Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court

Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court but sits at a Desk at the Department of Justice

The United States of America’s top lawyer, Eric Holder has made it a life-long practice to practice law on the fringe of the U.S. Constitution. Eric Holder has lost all public trust IF the public is paying attention.

Let’s review Eric Holder’s background, below are some facts:
• Senior advisor to Senator Obama during the presidential campaign
• Member of Obama’s commission for Vice-President selection
• Member of the NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund
• Lawyer at the U.S. Justice Department in the Public Integrity Section
• Opposes the Death Penalty
• Advised Bill Clinton, President on the last minute pardons, when leaving office. There were 177 pardons of which Marc Rich was on the list. Rich had 65 criminal counts of tax evasion.
• Advised Clinton in the decision to reduce the criminal sentences of 16 members of the Boricua Popular Army, a group on the FBI Terror list.
• While working at Covington and Burling, Holder represented the Gitmo detainees and thus has still yet to recues himself on the current 9-11 conspirator’s case. Holder maintains the position that Gitmo detainees do NOT fall under the Geneva Convention.
• Worked with Janet Reno to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Washington D.C. hand-gun ban
• Argued that the Second Amendment does not allow the individual the right to keep and bear arms.
• Dismissed charges against Senator Ted Steven’s corruption charges
• Took 5 of the 9-11 conspirators out of the military commission and placed them into the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York for trial.
• Made a judgment on the Arizona Immigration Law as leading to ‘racial profiling’ without having read the law.
• Has filed a lawsuit against the State of Arizona claiming their new law interferes with Federal immigration law and enforcement procedures.
• Dropped all charges against the Voter Intimidation case against the New Black Panthers Party.
• Ordered the Department of Justice not to release sealed transcripts to the Swiss Government in the case of Roman Polanski. The Swiss government had no choice not to allow extradition of Polanski for the rape case. This decision was a favor to Holder’s close friend, Reid Weingarten, the lawyer representing Polanksi.
• Holds the position that ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for illegals are safe from Federal law prosecution on illegal immigration.
Covington and Burling has a deep history that is contrary to the protections of the United States. Michelle Malkin lays it our quite nicely at her website and in her book Culture of Corruption.

The bottom line is this on Holder, he works for the International Criminal Court and not the United States Department of Justice.
He practices ‘junk law’ and it is never in the best interest of the American spirit, it is completely contrary to the Founders’ objectives.
Think clearly, the real message that Eric Holder was delivering with his Department of Justice on the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case was this:
1. He has no intentions of prosecuting any case in the best interest of upholding the integrity of his office.
2. Giving a pass to the NBPP and the voter intimidation case was essentially telling the Nation of Islam to do as they please; he gave them a free ride.
3. Americans are now becoming much smarter and closer in lock step with DC corruption; he is not going to take any case that is a slam dunk. He expects more corruption and he essentially told us, ‘too bad’.
4. This decision also told us that voting in the mid-term elections may be a very intimidating experience getting to the polls and the vote results.
With regard to the Arizona law, Holder is telling us that he will aid any person from any country coming into our country and we will look the other way.

In the end, just what case IS Holder going to prosecute? Frankly, there are no cases on the horizon.

Summary for the Events and Motivation of the BP Oil Spill and Clean Energy

Using or depending on foreign oil is at least a forty years old topic going back as far as Richard Nixon and his speeches.
Why the big push to get off of foreign oil? Placing our currency and jobs in foreign lands and governments make them more advanced with respect to wealth. This wealth has a larger definition whether it is in the global marketplace or politically. It also makes other governments much stronger as a world power.
Thirty years ago or longer, emissions became a new buzz word. Discussion of emissions also created a new lobby platform. Emissions come from factories in all industry segments. Emissions not only related to air but also water and soil. Soon the emission discussion became a national concern and thus it became a politically correct dynamic to be a concerned environmentalist and that segment of attitude grew to a major movement.
This movement evolved into votes and money for our politicians who enjoyed their country-club lifestyle and helped them remain in a career of politics. With these career types in DC came legislation and more legislation into revenue streams by taxes, fees and fines all at the hands of environmental lobbies and special interests. Remember the Apollo Alliance, the members and supporters?
The United States is or was a world leader so countries across the globe adopted all the same attitudes and approaches so air, water and soil preservation is now a new industry, Global Warming, Climate Change, Carbon Control and now Clean Energy. The Carbon industry is now born to create wealth of individuals outside the scope and in addition to the scope of government.
Scientists and universities all jumped into the parade because it provided for a groundswell of government and private funding. To further the agenda and add traction to the movement, legislation and mandates were created for alternative fuel sources. Oil was forced to help fund this movement to add credibility by fundamental extortion or blackmail at the hands of government. Oil is taboo!
Oil needed to cooperate and play along to remain on the good side of government to get their permits and approval for refineries, drilling and production just to preserve the industry. Oil is not only about gasoline or diesel; it is about comprehensive industry across our whole economic foundation that includes medicine, agriculture, plastics and so on.
Most conclude that out of oil is carbon emission, so oil and carbon are the target and the culprit to our eventual demise. Carbon credits by the metric ton sell primarily on a market in the European Union called the ETS — the Emissions Trading Scheme. The global market for carbon credits is already bigger than the international trade in grain.
Can we be carbon free and if so how and what does that mean? There are some basic historic and proven facts about carbon. Carbon is 1/1250th of the earth and atmosphere, not really a staggering statistic. Carbon however is second in abundance to oxygen in the human body. Carbon is needed by plants for photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is the essential component for the natural balance of plant and animal life. It is essential for carbohydrates which is energy and preservation. One volcano produces more carbon dioxide than anything else a human or industry could ever do. Since carbon in all forms is a natural constant and necessary for existence, it is a scam and hoax of unspeakable proportions to even try to control it, contain it, sell it or tax it, but government and investors and forcing it. There is already a carbon fund with 450,000 individual members and more than 1400 corporate members each paying a fee for some part of a carbon footprint. Where does that money go?
To control carbon output is a money-making enterprise. Additionally, to create yet another segment and industry as a segway to alternative clean energy by means of biomass and bio-fuels.

The jumping off point for all of this was and is the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Climate Initiative as well as congressional acts that include:
Energy Policy Act 2005
The Farm Bill
Biomass Act of 2000
Renewable Fuels Standards
The list above is but a very small part of the legislation in place now and what is on the horizon which all leads and have led to an easy method for small business to get Federal funds and later TARP/Stimulus money. This new bio-fuel/alternative fuel industry also get huge venture capital and Wall Street money creating countless companies world-wide.
A movement of lawmakers, energy companies and environmental groups is now promoting the creation of a federal green bank that would finance clean energy and energy efficiency projects.
Two bills for a green bank are currently being considered by committees in the House of Representatives:
A proposal by Reps. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.), John Dingell (D-Mich.) and Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.) to create a Clean Energy Deployment Administration was attached to the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) bill, headed for a floor vote this summer. It would provide direct funding and also working with lenders to ensure outside support for clean tech businesses that otherwise would not be able to secure funding.
Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) introduced a similar bill to the House Ways and Means Committee last month for a government-owned Green Bank that would fund clean energy and energy efficiency projects.
Van Hollen’s Green Bank would have an initial capitalization of $10 billion through the Department of Treasury Green Bonds, with a maximum limit of $50 billion.

Some key new players and companies in the bio-fuel arena include:
• Live Fuels
• Solozyme
• Green Fuel Technologies
• Blue Marble Technologies
• Seambiotic
• Quertas
• Abengoa

• Al Gore

• Bill Gates

• George Soros

• Arch Ventures

• Caskota

• O2 Diesel

• Sapphire Energy

Now, practical application and production is born and British Petroleum is a likely victim/player due to BP actually being a foreign player in America.
Large investment houses like Goldman Sachs participate in this agenda. Goldman Sachs performed major studies of countries world-wide for more than 20 years to see what countries are aggressive and accepting of this movement to alternative fuels. This is a comprehensive report and fund created by Goldman Sachs.
In 2000, Goldman Sachs pin-pointed 4 countries that have assumed an aggressive posture in energy. They defined it as BRIC. Brazil, Russian, India and China, in that order.
Since this report however, the order has changed somewhat due to the global financial crisis and Russian is lagging somewhat behind in their rate of growth in bio-fuels and alternative energy. It is important to note that simply by virtue of Goldman Sachs, Wall Street and George Soros accepting and approving these published and glowing reports on BRIC, investments, currency manipulation, military and policy have given much credibility and attention to these countries. By the way there are 11 other countries that are on the list below BRIC that also have enjoyed much the same new reputation. They are:
The key markets for all of these are automobiles and crude oil. China has already altered their energy usage by 20%. Brazil continues to lead all other nations and the Brazilian currency has appreciated by 80% since 2003. China is ahead of their 50 year plan by 14 years much to the help, cooperation and attention of Geithner and Soros. It should also be noted that Tim Geithner’s father wrote the China 50 year plan.
How does all of this apply to BP and the oil spill?
The Macondo well is and remains an experiment for capturing oil, using chemicals such as Corexit, hydro-carbons, methane, and plankton and water recovery.
The indicators are:
• Stopping this kind of well head leak has never been done before under these drilling conditions.
• The first method used which was the cement box was a failed experiment resulting in ice crystals
• Containment on this scale has never been performed before.
• The EPA/DOI/DOE/MMS has not met with ANY companies offering solutions much less replied to their inquiries for presentations.
• Clean up is slow and hand performed and will impact the coast line for 20 more years. Note that many areas of the Prince William Sound, Exxon Valdez have not recovered in the last 27 years.
• Not all skimmers available are being used.
• Research on sea life and the water for experimental purposes are being conducted
• Obama’s oil spill solution committee has no one qualified and they have not even had their first hearing or meeting
• Congressional hearings were attended by those of the sub-committees and that was a grand-standing photo opportunity for the benefit of lobbyists and votes.
• No one in DC is calling for an investigation into the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy or the Mineral Management Services.
• The moratorium on drilling which has been lifted by the courts really does not matter since the MMS and it new name, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) is essentially shut down for re-tooling, so is no one available for contact and permits are not being processed.
• BOEMRE has a new chief or Czar, Michael Bromwich, he comes from the Department of Justice, he is just another lawyer; he has no qualifications to head this department.
Back to the motivation and events of the oil spill; stopping the well is a slow process due to the studying of the impact, clean-up is slow due to research and environmental impact. The objective is for the new algae/bio-fuels industry agenda, while venture capital people, Wall Street and universities have received billions in start-up and science money.
Did BP play along? Not likely but possible. BP from the documents available was set up to fail by several governmental agencies. It is fact that BP got waivers and safety awards, yet was not required to present drilling specifications to get the permits. There are major disputes underway now about who actually inspect the rigs. Fingers are pointed at MMS, the Coast Guard, SAIC, the EPA and the Department of Energy. It has also come to our attention that the oil industry is allowed to hire private companies to inspect the offshore rigs. One such company is Det Norske Veritas which is a Norwegian company with American headquarters in Houston. So, that said, the industry is self policing.
Another fact is, drilling for oil and natural gas on land is not an experiment, it is proven. Oil in America does not need to come from underwater. Oil and gas accounts for 9 million jobs and in 2007 it accounted for $1.0 Trillion or 7.5% of GDP. The last 10 years are now better defined as a turning point to force American oil out as an industry for the sake of forcing alternative fuels where the lobbyists have won their battle with the help of a politically correct left agenda starting with the Clinton Global Initiative. Coal is out too as well as natural gas.
Now it is important to understand bio-fuels and algae fuels will NEVER be as large of industry as what oil has been and needs to be in America. Bio-fuels will never employ the same numbers of people and that is by design. People will be forced to rely on the government to exist; the government thus is the same under this scenario as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.
Oil is under attack, the Department of Justice, under the direction of Eric Holder is now forming a full blown criminal investigation into all oil, forcing oil to move out of America to faraway places such as Brazil, Argentina, the Middle East and the Far East. Follow the money, Wall Street is, Soros is and foreign markets are. What is the bottom line? America is pushed closer to last place world-wide and will soon become the last part of the world-wide union, the North American Union and our currency will soon become worthless.

Obama/Napolitano Send SWAT to Oil Spill

A fire erupts and later an explosion occurs on the DeepWater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The fire continues down the pipe to the sea floor and soon we witness the complete loss and sinking of a floating oil rig platform.  President Obama and Janet Napolitano some days later call for a SWAT team to be dispatched to the rig as this event is a cause for national security.

What conditions would cause the White House and the Department of Homeland Security to call for SWAT?  It seems that Quods (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard) are and were training in Venezuela of which Chavez completely denies yet the Pentagon and Robert Gates confirm.

We clearly know the position of hate and envy that Chavez has for the United States, so could it be that those in our national security have a reason to be concerned that Chavez could have some hand in the BP rig explosion? 

Ok, could there be other explanations for SWAT?  Well yes, there are many more reasons, never forget there could just be a cover-up, you know that ‘watch the other hand thing’.  Who inspects these wells? When was the last inspection? What was the result of that inspection? How is it that BP has the highest number of safety violations as compared to all other oil company rigs operating in the Gulf?  Is this a question for MMS, which has now changed it’s name or is it a question for SAIC, the EPA or the DOE? Hey it could even be a question for the DOJ.  If BP has more than 700 violations, why no criminal prosecution or shut down of the rig until all violations and inspections approve future drilling?

Are inspectors being threatened? Are there pirates in the Gulf? Was there a foreign submarine spotted on radar? Did North Korea torpedo the rig? Was BlackWater (Xe) hired or was it Obama’s new paramilitary group Triple Canopy that compromised the rig? 

You can detect a scam website by identifying the location and the number owner. If the information given on the website matches the real information of the company, it’s not fake.

How are we going to know what happened to cause the oil platform to burn and sink and thus cause the greatest environmental disaster in American history?  We must keep asking the questions but of whom do we ask?

Mobilizing a SWAT can only mean that the Federal Government thinks this spill may be more than an accident or human error. The findings of the SWAT?   “““crickets“““`

There are numerous offshore oil rig security companies that provide complete and comprehensive security on these rigs. 

Again, why would SWAT be needed?