Iran vs. Saudi vs. Yemen vs. the West

During the last several months, the P5+1 has been in deep negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program. All the while, Iran continued terror aggressions across the Middle East and most recently in Yemen.

U.S. embassy in Yemen, now shuttered

Barack Obama has often claimed that Yemen is one of the most successful diplomatic missions of his administration.

The battle in Yemen against the Houthis, a financially supported proxy militia has been led by the Saudis however, the United States, Egypt and additional Gulf States have been part of the conflict.

For the United States it has been especially hostile given that the U.S. had drone operations in Yemen and up to as many as 5000 U.S. passport holders in the country.

Not all of these people have been able to successfully evacuate the country and the State Department refuses assistance referring them to India or Egypt for help. Simply said, they are stranded. The proof is here in this State Department and media exchange that took place on Friday.

Meanwhile: Two Iranian military officers captured in Yemen



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Denise Simon