The Field for the Oval Office is Expanding

Evan McMullin for President

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My Letter To America

Border Patrol Website Promotes Lawlessness = Insurgency

Border Patrol docTemporary Protected Status Designated Country: Syria Through 2018, which means forever.



The document above is just a suggestion. Always explained as compassion –>> A visa and passport are not required of a Mexican national who is in possession of a Form DSP-150, B-1/B-2 Visa and *Border Crossing Card, containing a machine-readable biometric identifier, issued by the Department of State and is applying for admission as a temporary visitor for business or pleasure from contiguous territory by land or sea. 

Hillary’s Dedication to Women/Girls but Ignores This

There is an organization that works to stop child-trafficking and performs investigations on predators and holds seminars on this topic called ERASE. Curiously however, not much has come out of government about it outside of the FBI and Hillary has never made mention of it.

For to listen to a podcast on this topic with a top FBI investigator:

also here:

A Call to Action: Ending ‘Sextortion’ in the Digital Age

Looking Ahead to the Democrat Convention

Want to know how to hunt #DonkeysAroundTown? << — No Joke, go here for the rules of the contest.

NYT’s: The Democratic convention, which begins in Philadelphia on July 25, will start with speeches from Michelle Obama, the first lady, and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who competed against Hillary Clinton for the nomination and endorsed her last week. Also speaking on the first night will be Astrid Silva, a Mexican immigrant and young so-called “Dreamer” who benefited from President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, policy.