Watchmen of America


Are you really current on the events at home and worldwide? Are you able to process beyond what the media reports and look deeper on the causes and effects of government and associated decisions?
Just for a moment, consider the most recent disasters we have endured in the past few months. There have been:
• Massive Floods
• Major fires
• Tornadoes
The consequences of these disasters have drowned livestock, burned agriculture and put two energy plants at risks. Standing water has caused disease in animals and humans.
Barack Obama, DHS and FEMA have said very little, offered minimal assistance and in many cases refused support.
The lesson to be learned if you were paying attention is you are on your own. There will soon be a food shortage crisis, a fuel crisis and an illness crisis. You must plan and prepare for all scenarios. There are countless websites, magazines and books available that provide the pathway for you to meet your needs. You can also confer with like-minded people that are already prepared and trained for such disasters.
A prudent suggestion is to visit the website and network in your state to join forces for a community civil preparedness system. We have embarked on a time where self-reliance is the fundamental key to survival.
• Do you have food storage?
• Do you have self defense skills?
• Do you have first aid training?
• Do you have alternate communications in place when telephone land lines are destroyed?
• Can you reach someone outside of Facebook and Twitter?
• Do you have an alternate safe house?
• Do you have reserve money?
• Do you have local people to come to your aid?
• Do you have a provisions bag packed for emergencies at all times?


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Denise Simon