Hypocrisy at Google Camp by A-Listers

Google Camp? Yes, at a fine resort in Sicily, Italy. Can you take your private yacht or airplane to The Vendura Resort?

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Scores of A-list celebrities arrived in Sicily, Italy this week for the annual “Google Camp” to discuss the threat of climate change while communing with some of the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs in the world to a posh, seaside resort.

The event is hosted by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who reportedly intend for the camp to be a “meeting of the minds” between technology giants, powerful business owners, and others who are known to be global thought leaders.

Many guests, rumored to include former President Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Bradley Cooper, Mark Zuckerberg, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are said to be arriving to the multi-day fest and climate discussion via private jets and mega yachts. Others are anticipated to arrive via helicopter from the Italian mainland. More than 114 private jets were reported to have been expected at nearby Palermo airport, where camp guests would be transported to the resort by van. Mega yachts docked at a nearby beach were reported to belong to designer Diane Von Furstenberg, German pharmaceutical giant Udo J. Vetter, Google’s Eric Schmidt, New Zealand tycoon Graeme Hart, and American billionaire David Geffen.

We are told by Beto O’Rouke and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez we only have 10-12 years left before earth implodes to due climate change. Perhaps a few months less now that these A-Listers just added more nasty and deadly carbon to the atmosphere, right?

Here these mega rich celebrities are discussing for three days how to make the world better, protecting privacy and human rights. Google is paying big bucks to hosts this confab where the parking lot and the marina will be full of Maserati SUV’s, sped boats and yachts worth more than $400 million powered by 2300 horse-powered diesel engines. Swell gig eh?

Meanwhile the entire resort staff all had to sign non-disclosures and additional security has been hired to roam the grounds of the resort.

Meanwhile, will any of these attendees challenge Google on their exploitation of privacy as that is one of the topics being discussed? How about the attendees asking Google about using only renewable energy alternatives to power their own DataPlex(s)? Take a look and consider the massive use of power..

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With this elite global resort gathering, are the A-Listers and Google competing with the Davos Eonomic Forum or in cadence to set the power and policies of ruling the world? These titans are part of a password protected Google site that has the agenda and the scheduling of the fun stuff like golf, sailing, tennis, the spas, meal planning and party events.

Check the Instagram feeds, betcha some of these celebrities will boast about their fun in the sun.

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