Know Your Enemy, Know Your Risks

Are You Prepared?
Know your Enemy and Know your Risks
Are you hoping someday soon, America will go back to the productive days of years past? Are you hoping real estate prices will recover? Are you hoping legislators will resolve the debt issue? Are you waiting for the days that the 6 wars we are in globally will be over? Are you waiting for the value of the dollar to recover? Do you see a time when food prices will go down?
You will keep waiting…..and hoping…..the only person you can count on is…..YOURSELF

Below are some questions that only you can answer. The questions are to provoke thought and action for your successful survival.
1. Do you have enough balanced food stored for at least 6 months?
2. Do you have enough water or nutritional fluids stored for at least 6 months?
3. Do you have a well stocked first aid supply complete with prescription(s) as needed?
4. Have you taken a first aid class or have certification?
5. Do you have a method of self defense and have skills at those methods?
6. Do you have a communications plan in place that is outside the scope of the internet, land line phones or cell phones?
7. How long can you live off the power grid?
8. Do you have a garden or pots available to grow vegetables?
9. What provisions have you made to exist without running water?
10. Do you have alternate fuel sources?
11. So you have cash put away for emergencies outside of a bank?
12. Do you have enough warm clothes?
13. Have you made provisions for your children?
14. Do you have a ‘bugout’ bag for each member of your family?
15. Do you have enough fuel for vehicles, cooking or power?
16. Do you have a generator?
17. Do you have trust in neighbors or friends for confidence of support or aid?
18. Do you have a hand crank radio?
19. Do you have flash lights, hand cranked, candles, or batteries?
20. Do you know what vegetation is safe to eat?
21. Do you know what a snare is or how to trap wildlife or fish?
22. Have you had a recent medical and dental check-up?
23. Are you in good enough physical condition to hike 5-10 miles a day carrying 30 pounds?
24. Do you have a list of emergency procedures for your home and family that everyone is aware of?
25. Do you have a supply of personal hygiene items for emergencies for 6 months?
26. Do you have a small set of tools that you can keep handy?
27. Do you know how to treat water for drinking?
28. Do you have a plan to take care of pets?
29. Do you have a supply of disinfectants or sanitizers?
30. Do you have a large supply of paper products like toilet paper, paper plates, and plastic utensils?
31. Do you have maps/topography documents for your area?
32. Do you have an evacuation plan or rally point?
33. Do you have whistles or a bullhorn to get attention?
34. Have you done any role playing for countless conditions or scenarios?
35. Do you have outside sleeping gear and protection?
36. Do you have a fire starting kit?
37. Do you have sun and insect protection?
38. Do you have a supply of vitamins in the case of bad nutrition?
39. Do you understand a balanced diet and know how to read nutrition labels for food storage?
40. Do you have a small solar power source?
41. Do you have a supply of exam or latex gloves?
42. Do you know what to do with human waste?
43. Do you have legal documents in order and more than one copy that are notarized?
44. Do you have walkie talkies or a more sophisticated communication system?
45. Do you have a safe room, vault or safe inside and outside?
46. Do you know to keep all your operational security a secret except from those that are MOST trusted?
47. Do you have a taser, stun gun, pepper spray or tear gas for additional defense?
48. Do you have footwear that is comfortable for walking very long distances?
49. Do you have a bicycle to get around if vehicles or gas is not available?
50. Do you have items in your home for trade or bartering?
There are hundreds of books, videos and websites that will demonstrate how to address these 50 questions and more. Waiting until the last minute will not be prudent. Being self reliant and self serving is having confidence for security and safety. All of this will take time, money and energy, so it is smart to start now. In 6 months time, you should be able to address each of these questions and more with sureness and then you should invite a close confidant to do the same. The government is not in a position to help all of us and it is not smart to rely on anyone else for the safety and security of yourself and your family.

Watchmen of America


Are you really current on the events at home and worldwide? Are you able to process beyond what the media reports and look deeper on the causes and effects of government and associated decisions?
Just for a moment, consider the most recent disasters we have endured in the past few months. There have been:
• Massive Floods
• Major fires
• Tornadoes
The consequences of these disasters have drowned livestock, burned agriculture and put two energy plants at risks. Standing water has caused disease in animals and humans.
Barack Obama, DHS and FEMA have said very little, offered minimal assistance and in many cases refused support.
The lesson to be learned if you were paying attention is you are on your own. There will soon be a food shortage crisis, a fuel crisis and an illness crisis. You must plan and prepare for all scenarios. There are countless websites, magazines and books available that provide the pathway for you to meet your needs. You can also confer with like-minded people that are already prepared and trained for such disasters.
A prudent suggestion is to visit the website and network in your state to join forces for a community civil preparedness system. We have embarked on a time where self-reliance is the fundamental key to survival.
• Do you have food storage?
• Do you have self defense skills?
• Do you have first aid training?
• Do you have alternate communications in place when telephone land lines are destroyed?
• Can you reach someone outside of Facebook and Twitter?
• Do you have an alternate safe house?
• Do you have reserve money?
• Do you have local people to come to your aid?
• Do you have a provisions bag packed for emergencies at all times?


Mexicans in America left Behind Loyalty

Now is the time to re-examine your history and loyalty to your home country. Sure Mexico has had foundational corruption throughout for decades, yet the moment is upon you to reclaim your country.
It is estimated there are up to 40 million Mexicans in America under illegal conditions when measured by the rule of American law. For the sake of argument, let us apply just 4 million to the debate. It is shameful that those 4 million cannot be force multipliers and develop a mission to re-take your home country for the sake of love of country.
Sure the drug cartels have ruled government for years, yet your lack of faith and resolve allows the cartels and corruption to win. Where is your fight, belief, conviction, honor and allegiance?
Mexico has a deep beautiful history; it is a country possessing treasure and resources, that those who have escaped for countless reasons have left behind.
America has shown you the way of life as it could and should be in your home country.
Target key locations to take back and restore education, healthcare, law and commerce. Send a message to Calderon and the cartels. You have the human resources to do this with success. Elections in Mexico are approaching and will Calderon stay or will the cartels manipulate the elections in their favor? Could the entire country of Mexico fall?  Look deeply at those countries in the Middle East that are in a revolution due to terror groups and their leaders and governments have failed. Will you allow that in Mexico?
Mexico City years ago hosted the Olympics that set the high standard for all other host cities to follow. Mexico was proud, full of joy and had promise.
You abandoned her now and that is shameful.

Behind the Curtain of the War Stage

Gone are the days of war being fought as depicted in movies like ‘Patton’ or the more recent “Saving Private Ryan’. Occupational forces and ground troops are more likely assigned to patrol duty, holding town councils and passing out candy to children and MRE’s to adults. There is a method used today far removed from historical conflicts, which is to say the current procedure goes as follows:

Intel agencies confab
Dispatch CIA/FBI/Lawyers
Dispatch foreign intel personnel
Compare notes
Choose priorities and targets
Determine mission, success/fail ratio
Determine costs vs. return on investment
Deliver orders for Naval assets to remain close to AO
Confab with foreign intel on who assume assignment parts (NATO)
Get Congressional approval or more recently, side step Congress
Get supplemental war funding or side step and use stash funds or USAID money
Optional UN Resolution approval
Side step War Powers Act
Do not respond to any legislative branch, acquire DoJ cover
Check with International Criminal Court, adjust RoE’s
Determine which is better, ground troops or PMC’s or just payoff the enemy to play nice
Government Elites make personal financial investments in contractors to make some profits on the side. Carlyle Group and Council of Foreign Relations
Call in coordinates for drones or sorties
Check with the Department of Treasury by way of Promis software to determine how much currency can be seized
Create new trade agreements
Funnel currency through 100’s of banks worldwide in nefarious accounts then to the IMF/World Bank/Bank of International Settlements
Embed media and control the message
Draft the associated propaganda with the UNHRC
Determine and deliver the PR campaign
The NSA has the best intel hardware and software in the world by a far measure, yet they have no human resources to process and analyze the data to make predictions, hence January 25 in Cairo and the Arab Spring.
Cyber attacks and Wikileaks are the indicators of the failure of intelligence protections
Who are the pawns? Our dedicated and oath taking people in uniform and the citizens worldwide pay that debt. It is plunder for the sake of Elites. We clearly have enemies worldwide and some very nasty weapons pointed in various directions. The Geospatial system has these pinpointed, so what are we doing? One clear solution is to revisit the Geneva Convention laws as our enemy is not a subscriber. The enemy has found our weaknesses and exploits those limitations. Panetta with his nefarious history is not the point person to do that and frankly, Hillary has broken more than any other Secretary of State in history.

It is time to think out of the box with war strategies as all non-conventional tools must be applied. Political correctness for the sake of the UNHRC and the International Criminal Court is handicapping as is the common solution of monetary payoffs. The leadership of the mid-level military officers must be heard and considered.

Geneva Convention, Start Over

The Geneva Convention is comprised of four treaties and has had some subsequent alterations. In 1949, 194 countries affixed their signatures of endorsement. Yet, how effective and current does the Geneva Convention reach in today’s worldwide wars and conflicts?

Perhaps not too much. Consider, this Convention covers civilian causes, laws of war, use of weapons, prisoners and trials to mention a few. The last articles were applied in 2005, but who is the enforcement body of the GC? Perhaps the answer is the International Criminal Court, but who brings the charges and cases before the ICC? Personally, I cannot locate any recent events with respect to the GC before the ICC.

Consider how differently warfare is defined today as compared to that of decades ago.
Transnational fighters wear no uniform or flag of loyalty to a country.
Planes fly worldwide transporting uranium, plutonium, nuclear weapons parts and blueprint designs.
Money is being moved globally and hourly to banks hiding behind favorable laws that fund missions of unknown intelligence.
Narcotics bundled by the ton are shipped to worldwide destinations to destinations that go un-inspected.
Pirates rule key bodies of water that result in seizures and murder
Bombing missions are a daily procedure on countries without a declaration of war.
Use of new weapons, sanctions and cyber-warfare are not addressed in the GC.
This list is not comprehensive by any measure, yet it would be revealing to perform a concise and complete inventory of why the GC is a dinosaur warfare human rights operating guideline manual.
Another curious notion to consider: would the same 194 nations sign on today?