Christian Patrols vs. Islamists in England

Britain First, Fighting Back, what is real on the streets on London and the suburbs. Courtesy of

In towns like Ulster, Dewbury, Rotherham and Luton it is Chritians versus Islam where Britain First is taking a stand to reclaim their country. England is full of ‘no-go’ zones where  the corrupt government has relinquished sovereignty to a violent culture and ideology.

Jayda Fransen, Deputy Leader of Britain First podcast:

Finally, Hillary’s Security Clearance in Jeopardy?

Humm –> Expect to undergo one or more interviews and often a polygraph as part of the clearance process. These steps are used by investigators to get a better understanding of your character, conduct and integrity. You might also have to answer questions designed to clear up discrepancies or clarify unfavorable data discovered during the background investigation. The ultimate goal is for government security personnel to determine your eligibility for a clearance, a decision based on the totality of the evidence and information collected.

Obama to Evict Thousands, Julian and Hillary?

Obama administration considering evictions of thousands from low-income housing

WashingtonTimes:The Department of Housing and Urban development announced Tuesday that it would consider evicting tens of thousands of public housing residents who earn too much money to qualify for public housing.

The announcement comes in response to a July audit from the department’s Office of Inspector General that revealed over 25,000 families had an income that exceeded the maximum level to qualify for government-assisted housing. At least one tenant had roughly nearly $1 million in assets.

France Closes Borders, First Since 1944 Due to Attacks

Barack Obama made a statement regarding the 8 attacks in Paris and included the word terror and it was an attack on humanity. Well the West is part of that humanity and the leader of France, Francois Hollande declared the borders closed. If any of the U.S. presidential candidates were smart they would declare our own borders closed immediately and call for some amendments to immigration law stopping birthright citizenship.