to dial up big dollars and go on a buy back mission to get the weapons out of the hands of militants.  As the Soviets left Afghanistan, behind in their wake were the huge caches of aging weapons and ammunition coupled with what the American intelligence community provided. Everyone was armed with immunity. Failure

Looking over to Libya, Qaddafi during his reign, set on a quest to obtain his own arsenal that included not only millions of weapons from small arms and rocket propelled grenades, Russian shoulder fired SA-24 missiles but included a nuclear ambition as well. Foreign leaders pressed Qaddafi only on the nuclear ambition and he capitulated but all other weapons including the MANPADS and surface to air missiles arsenal was left out of the process deal.

Last year, as the mission was underway to remove Qaddafi from power, definite confusion set in and all armories were raided by unique militias across Libya. All weapons were stolen and taken to destinations unknown.  Qaddafi spent an estimated $30 billion in the span of twenty five years on conventional weapons from the USSR, China via Algeria and even Belarus.  Included in this stout purchasing campaign were planes and communications equipment.

In the world of arms trafficking, black markets and jihad, members of these groups know full well the movement of weapons and maintain a keen eye for the vulnerability to steal or purchase them at discounted prices and such was the case during the regime change objective to remove Qaddafi from power. Libya experienced huge infiltration of underworld terror groups such as al Qaeda, Boko Harem, pirates from Somalia and militias sneaking into Qaddafi’s inventory. Weapons did leave Libya, but it is unknown just what remained in country. Of particular importance are the 20,000 MANPADS of which today, only 5000 have been recovered. Enter the United States with a large purse of allocated $40 million to search for weapons and to buy back large numbers while tracing and tracking the sources and associations of the groups. To be sure, a few other countries did in fact donate much smaller dollars to support the mission.

Transitional fighters and jihadist across the region have no loyalty to a country or flag but only to a cause that includes that of AQIM, al Shabaab, AQAP and Ansar al Sharia to list only a few. The groups transit borders from North Africa to Syria with some number and variations of these weapons from Libya. Since the removal of Qaddafi, Libya has no cohesive government in place and Benghazi is a perfect product of lawlessness and confusion.

It should also be known and understood that communications between and among the leadership of terror networks is performed on the internet with the less sophistication occurring on dynamic chat rooms and websites. However the most clandestine communications are found on gaming sites where open chatter, instructions and planning takes place under the guise and cover of video games and such is the case in the matter of weapons and terror attacks we are witnessing in the Middle East.

One of the four murdered in Benghazi was Sean Smith, who was known for his online gaming and social media skills. He and Ambassador Stevens as well as the two other special operators from Wind Zero were executing a CIA and State Department mission to track now only Qaddafi weapons but to trace any and all weapons trafficking in the regions. Smith was the information officer at the Benghazi mission and likely was too close to having uncovered intelligence that pinpointed key players both in and outside of Libya. Intelligence was shared with the CIA who does enforce the drone program where the U.S. had and still does have a function drone operation that began during the mission to remove Qaddafi.

The single Obama method of processing the ‘kill list’ is to use drone strikes and having proven intelligence as provided by Sean Smith and the two retired SEALS via Wind Zero connecting the dots of weapons, money and names led to the violent event and their deaths in Benghazi.  It was never about a video that was concocted by the State Department and provided as an excuse to be accepted for all radical Muslims and terror factions.


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Red to Green, the Muslim Brotherhood in America

“I will stand with the Muslim should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
From, Audacity of Hope by Barrack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama flew 7000 miles at the cost of $170,000.00 per flight hour under the cloak of secrecy, surprise and darkness for a formal signing of a ten year Karzai agreement between the United States and Afghanistan. The contents of this agreement have not been released or approved as a treaty by the White House or the State Department; however it does allegedly stop drone strikes and demands the Taliban’s promise of peace.

At the Baghram Air Base the stage was set and the curtain rose at 4:30 a.m. with no troops or press pool invited to the vaudeville act where the Commander in Chief announced the final war stages of the war strategy and the exit plan in Afghanistan to the entire globe, something no other Commander in Chief or theater General has ever previously broadcasted in American history.
Within minutes of the execution of this financial and military contract, complete with signatures hitting the airwaves, Kabul was struck by an exchange of gun-fire, suicide bombers and car bombs in retaliation for the coalition partnership deal. The early ‘sitrep’ told us there were 2 dead and 16 wounded, when an updated ‘sitrep’ revealed deeper collateral damage of our own U.S. forces of 1 EOD, 3 Special Forces were killed in action and 1 SEAL was wounded were added to the casualty and wounded list.

Barack Obama on a return flight to the United States, never looked back at the destruction in his wake from the boasting political event to laud his self proclaimed achievement where the ‘War on Terror’ is over dreamed-up only by his administration handlers as Osama bin Ladin was the catalystic springboard to Obama’s spouting success. Bin Ladin’s death was the crowning achievement, aired in political ads, campaign speeches and press releases.
Yet, what is the next ‘forward’ step to mounting a larger goal of peace for ten years ahead and who or what stands to receive the final trophy? The supreme endgame has become clear and defined; the trophy is flying the flag of Islam over the White House.
Here at home, there is a palpable and obscure movement where red has replaced green. Communism is no longer the insurgent, now it is the green menace, known as Islam. In the United States, emulating the Cold War anti-American objective, green now represents a flood of Sharia complaint faithful into placeholder positions of power provided by Barack Obama as formally announced in the Cairo speech.
Before the first Cold War, a man named Martin Dies rang the claxon on communism’s infiltration into the Unites States before Joseph McCarthy later championed the same call during the 1940’s-1950’s. The Truman administration then made a fateful decision to turn off the sound, while today the same mission is underway, so increase the volume to hear this alert. Today, America has no Dies/McCarthy except those few who have uncovered the White House playbook and vetted evidence while outside the landscape of the governmental positions with few exceptions.
The trophy is America, where in the recent decade, radical Muslims and Islamists have moved to American shores coming from a Russian support  push, approved by the more hidden appeasement of Obama through the Hillary Clinton ‘reset’ button when Putin returned to power.
In the daylight of our civilian population and the infiltration of the lobby streets of Washington DC along with at least seven cabinet departments of the Federal government, Sharia, Zakat and Taqiyya are there for all to see and trace with the full scale likeness that harkens back a handful of decades.

The names listed below under the red and green columns while not exhaustive, are those who have gained deep and viable positions within government both decades ago, under red and in very recent years, under green. Either in present day they are part of lobby groups with open access to high level government officials or are in fact on the Federal payroll in such departments as Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the State Department, the main Justice Department or more central at the White House itself. Those listed on the red side are from the Communist infusion having all the same like roles within government during World War ll and later the Cold War. The green side contains names you must learn to know today.

Red Era                                                                                         Green Era
Lee Pressman                                                                              Sami al Arian
Robert J. Oppenheimer                                                            Kit Gage
Irving Kaplan                                                                              Grover Norquist
Alger Hiss                                                                                    Jamal al Barzinji
Whittaker Chambers                                                                 Sayyid Syeed
Solomon Adler                                                                            Mazen al Najjar
Harold Glasser                                                                            Muzammil Siddiqi
David Karr                                                                                   Ali Tulbah
T. A. Bisson                                                                                 Mohammed Magid
Cedric Belfrage                                                                           Seeme Gull Hasan
Leonard Mins                                                                             Nihad Awad
Mary Jane Keeney                                                                     Faisal Gill
Lauchlin Currie                                                                          Asim Ghafoor
V. Frank Coe                                                                               Huma Abedin
Franz Neumann                                                                         Kifa Mustapha
Duncan Lee                                                                                 Momamel Elibiary
John Service                                                                               Rashid Khalidi
Thomas Corcoran                                                                      Arnold Wolf
Philip Jaffee                                                                               Jeremiah Wright
Federick Field                                                                            Louis Farrakhan
Owen Lattimore                                                                        William Ayers
Joseph Bernstein                                                                      Nimko Ahmed
Harry White                                                                               Asli Bahli
Gregory Silvermaster                                                               Hesham Islam
Nathan Witt                                                                               Daliah Mogahed
Henry Collins                                                                            Imad David Ramadan
John Abt                                                                                    Abdhurhman Alamoudi
Harold Warr                                                                              Suhail Khan
Willi Muzenberg                                                                       Abdulwahab Alkebsi
William Remington                                                                 Harold Koh
Donald Wheeler                                                                       Ahmed Totonji
The Washington Book Shop                                                  CAIR
Amerasia                                                                                    INSA
Barack Obama
Hillary and William Clinton
The surrender of America to her enemies by the Obama administration is real and has been launched, and is gaining increasing speed. This new and fresh cultural order where Islamists and their coalition forces are fighting for and winning the resources and real estate and hidden government mandates established in secret, a single governmental system on an epic scale. Most often, their method is based upon political correctness and under the guise of human rights, religious protection and outreach.

The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and INSA to name a few have deep ties to al Qaeda, al Shabaab, the Taliban and Dar Ululoom, now better known as the Haqqani Network. To provide an abbreviated summary of Haqqani please consider the fact that Mullah Omar is the top leader for this thirty year old terror network established by Pakistan’s ISI, the intelligence division in country and calls on the relationship with Lashker e Jhangvi as, the Mubai Raiders and the very group that kidnapped Daniel Pearl and killed him on video for the world to witness. They have been formally extended an open pathway to the United States by Barack Obama and his benefactors including Vladimir Putin and George Soros with legitimacy, sovereignty and finally diplomatic status.
America has been at war with al Qaeda since before 9-11 and while the focus was on al Qaeda in particular theaters of operation, they have moved on to Algeria and North Africa expanding further beyond the static Middle East. It is certain that key al Qaeda leaders have been killed by CIA operated drone strikes yet a constant re-branding of networks and ties continue.
The Obama administration has been negotiating directly with the Taliban for more than two years to force a peace agreement that includes the transfer of five key Taliban leaders from Guantanamo to Qatar. To this date, it is not confirmed whether this move has taken place under a cloak and dagger transfer. Yet today, the Obama administration has been secretly releasing Taliban tribal leaders from prisons in Afghanistan. The Taliban is the main focus of the Obama administration for peace agreements while the Taliban network extends from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Abdul Salam Zaeef, an Pakistani Ambassador to the Taliban is also a member. Tehrik e Taliban’s leader, Baitullah Mahsad claimed responsibility for killing the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto changing the face of the leadership of Pakistan to that of an adversary.
It should be noted that there are in fact two laws if not more that apply to stop this sedition if not treason by countless government officials in addition to the Oath they swear to upon taking a government job. The laws include the Hatch Act and the McCarren Walter Act and we can include the Patriot Act to the equation. Under Barack Obama with his circle of large like-minded supporters, a system is being created to orphan the citizenry of America as we are caught up in this snare of a green mission under an ideology in complete opposition to our Constitution. The McCarren Walter Act of 1952 has been amended several times, where is has been watered down for the sake of political correctness, however in its original form, President Truman vetoed the law, but it prevailed due to majority votes in the House and Senate. This law was and is designed to manage immigration, deportation and the termination of employment as a result of the fallout in the 1940’s-50’s over the communist invasion in key government roles where subversive activities against the United States were tracked and proven. The Hatch Act forbids government employees from engaging in political actions yet the Muslim Brotherhood has employed at least three White House employees that are members of the Muslim Brotherhood where they are in fact engaging in political Muslim ideology and drafting mandates supporting the cause. What is more, appeasement entitlement programs and business grants as well as functional doctrine within the military, the Department of Justice and even Education have been completely altered and in many cases re-drafted that complies with the laws of the Hadith and Islam. The Hatch Act and the McCarren Walter Act are laws have been both selectively applied and in many cases waived completely by several government cabinets including the State Department.
Islam is a government where a God is added to neutralize the debate and it has been extremely effective out of fear of retribution.

Public school systems in the United States have altered meals served, altered the curriculum and even the hours for football practice to the middle of the night for the sake of one Muslim student. Domestic court systems have applied Sharia law in at least 27 cases rather than Constitutional law.  Under the appeasement to Islam, Barack Obama has replaced the military chaplain program at the Pentagon with a more Islamic objective. Muslim Brotherhood liaisons have been created at all levels of our government where they have enjoyed full compliance of their goals that include removing Muslim training materials from the FBI and DHS lesson plans. Iftar dinners have been hosted by military Generals as well as by Tim Geithner at the Treasury Department. Only recently has the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation stopped all interaction with  national fusion centers where more local law enforcement has been taken out of the intelligence infrastructure, ceasing all state terror database use, investigation and eventual arrests. States such as Minnesota, Maine and Tennessee have become the target bases for green-lighted green card refugees from areas across the globe where in one particular sector, the Somalis take on the larger numbers of displaced travelers. It should be noted that there are countless pockets of real estate in America now that are essentially ‘no-go’ zones where Islam has been provided their own sovereignty, where foreign law and culture are applied rather than assimilation into our country and our values. Security clearances by the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department have been outsourced where a quota is forced to for acceptance into America without comprehensive investigations are completed.
The Soviets aligned with radical Arabs and Muslims decades ago to create the Red agenda, while they are doing the same today. Russia has subsidized Muslim factions for the sake of land sales and use in the Northern Caucus for the acquisition of oil and natural gas infrastructures. Outwardly, Russia is in opposition to the terror factions, however, more recently we witness Russia aligning completely with Syria, North African networks and al Qaeda and even FARC for the sake of resources.

What is upon America is the Russian Muslim Brotherhood Shariah mafia agenda with Barack Obama taking the lead as the grand marshal to complete the mission and the trophy, the flag of Islam is soon to fly over the White House. It can no longer be denied that the entire faction of Obama handlers inside government or outside government have a single subversive objective for the sake of radical Islam.

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Panetta, Inside and Outside the Puzzle Palace

The twenty-third Secretary of the Defense is Leon Panetta coming from a long career in politics and continues to play that game in this current role. Panetta had ‘slim to none experience’ when it came to his lead role at the Central Intelligence Agency, so little in fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein was in full opposition to his confirmation hearing.
As an Italian-American, Panetta finished his formal education as a lawyer and practiced law for six years before he formally entered politics as a Republican, but later moved to the other side in 1971 while still in California. As his rise gained traction, Leon became a member of Congress where he fought against drilling for oil off the California coast as well as disarming American military power. He was also the Director of the Office for Civil Rights under Nixon, the Director of Office of Management and Budget and also moved to the White House as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, but in his military service he was an Army 2nd LT. in military intelligence. His political tenure also included being Chairman of the House Committee of the Budget, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee and a Chairman for the Task Force on domestic hunger.
Married to Sylvia, they both founded the Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy and Leon also stayed busy as an advocate for the Health of the World’s Oceans as commissioner for the Pew Ocean Commission. We now begin to see a pattern of legislation connections.

Still maintaining a full calendar, Panetta was the co-chair for Corporate Accountability and Listing Standards Commission for the New York Stock Exchange including being a Board member of the NYSE. So how is it that Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine were able to extort billions of dollars and stay above the radar of the SEC and the NYSE? To round out some of his extra activities, Panetta was on the national board of review that investigates Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals.
Sound all pretty good so far however, read on for the turn to the darker side. Two stellar gentlemen have authored some great research on segments of Leon Panetta’s friendship and their names are Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid. This summary is not meant to rob their good work or plagiarize but rather to expand their reach and add to their discoveries. Loudon and Kincaid both provided tangible and factual evidence of Panetta’s associations with friends connected to the Communist Party that include Hugh DeLacy and Lucy Haessler. There are in fact formal tributes made to them in the Congressional record as introduced by Panetta in 1983 and 1984. (Newspaper article here for Congressional Record)

DeLacy had deep ties to Soviet spies while Lucy was a member of a Soviet front organization Women’s International Democratic Federation and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. The State Department at the time cited that the WILPF was a Soviet front operation that Panetta supported. These groups went on to also defend the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan while strongly opposing the United States intermediate range ballistic missile installations in Western Europe. Lucy’s husband, Carl, worked at the Detroit United Auto Workers Union in the mid 60’s and was a member of the Socialist Party USA.
When Panetta ran for Congress in 1976, 2 Socialists devoted to his success worked on his campaign, Don Lane and John Laird. Laird was a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee. As a Congressman, Panetta had a voting record that was in complete opposition to Reagan and tendered votes that required continued foreign aid to the Sandinistas and for ceding the control for the Panama Canal among others that demonstrated his deep conviction to reduce and neutralized the United States world power status by reducing arms and nuclear weapons. Panetta introduced HR 2760 which included language to stop all resistance to communism in Nicaragua.
Panetta went on to collaborate with the Institute for Policy Studies  as did his wife Sylvia, who is still there, that among other things provided support for the Chilean Marxist and Cuban agent Orlando Letelier. The IPS is today still a subversive front for globalist think tankers that includes such trustees as Harry Belafonte and Jodie Evans of Code Pink fame. The IPS also has on its Associate Fellows roster, Ajamu Baraka who sits on the Board of the Center for Constitutional Rights  as well as another activist that works for the causes of ACORN.
Turning another page of his activities list, Panetta is involved with many outside organizations that include being a director of Bread for the World Institute, California Forward and the Close Up Foundation. The mission of the Bread for the World Institute  is to change up the domestic farm policy within government legislation for the benefit of third world countries and to the financial exploitation of American farmers. It should be noted that farm subsidies and child labor farm chore bills have been argued in recent weeks that are both to the detriment of our country’s farming industry. Secretary Panetta is also on the Advisory Board for Fleishman Hillard Inc. which is an international firm that is a public relations enterprise that handles scandal control and crisis communications. Part of their customer list includes unions, the Social Security Administration, banking, elections, lobby firms and big Pharma. Fleishman Hillard is also a political action committee fund-raiser for key candidates and legislative issues where in summary, generous checks accompany language for special interest groups on hundreds of ‘K ‘ streets. Panetta is just one of many high level access conduits for passing up the pipeline political talking points for the administration as actionable government mandates and lobby groups.
Panetta flies home just about every weekend to California where such trips have cost the taxpayers more than $800,000, while he has been only somewhat generous by reimbursing the Treasury $17,000. During these flights Panetta is reviewing government contracts, paying for $400 a gallon fuel due to closed supply routes to Afghanistan, retraining forces on the DADT mandate, closing military operations in 50 states and reassigning 9000 Marines from Okinawa to other AO’s and perhaps on the return flights he is transferring more agenda items from the IPC to K Street and through Congressional office doors. We are within an inch of war anywhere across the globe says Panetta  so it would be prudent to clear his calendar of communist and socialist collaborations and stick to the protection of American interests at home and worldwide.

I am Woman, my Life is My Choice

It is with indisputable clarity that minions of the Obama administration are expanding the battlefield in America, which is a Cloward Piven strategy. Just this week did Hilary Rosen take up an assault on Ann Romney, diminishing her value and worth as a woman, a mother and a wife simply over the fact that Ann Romney does not have a job which earns a paycheck. It was a scud missile hit to not only Ann but to all non-paychecking females since they dont contribute to commerce, no, rather capitalism, which is most hypocritical of the whole battleground. Ann and Mitt Romney raised several successful sons, Ann battled cancer herself and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.
Perhaps in Hilary Rosen’s busy schedule as a corporate capitalist she forgets that it is the wife and the mother that hires re-modeling contractors, the babysitters, the repairs to the home, that volunteers and is subject to spending based on household income. It is the female that multitasks with laundry, assisting in school work and teachers and car-pools. It is the mother who buys the greeting cards and gifts and does the wrapping to boot. It is the lady of the household that cleans, cooks and shops. Hilary Rosen bought into the liberal battle vortex of the Obama administration which is lead by Valerie Jarrett, who received Rosen more than 30 times for White House visits. What is more curious is Valerie Jarrett, Iranian born, is not only the Senior Advisor and confidant to Barack and Michelle, a long, long time friend, but she was a slumlord in Chicago, so much so the property was lost and condemned. Jarrett is a socialist and most of all she is the Obama Czar for Office of Urban Affairs and the White House Council on Women and Girls detailed in Executive Order # 13506.
As for Hilary Rosen, she found her arrogance and self inflicted worth by rubbing shoulders with self proclaimed movers and shakers. Hilary is the Editor-at-Large for the Huffington Post, she is the co-founder of Rock the Vote, the Chairman and CEO of Recording Industry of America. She has been paid well as especially so by British Petroleum as the hired consultant to lead the PR and communications after the disastrous Gulf Spill. One of Hilary’s martini buddies is Anita Dunn of ‘two of my favorite people are Mother Teresa and Mao Tse Tung’ fame. Anita Dunn was another Czar under Obama and left for other pursuits as did her husband, who was the long time legal council for Barack Obama before his assumption of the White House and for the next two years. The largest objective of Anita’s husband, Robert Bauer, lawyer was to stone-wall all the requests and demands for Obama’s personal history, like his college transcripts and what passport was used to travel to Pakistan.
Every person out there today had/has a mom and with that, the best defense is a good offense against Rosen and her like-minded friends, those being Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Anita Dunn. The Obama administration pays women 18% less than men within like payscales. Jay Carney, the White House Press Voice touts that Barack Obama is the only president that has taken positive measures to prove a female’s worth and value by passing the Lily Ledbetter Law, yet the paychecks for women under his regime reveal otherwise.
This attack on women is an additional war the White House and its crony operatives have waged in three years, they defined it, they launched it and they are owning this failure like some many that have been executed.  In the end, Hilary Rosen, the White House, Anita Dunn and Valerie Jarrett are duds in the war, much like the failed North Korea missile launch, failed between the launch and phase 1.
See Hilary Rosen fail in her back-step here


Women account for

What president has the worst record on female labor force participation?

Barack Obama.

The Obama Administration has brought hard times to American women.

Under President Obama, more women have struggled to find work than at any other time in recorded history.



of the jobs lost under Obama.

Source: (“Current Employment Statistics,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)

Source: (“Current Population Survey,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)

Source: (“Current Population Survey,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)

Source: (“Current Population Survey,” BLS, Accessed 4/6/12)



Under Obama, the number of unemployed women has increased by

Total Female

Unemployment Rate

Number of

Women Unemployed

Black Female

Unemployment Rate

Hispanic or Latina Female

Unemployment Rate



MARCH 2012


5.0 5.9

10.2% 13.3%

10.2% 10.8%


Turning the clock back 20 years

on American women.