The Real Why on Benghazi

Get out the PAM cooking spray so nothing sticks to anyone involved in the murders and failed diplomatic operations in Benghazi. Yet, there is no one more responsible than the handful at the White House and the State Department. Remember that oath, to protect and defend against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. The date sadly was 9-11 but in this case it was 9-11, #11, an anniversary that historically brought out elevated states of alert and a position of readiness was always invoked, globally.

Day After Debate Quarterbacking

The CNN poll after the debate of 67% Romney and 23% Obama revealed a pick 6 for Romney.

See for yourself

Romney took the defensive position of a free safety and scored a pick 6 play for the entire 90 minutes of play. Barack Obama never had his eye on the ball in Denver, so what was the distraction? Some say that Obama never brought his “A” game, but I would argue he in fact did. The President has been on the field for four years but he has been looking to the stadium lights and neons for his whole term.

Red to Green, the Muslim Brotherhood in America

“I will stand with the Muslim should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
From, Audacity of Hope by Barrack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama flew 7000 miles at the cost of $170,000.00 per flight hour under the cloak of secrecy, surprise and darkness for a formal signing of a ten year Karzai agreement between the United States and Afghanistan. The contents of this agreement have not been released or approved as a treaty by the White House or the State Department; however it does allegedly stop drone strikes and demands the Taliban’s promise of peace.

Panetta, Inside and Outside the Puzzle Palace

The twenty-third Secretary of the Defense is Leon Panetta coming from a long career in politics and continues to play that game in this current role. Panetta had ‘slim to none experience’ when it came to his lead role at the Central Intelligence Agency, so little in fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein was in full opposition to his confirmation hearing.
As an Italian-American, Panetta finished his formal education as a lawyer and practiced law for six years before he formally entered politics as a Republican, but later moved to the other side in 1971 while still in California. As his rise gained traction, Leon became a member of Congress where he fought against drilling for oil off the California coast as well as disarming American military power. He was also the Director of the Office for Civil Rights under Nixon, the Director of Office of Management and Budget and also moved to the White House as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, but in his military service he was an Army 2nd LT. in military intelligence. His political tenure also included being Chairman of the House Committee of the Budget, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee and a Chairman for the Task Force on domestic hunger.
Married to Sylvia, they both founded the Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy and Leon also stayed busy as an advocate for the Health of the World’s Oceans as commissioner for the Pew Ocean Commission. We now begin to see a pattern of legislation connections.