Who is that Devil at Obama’s Heels?

Found in the bowels of the Cambridge Library a video was discovered of Barack Obama where he not only delivered a book reading of one chapter in his book, ‘Dreams From My Father’. Beyond reading this particular chapter where he explains his relationship with his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama during this event in 1995 also has a question and answer session with those in attendance. Clearly, he is conflicted on race relations, wants to continue to advance the politics on race and most of all speaks to tribes that need more attention.
He explains his intermittent disdain for his grandparents on his mother’s side while speaks to his isolation and anger over his father leaving him as well.

There are some additional truths that surface in this video, speaking deeper to his history than otherwise known today. He maintains anger still today on the Reagan Bush era on his notion that they did next to nothing on civil rights which Obama says was a prime time to do so given the Cold War had ended and resources, attention and government could now turn inward and address the racial divisions at home. For Barack Obama, discrimination is the core of life’s objective.

A big hat tip to Breitbart for this great find. In it, Obama talks about sitting with Davis in his home drinking whiskey listening to him talk about how “black people have a reason to hate… so you might as well get used to it.”  More here.





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Denise Simon