Israel’s Future

Much has been written about Israel and her standing in the world. Under the Barack Obama administration, a movement has gained traction to isolate Israel and to reduce this democracy to rubble. Countless times the White House has snubbed Israeli leaderships in their respective visits to the United States. The disdain from the Obama administration has filtered through the ranks of the United Nations, most recently during the conflict(s) against Hamas in Gaza. Jeffrey Goldberg, wrote a scathing piece against Benjamin Netanyahu in the Atlantic magazine that has blown the relationship apart, as tolerance is forced to prevail. Yet how does Israel endure for the remainder of the Obama term in the White House?

Nothing matters more to the National Security Council, to the White House, to progressive think tanks and to the State Department but to gain an historic nuclear agreement with Iran. Libya, North Korea, Russia, Iraq Afghanistan or Syria are all of no real consequence when it comes to a signature by Iran on suspending, only suspending their nuclear program, the single focused objective of foreign policy. Lost in the brouhaha over an unnamed Obama official insulting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was a shocking admission by the Obama Administration – that it is “too late” for Israel to do anything about Iranian nuclear capabilities.

A striking and truthful rebuttal is found here and the text is below. In an article published in The Atlantic, an unnamed “senior Obama official” is quoted as saying the Obama Administration thinks that Netanyahu will not launch a preemptive strike on Iran over its nuclear program. “It’s too late for him to do anything. Two, three years ago, this was a possibility. But ultimately he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. It was a combination of our pressure and his own unwillingness to do anything dramatic. Now it’s too late.” It remains unknown who this unnamed official was, and what their role is in the White House. The quote “reflects the Obama Administration’s policy, which has been engagement with Iran and not military preemption,” said Yoram Ettinger, retired Minister for Congressional Affairs in the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. with the rank of Ambassador. “ANY [diplomatic] deal with Iran, in Obama’s mind, is better than military preemption.” Ettinger also believes that failing to remove the threat of a nuclear Iran is a policy mistake for Obama, more so than a threat to Israel, as the United States is Iran’s chief target. “Israel is only a tertiary, or even 4th rate target for Iran. The United States is their number one target, followed by US-friendly oil producing Gulf states, and then perhaps NATO.” However, Ettinger concludes, “Israel will err historically and dramatically” if it fails to remove the Iranian threat, should the United States fail to do so.

So what is Israel future and how does Israel deliver a policy outside of internal concentration? I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Martin Sherman from Israel on radio who took the time to telegraph the truth and future of his home country. Dr. Sherman has been broadcasting and forecasting the years ahead for Israel.

Please listen to the interview with Dr. Martin Sherman:

Come with us America, join in the full pledge and support of Israel, the only democratic ally in the Middle East. Force the United Nations, the White House, the National Security Council and most especially John Kerry at the State Department to apologize but especially to back down and isolate Iran rather than legitimize Iran on the world stage.

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Denise Simon