Obama/Napolitano Send SWAT to Oil Spill

A fire erupts and later an explosion occurs on the DeepWater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The fire continues down the pipe to the sea floor and soon we witness the complete loss and sinking of a floating oil rig platform.  President Obama and Janet Napolitano some days later call for a SWAT team to be dispatched to the rig as this event is a cause for national security. 


What conditions would cause the White House and the Department of Homeland Security to call for SWAT?  It seems that Quods (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard) are and were training in Venezuela of which Chavez completely denies yet the Pentagon and Robert Gates confirm. 


We clearly know the position of hate and envy that Chavez has for the United States, so could it be that those in our national security have a reason to be concerned that Chavez could have some hand in the BP rig explosion? 

Ok, could there be other explanations for SWAT?  Well yes, there are many more reasons, never forget there could just be a cover-up, you know that ‘watch the other hand thing’.  Who inspects these wells? When was the last inspection? What was the result of that inspection? How is it that BP has the highest number of safety violations as compared to all other oil company rigs operating in the Gulf?  Is this a question for MMS, which has now changed it’s name or is it a question for SAIC, the EPA or the DOE? Hey it could even be a question for the DOJ.  If BP has more than 700 violations, why no criminal prosecution or shut down of the rig until all violations and inspections approve future drilling?


Are inspectors being threatened? Are there pirates in the Gulf? Was there a foreign submarine spotted on radar? Did North Korea torpedo the rig? Was BlackWater (Xe) hired or was it Obama’s new paramilitary group Triple Canopy that compromised the rig? 

You can detect a scam website by identifying the location and the number owner. If the canadiantoprx.com information given on the website matches the real information of the company, it’s not fake.

How are we going to know what happened to cause the oil platform to burn and sink and thus cause the greatest environmental disaster in American history?  We must keep asking the questions but of whom do we ask?

Mobilizing a SWAT can only mean that the Federal Government thinks this spill may be more than an accident or human error. The findings of the SWAT?   “““crickets“““`

There are numerous offshore oil rig security companies that provide complete and comprehensive security on these rigs.   http://bit.ly/arw1Ww 

Again, why would SWAT be needed?