Abolishing Columbus Day is Based on Lies

Roughly 10 states and 100+ U.S. cities observe some version of Indigenous Peoples Day this month.
• Native American advocates have been working since the early 1990s to get states to make the swap, the AP reports.
From today: Columbus statues in San Francisco and Providence, Rhode Island, were vandalized with red paint, CNN reports.
• “Vandals had chained a sign to the base of the statue that said ‘Stop Celebrating Genocide’ and spray painted the word ‘Genocide’ on the monument.”

Two Formal Challenges to Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry Mission

You read it here, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is creating an off ramp to the early launch of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. In previous months, Gerald Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has been on a quest to impeach listing all kinds of reasons to do so. Nothing was really sticking as far as Pelosi was concerned. But then came this phone call President Trump had with Ukraine that gave us a whistleblower and before all the facts and the complaint was released, Pelosi lit the impeach inquiry candle. Turns out all along, she knew about the call details and the whistleblower all due to Congressman Adam Schiff office secret work with authoring the whistleblower complaint in the first place. Deep state is getting deeper….

The Ukraine Thing will Soon Lead to Cyprus, Meanwhile

It is a must to fully comprehend how far and wide the choreography was on the Russian collusion thing. Still much of that is unresolved, hence the reason for AG Barr spending a good deal of time in Europe, while John Durham is working his side of the case.
Then there was the massive anti-Kavanaugh Supreme Court thing such that two books were published describing that epic yet failed campaign with hundreds of players inside and outside of government.
Now we have Ukraine percolating while other embers are burning larger that include many of the usual players and others not so well known. This will eventually lead to Cyprus which is a well know hub for money laundering and shell companies.

Under Obama, the Russians Breached FBI Communications

So, at the time we had Comey, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Power, Monaco, Donilon, McDonough, Rhodes and more.

Anyone remember when there was a pile of Russian spies that Obama expelled and traded? Remember at the very end of the Obama presidency when he expelled another pile of Russians from 3 locations and closed Russian dachas?

A big question remains that has yet to be answered and that is why did the Obama administration wait so long to impose a consequence?