Whats it All About…..Algae?

It is staggering to hear citizens say that Newt is un-electable when he is a man that is truly reaching out to Americans with logic and a personal touch. It was too gratifying about 2 hours ago, when I got an email from Newt’s campaign asking me to join a conference call to talk about oil.

Say what you will about capitalism, but it is part of the greatest ‘experiment’ objective of the founding of America, that cannot be denied. America has great people that are insightful, creative and inspiring and yes that includes those before us like Vanderbilt and Rockefeller of Standard oil, add in Ford with his Edsel and Model T, engineers and chemists. Newt knows his history and the rest of us need to take notice that since the release of Microsoft Office software, nothing BIG in America has been developed of which we can be proud unless you add Apple. The sad notion is that Steve Jobs while innovative, his products were made where? China.

Newt just recently said, ” I dont care who you are, I care about who you want to be.” That phrase needs to go far and wide, as we have a squatter in chief in the Oval Office that has never spoken to the fire in our collective bellies that has been kidnapped since obama took over the White House.

Oil is a pivot point in our economic engine and yes, wars are fought over this resource, but that is due to crappy foreign policy. How many know that even Richard Nixon spoke to getting off of foreign oil that has made the Saudis so rich, they actually paid the expenses of the United States military in the first Gulf War? Obama does not care that billions/trillions of our currency goes offshore to pay OPEC nations including that little sick creep in Venezuela, money that never comes back into our system for the sake of our domestic economic engine.

Newt deserves a major high five, as here is a man that is reaching out personally and daily to re-kindle that slow burning ember in our bellies of America. He earnestly desires to make America great, with our own resources, our own citizens, our own money, our own skills, and our own imaginations. Who can dispute that?

Romney was a business man using other people’s money including that of governement and today Mittens is using big bucks to tell people vote for him with only platitudes for his platform. Yup, people are too lazy, apathetic and stupid to research and hear Romney’s words to know the difference. Newt gives tangible names, conditions and solid mission objectives and sadly it is over the head of voters to keep up. C’mon America…….you’re virtually admitting your individual ignorance. VOTE NEWT, not algae.

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Denise Simon