Hope and Change is Despair and Reverse

Hope and Change


Hope and change was promised, pledged and assured for months
as Obama gained the questionable votes to take the seat in the Oval Office and
the Oath of Office of President, the leader of the free world. Thirty four
months hence, hope is despair and the change put America in high speed reverse.

America has owned the lead position in the war on terror, as
9-11 was the defining moment that would dramatically alter the entire landscape
and lives of our nation.  Collectively,
there was a fearful expectation of what our homeland was facing, yet in the ten
years since, ‘nothing’ which is an all encompassing word has been beneficial or
positive. Today, the war on terror has expanded to areas of operation across
the globe as cells, lone wolves, money, weapons, resolutions, agreements and
intelligence has criss-crossed the world. The Rules of Engagement have been
amended. The Enter and Exit Strategies are written in pencil, if at all and it
is suggested that years from today, this will look exactly the same or worse than

The war doctrine for the United States has had robust
interference with NATO, the United Nations and the International Criminal
Court. All AO’s have no concise, comprehensive or assertive strategic or
diplomatic posture. Lives, weapons and money are spent and direction is

At home, we have endured another fear and that is economic
terrorism and lawfare. Obamacare is but one piece of legislation that has moved
our outlook on hope to despair. The healthcare legislation has grown government
bureaucracy with the worst of it still yet ahead of us. Fannie and Freedie, QE1,
2 and 3 have multiplied the fear factor and fractured the very foundation of
the American economic base. Lawfare, the process by which countless government
agencies and the Department of Justice have removed our confidence in what is sacrosanct
in America, the Rule of Law, the Constitution. Daily, we are witness to secrets
that are being  revealed, nefarious  domestic policies and missions, broken laws, lies, noncompliance with trade  agreements, ignored statutes and a breached legal system , where Judges render  decisions by the hour that the case has ‘no legal standing’. Our vote at the  polls has been corrupted; our tax dollars are seized and spent without our
knowledge or approval. Our land is being ravaged for the sake for a bio-fuel
agenda and to protect a fish or lizard, leaving farms without water and thus
fail, all at the hands of corrupt Judges, leading the charge. Sharia law has
been applied in courtrooms across the nation while international law has been
used with the encouragement and approval from our Department of Justice.

Barack Obama has not changed as pledged, which is to say
improved education, foreign policy, government spending, reduced taxes, grown
exports, closed and protected our borders. His administration has not improved
the value of our currency, laid a pathway to energy independence, or restored
the ability to be the self reliance as an individual or nation. Instead, we
have been forced to learn about Saul Alinsky, Cloward Piven, the Muslim
Brotherhood, Maurice Strong, George Soros, Cass Sunstein, Valerie Jarrett, Eric
Holder, ACORN, SEIU, CAIR, the Tides Foundation, the Ella Baker Center, the
Ford Foundation, Susan Rice and Ban Ki Moon. It is impossible to offer a
comprehensive list here which should also include more terror cell networks
names, the deeper history and voting records and behind the curtain deals of
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the loyalty of the Geithner family to China, the
Clinton connections to global initiatives, the Millennium Challenge, Fast and
Furious, Operation Castaway and the Merida Initiative. We have come to know
that we have CIA and Special Forces are in Columbia, Mexico and Sudan. It has
been revealed we have missing weapons of a nasty nature, names are added daily
to the terror list and the lion share of the TARP money was a gift to foreign
banks.  We still watch the Arab Spring  events daily, we have staged demonstrations against Wall Street in cities  across our country, we have Senators calling for runs on Bank of America and  SWAT has been engaged to collect a past due debt on a college loan.

You are invited to join this editorial and make additions
that are most focused in your sights in the comments section.  Without writing one thousand pages or more,  this process is fluid and cannot begin to include all that was to be hoped for  and changed.

In a small effort to  conclude with another side of hope and change, we have seen the birth of the  Tea Party, FreedomWorks, grassroots survival groups, Patriot associations, a
growth in conservative blogs and websites, Veteran support groups and Memorial
funds.  This proves we can be self  reliant and possess the common sense that is so absent in DC politics. We have  come to appreciate the Founders and their legacy documents. It is our duty to  redress our grievances on a national stage that is if we can find a court and
Judge that will GIVE us standing.

If our heads are down, we can’t see where we are going.


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Denise Simon