“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages” General George Washington
“I would not be understood that I should choose to march, but as I engage in this glorious cause, I am willing to go where I am called.” Lt. Joseph Hodgkins
“We want great men who, when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged.” Col. Henry Knox
Is it general fatigue that keeps your distance from the fight to protect and defend the Constitution and the United States of America? Is it a feeble excuse of lack of time to devote to perform your duty as a citizen? Is it envy of others’ wealth and income that alters your focus to dismiss patriotism for a future hour? Is it tantamount to be entertained and live in the moment that prevents you from questioning government?
America is in an age of turmoil. America today is in a time not unlike those historical periods where intrepid forces are minimizing and in most cases destroying our foundation.
The day of reckoning has arrived, there is no option for delay in our quest to protect and preserve our Republic. Honesty and admission are part and parcel, the solution as energy and action finish the equation. Our Founders did more with less, yet vision, integrity and dreams of freedom were the pathway to their success, a legacy we take for granted and exploit.
Indifference and complacency have ruled citizens for decades with a consequence of conditions we find ourselves today. There is no excuse viable for a patriot citizen to not maintain the fight or engage to stop the fall from grace and greatness. There is no room for division in the citizen ranks given the understanding of the risks to freedom. We have a duty to question, a duty to teach, a duty to halt corruption, a duty to embrace and a duty to preserve.
We have no cause to stop, no pretext for fatigue and no excuse to fail. We curse this day with unsound logic. The Founders wore full dress and wigs; we have flip flops and air-conditioning. They had an ink well and parchment, we have email. They had a horse; we have the television remote control. They had artists, we have digital cameras. The Founders had farms, we have grocery stores. The Founders had books, we have DVD’s. The Founders had muskets, we have rocket propelled grenades. They had home medicinal remedies we have lasers.
It is Thanksgiving, it is our day and as with all days ahead, that we give praise for the vision and spirit of the Founders, that we may learn and embrace their virtues for energy, attention and action.
Failure is not an option; men’s souls are tried, while honor and freedom will rise in our pursuit.
Thanks is giving.

Ten Long Years and Counting

Ten Years and Counting

America is approaching the ten year mark of the attack on our homeland. Four domestic airliners were used as missiles that struck key targets, while one of the four was over-taken by patriot passengers and crashed into a pasture.
It has been long debated as to why this tragic event happened and that debate does not alter what happened that sad day. The point to drive home now is where is America then years later?
America has not had a like attack since 9-11; however, there have been countless attempts. Major Hassan, the Ft. Hood murderer was the largest killing of innocent people since 9-11.
World War II lasted six years and the defeat of Hitler actually took less than four years. America is ten years into a handful of wars fighting a broad definition and long list of enemies. America has changed her whole game after 9-11 with objectives, communications, technology, weapons, intelligence and essentially lack of strategy; yet we see no closure of the war on terror in the future. The end of terrorism is still yet a debate for another day, but what about that which Americans must endure at home as a consequence of 9-11?
Here is a short list of what is now different in America and should provoke thought.
1. TSA, body scanners/illegal searches
2. Government use of SWAT for home invasion
3. Tea Party
4. 9.12
5. Twitter
6. Arab Spring
7. DHS
8. Caliphate
9. Record foreclosures
10. Massive Debt/spending, this is interesting since much wasteful spending is due to throwing money at war/terrorism
11. Patriot Act
12. 9-11 scars that have and have not faded
13. IED’s
14. Embedded media
15. No fly list
16. Growing list of terrorists
17. Gitmo
18. Importing enemy/refugees and many now on Federal payroll
19. FISA court
20. Massive intelligence community upgrades/worldwide intercepts
21. Failed banks, Fannie/Freddie
22. Bailouts of private corporations/banks/manufacturers/etc.
23. Iron Dome
24. Drones
25. Internet bases communications systems
26. Bloggers
27. No more Saddam
28. WMD’s
30. Open borders

In closing, it is submitted that the U.S. government is not serious about ending terror, take the lead again in military might and restoring friendships around the globe. Why, might you ask? Corruption and feeding the Federal Reserve are the reasons. The bottom line is, our World Trade Center after ten long years still has no life, the message to the world is are feeble and without resolve, and the American people suffer from lack will and focus by our government leadership.

America, where are you ten years later? God Bless our military, for we should be fulfilling our duty as citizens to provide a strong and vibrant America, when, our soldiers do come home.

Shame on Us

Our battleground is our homeland; we are citizen soldiers possessing a duty to defend our home. Americans has a unique identity, a legacy passed on through generations to us by our Founding Fathers. This identity is the ownership of being honest, respectable and free. We are privileged due to two key documents that paved the way to a land and way of life where all things are possible.
So, why do we have a growing misery index? It is submitted that our present condition is a result of apathy, in action and deference to politicians and people within our government. We gave away our authority and checks and balances without as much as a whimper. SHAME ON US
The first reaction here is to offer excuses for the failure of our duty. Did any of the Founding Fathers offer up an excuse for the treason they committed against the King? They anxiously assumed the duty, risks and threats for a single objective….FREEDOM These men had the weight of a citizenry on their shoulders and remained diligent and committed to a way of life and mission that was bigger than themselves.
The Founders did not have the tools and technology we have today, yet, they did have a fire in their belly that today no longer burns. SHAME ON US
We have no excuse for our dereliction of duty. What have you done for America today, this week, this month?
We must teach and we must learn ourselves. We must be pro-active and we must dedicate time and insight for the sake of our family, community and country.
Have you made a phone call today?
Have you learned something today?
Have you recruited today?
Have you established a plan or revised a plan?
Have you taken the time to be current on events domestically and internationally to know the risks and threats to our way of life in America?
Can you list five or more freedoms we have lost in the last year?
Have you made a pledge, offer or commitment to others that you have not fulfilled?
It is true people generally keep their distance in political conversations. In the mid 1700’s, there was an estimated population in the thirteen colonies of 2.5 million people. Those people lived a hard life as compared to what assets we have today. Yet, they freely gave time to their churches, their community and country. What are you doing? SHAME ON US
There are countless organizations out there asking for your participation for the sake of preservation and restoration to the Spirit of America. Money is not always required; often it is imagination, communications and skills that are needed. What commitments have you made and achieved?
Watchmen of America is a fraternity of dedicated civilian soldiers possessing a fire in their belly to defend our community, preserve our freedoms and restore respect. If we have not worked at this fraternity today and tomorrow…..SHAME ON US
Quote from a letter written by Tho. Jefferson to Horatio G. Spafford , March 17, 1814
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and will never be.’

From Incubation to Khilafeh

From Incubation to Khilafeh

There is a paragraph in the Declaration of Independence that reads: “In every stage of these oppressions, we have petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may be defined a Tyrant, is unfit to be a ruler of a free people.”
The United States of America is a world power and countless foreign countries and citizens of those countries, many unfriendly to America, rely on us to keep our Republic standing stern. America is the symbol of inspiration for those with less will to compete for natural rights and liberty, and is still the only true beacon left to the oppressed.
America; the day of Reckoning is upon us as it applies to the protections of freedoms that we must defend and guard. From the venue of a bird’s eye view, the scope and number of the battles for patriots is overwhelming. A time, not unlike that swayed our founding Fathers to create this American Experiment.
Our battles now are different, yet the same. They include the over-reach of our own government into private business and personal lives as recently experienced with the Healthcare Reform legislation and the massive spending of our children’s future. Yet another battle includes the invasion of people of unknown quantities and objectives from our northern and southern borders. It is easy to register other such intrusions, yet one that requires high notice and study is the Caliphate, the infiltration of Islamic doctrinists.
The Khilafeh movement; simply translated: is a global movement that has had a rebirth since 1967. One meant to revitalize Islam; where comprehensive governance is taught and accepted throughout the Muslim realm. The incubation period since 1967 is now complete. The Khilafeh now echoes worldwide, and is a force soon to be reckoned with, if not already.
Muslims share many of the very same beliefs within Islam as those of other religions’ values. They include:
• God created the world and all that is in it;
• God established principles from which to live;
• Do not worship other Gods or Icons;
• God will provide the last judgment;
• Fulfilling the Divine command will provide entrance to His eternity.
In some form, no one of faith can dispute these tenets, yet it is the interpretations of these beliefs and the forgiveness of violations that Islam and the Hadith set the stage for a larger argument for independence and freedom. It is the comprehensive submission to governance of the Hadith from which America must declare it independence once again. It is a war we have fought since the days of “the shores of Tripoli”.
America is a Republic which is already flawed as a governmental system, yet it is the best by far of all that has come before it. To consent to yet another submission; to a Caliphate, a set of rulers opposing our natural rights, our Founder’s objectives as written in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are therefore abrogated.
The welcoming of Islam within America is an instinct. One that Muslims will integrate and use as a tool within our culture and adapt to the spirit of the profound text of the Founding documents from which America has thrived. To suggest an additional doctrine and leadership of Islam and their cultural compass of absolute control is completely opposed to our own natural rights and canon.
The Caliphs, the Hadith, and the Koran, are best defined as fluid interpretations and that such interpreters have been preached, taught, and demanded obedience since 1967; or more accurately for fourteen centuries. Frankly, the simple deduction is that the two doctrines cannot co-exist within the American ethos. Islam is anathema to a republic, and therefore, to America.
A large number of foreign/western countries are enduring and attempting to cope with like scenarios and, America is obliged to escort the countless who endorse and wish for equivalent freedoms as our Founders handed to all future American generations, and the world as a whole.
The time is now, to hold back the hordes, as they did many centuries ago, and dismantle the political impediments now in the roadway to continued freedom. It is now, that we must reflect well and hard upon history, to stave off the mindset of those who have not learned from history.