Natural Citizen, Important that You Understand the Difference


By Steve McCoy

To understand the correct application and enactment of government law (secular law) in
a free Republic, it is essential that we first understand that our rights come from God, not
from men, politicians or judges. Second that governments are instituted by man for the sole
purpose of securing those rights. Third, when man rebels against God’s Law and does what
he thinks is right in his own eyes, he sets himself up to be god and will soon implement his
own immoral secular law.

A Common Citizen Interviews Obama

Interview by a plain citizen with Barack Obama

All the newspapers around the country and the television networks have new monikers that have become mainstream nicknames. You know what they are: LameStream Media, The All Barack Channel and MSLSD just to name a few. Well just stand still for a moment and vision in your mind landing the interview of your life with yes…..Barack Obama. Are you ready? Are you nervous? Are you prepared? What is the setting? What will you wear? You asked for it and you could get it…..Nah…..oh you could win the Mega Ball lottery too with purchasing just one lottery clinic. What are the odds?