Sedition: Education and Media

C’mon parents, your children are being indoctrinated to Islam and Sharia in public schools and at university.  That is bad enough, but do you approve of seditionist infiltration on campus where you pay for tuition for classes taught by Marxists, Leninists and Communists?

Where is the FBI?

Former President Bill Clinton pushed back against the charge that President Obama and his fellow Democrats are card-carrying members of the Communist Party — telling supporters Monday that “nobody’s seen a communist in over a decade” and chastizing a freshman Republican for name-calling.

Invoking the specter of Communist-hunter Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Clinton blasted Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), who in April said that he could identify 80 members of the U.S. House who were Communists — pointing to a caucus of House liberals when pressed for evidence.

Where is the FBI?

Former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary and hundreds in the Obama administration who full well there are communists in the federal government, at universities across the country and across all spectrums of media. Need more proof?

Well look at Ferguson, Missouri. Leftist organizers are using Ferguson to rehearse the Big Ugly

Scan the signage in the photos taken at Ferguson street protests across the nation and note that a handful of groups’ names reoccur.  Among them are REVCOM.US (Revolutionary Community Party USA , A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (founded by the pro-Leninist Becker brothers and aligned with the Party for Socialism and Liberation), Peoples Power Assemblies, Socialist, and the International Action Center (founded by Jimmy Carter’s former Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, in 1992). There are more.

Standing behind the signs are well-funded 501(c)(3) groups that receive millions of dollars every year through donations and foundation grants, and then allocate monies to promote social change.

It’s a one-two-three punch involving community organizers, supported by moneyed enablers, who marshal protesters to the street carrying signs with organizational ties most know nothing about.     

All of it is well-organized, well-executed, and well-funded by intelligent, well-rehearsed, highly-motivated, ideologically-driven zealots for fundamental transformation in America, and, for some, the world. It’s all perfectly legal.

Where is the FBI?

Where does the money come from that is financially supporting these groups and protests? Organizations that, in recent years, have received direct funding and assistance from George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI), For a complete list go here.

But there is more and you need to pay attention as the leadership of these groups get unfettered access to the White House and to media.

Where is the FBI? Who performed the background checks of these people and approved access?

This website did some good work as noted below.

If there were any more reasons Van Jones should step down or be fired. In 2006 he signed a petition by the Radical Black Panther Collective for Social Progress. The petition states, “resist so that we will not be crushed. Our resistance gives other people courage.”

Among the supporters, a who’s who of socialist/communistic organizations.

Individuals and Organizations

* Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), San Francisco
* American Civil Liberties Union, Sonoma County, CA
* Asians for Mumia/Jericho
* Association of Micro-Power Broadcasters
* Barrio Defense, San Jose, CA
* Bay Area Police Watch
* Philip Berg, Libertarian Candidate for Congress California District 8
* Berkeley Copwatch
* Geoffrey Blank, No Police State Coalition, NY
* Elombe Brath, Patrice Lumumba Coalition
* Mary Browne, Michael Randall Ealy Social Justice Foundation
* Caduceus Outreach Services
* Center for Constitutional Rights
* Center for Tactical Magic
* Communities United Against Police Brutality
* Chalice Farm
* Todd Chretien, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate
* Omowale Clay, December 12th Movement
* Coalition for Justice and Accountability, San Jose, CA
* Chris Daly, Supervisor for SF District 6
* Dan Dileva, October 22 Coalition Seattle affiliate
* Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party
* Jeremy Dreher
* Education Not Incarceration, Oakland, CA
* Samina Faheem Sundas, Executive Director of American Muslim Voice (for ID purpose only)
* Freedom Socialist Party, San Francisco
* Fr. Paul Gawlowski OFM Conv, Pastor, St. Paul of the Shipwreck Church, San Francisco
* Green Action
* Greenwood Earth Alliance
* Grey Panthers
* Guerrilla Wordfare
* (Anarchy)
* Haitian Coalition for Justice, NY
* Marie Harrison, Candidate Supervisor for SF District 10
* Barry Hermanson, Green Party candidate for CA State Assembly
* Goldy Holmes
* Idriss Stelley Foundation, San Francisco, CA
* ISO (International Socialist Organization), San Francisco
* Van Jones and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
* Justice4Palestinians
* Krissie Keefer, Green Party candidate for Congress
* Jane Kim, President, San Francisco People’s Organization, Youth Organizer, Chinatown Community Development Center
* Richard Konda, Coalition for Justice and Accountability
* Larry Holmes, Troops Out Now Coalition
* Latinos for Mumia
* Dorinda Moreno, Hitec Aztec Communications, Elders of the 4 Colors 4 Directions
* National Jericho
* New Black Panther Party, New York Chapter
* Efia Nwangaza, African American Institute for Policy Studies and Planning
* NYC Jericho
* Party for Socialism & Liberation
* Pastors Against Injustice
* P.O.W.E.R. (Police Observers Working to Effect Reform), San Francisco
* Project Common Touch, Tommie Escargaza, Director
* Radical Women, NY
* San Francisco African American Community Policing Relations Board
* San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper
* San Francisco Code Pink
* San Francisco Faith Based Coalition, Rev. Ted Frazier
* San Francisco Peacemakers
* Alicia N. Schwartz, People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) (for ID purpose only)
* SEIU-Local 790
* Seven Generations Consulting
* O’Maly Sinclair
* Lynne Stewart, attorney, NY
* Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai, reporter for Environmental Medicine
* Celeste Taylor, Coordinator for Pittsburgh Oct. 22
* Tiny, Editor, Poor Magazine, San Francisco
* United for Peace and Justice
* United Playaz, Rudy Corpuz, SF SOMA
* Vox Populi Collective
* Mary Weaver, People’s Organization for Progress
* Wilson Riles
* Patricia St. Onge
* Oakland CAN (Community Action Network)
* Workers World

Where is the FBI?

Then in 1954 a law was passed title the Communist Control Act. The spirit of the law is to identify organizations and people attempting to overthrow the system of government including the Federal and State level. Sure in garden variety terms this has not happened, but when it comes to political correctness, edicts, mandates, enforcing law and prosecution, Communism is here and it is effective, as noted by meetings today in the White House and in towns such as Ferguson, Oakland, St. Louis and Chicago.

Where is the FBI? Where are you parents? Where is the top leadership at the Department of Education? Where is the leadership of universities and the donors?



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