Shame on Us

Our battleground is our homeland; we are citizen soldiers possessing a duty to defend our home. Americans has a unique identity, a legacy passed on through generations to us by our Founding Fathers. This identity is the ownership of being honest, respectable and free. We are privileged due to two key documents that paved the way to a land and way of life where all things are possible.
So, why do we have a growing misery index? It is submitted that our present condition is a result of apathy, in action and deference to politicians and people within our government. We gave away our authority and checks and balances without as much as a whimper. SHAME ON US
The first reaction here is to offer excuses for the failure of our duty. Did any of the Founding Fathers offer up an excuse for the treason they committed against the King? They anxiously assumed the duty, risks and threats for a single objective….FREEDOM These men had the weight of a citizenry on their shoulders and remained diligent and committed to a way of life and mission that was bigger than themselves.
The Founders did not have the tools and technology we have today, yet, they did have a fire in their belly that today no longer burns. SHAME ON US
We have no excuse for our dereliction of duty. What have you done for America today, this week, this month?
We must teach and we must learn ourselves. We must be pro-active and we must dedicate time and insight for the sake of our family, community and country.
Have you made a phone call today?
Have you learned something today?
Have you recruited today?
Have you established a plan or revised a plan?
Have you taken the time to be current on events domestically and internationally to know the risks and threats to our way of life in America?
Can you list five or more freedoms we have lost in the last year?
Have you made a pledge, offer or commitment to others that you have not fulfilled?
It is true people generally keep their distance in political conversations. In the mid 1700’s, there was an estimated population in the thirteen colonies of 2.5 million people. Those people lived a hard life as compared to what assets we have today. Yet, they freely gave time to their churches, their community and country. What are you doing? SHAME ON US
There are countless organizations out there asking for your participation for the sake of preservation and restoration to the Spirit of America. Money is not always required; often it is imagination, communications and skills that are needed. What commitments have you made and achieved?
Watchmen of America is a fraternity of dedicated civilian soldiers possessing a fire in their belly to defend our community, preserve our freedoms and restore respect. If we have not worked at this fraternity today and tomorrow…..SHAME ON US
Quote from a letter written by Tho. Jefferson to Horatio G. Spafford , March 17, 1814
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and will never be.’

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Denise Simon


  1. I see people who do care and are trying to catch up. It is a terrible thing to suddenly realize we have been lied to and deceived all our lives. But that is not the worst of it. You start to look a little closer and all it takes is one over the top conspiracy to become fact and it is like an avalanche of information that has been there all along in plain site and you say to yourself, “it can’t be true!” you see the lawmakers doing things lawful but not constitutional. You see how rules and regulations have been exchanging freedom for safety. But is it safety? or a lie for more control. I thought i was free and woke up in servitude. Money is not real when numbers like trillions in debt translate to thousands of years to pay back. We have allowed ourselves and our children to be touched and video taped and data based. We have allowed schools to mandate drugs and vaccines or you are denied an education if that is what you want to call it. I call it indoctrination. When you start to look at the constitution and realize it is the law of the land, it is only then you start to see. We have been blind. Once you start to see you realize it is your duty to do something, say something, help somebody, but we cannot be helpful unless we know our rights which we are denied daily. So i say first read the constitution and get an understanding of it. It is the road map and still the Law of the land, Ignorance is no excuse, don’t be ignorant any longer and ask God for guidance and then do what you know is right even if there is a price to pay. We must have courage because our freedom is at stake. I could go on but i will stop here.. [my humble opinion]

  2. I constantly endure being called a conspiracy theorist or a radical. But I endure it with the knowledge that these sheeple who say these thing will come running to my house when the powers that be finally rip away the last of their freedoms and liberty. For I prepare every day. I plan, I research, I recruit. I educate myself. I keep my eyes open and focused. I have pledged my very life to the fight that is coming. I refuse to give in to tyranny. I will not break. I will not waiver. I AM AN AMERICAN PATRIOT WHO LOVES FREEDOM, LIBERTY AND THE CONSTITUTION. I WILL DEFEND MY GOD GIVEN AMERICAN RIGHTS TO MY LAST BREATH. WILL YOU NOT JOIN ME? WILL YOU NOT STAND WITH WHAT REMAINS OF THE TRUE AMERICAN SPIRIT? If not you are lost. For there is no grey area, there is only right and wrong, good and evil. heaven or hell. FREE or SLAVE. CHOSE!

  3. This is a very sad read,,, SHAME ON US… It IS time for all of us to get off the Gov’t tit,, and make plans to be self sufficient! A joint membership of a growing body of PATRIOTS is necessary to shutdown the corruption and lies we are being fed. I have personnally contacted 3 senators, 5 friends, forwarded several emails with my name and phone number on them today, July 13, 2011… Come On People!!!! If everybody is going to hide as ANONOMOUS,,, we WILL fail.
    SHAME ON YOU!!! Richard Dick 970-209-5168

  4. Amen, I couldn’t agree with you more. Where is that Fire? Where is that Commitment? Where is that Sense of Duty? Where is that American Spirit? …..Where Are You America? Individually, we will lose this war on Tyranny, United We Can Endure and Conquer Anything !!!!

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