Trump and the Veterans…Really?

I remember Vietnam veterans often coming to my home years ago to sell light bulbs, you know those bulbs that are now banned? I bought them every time and I think I may still have at least a dozen in the cabinet. It’s not very well known that about 25% of transitioning veterans are interested in starting a new business and just need the right startup funding guide for veterans to help them. This is why I always try to help them but Trump? Humm, not so much.

Iran and Russia Getting Cozier with Visa Waiver

Primer: Due to the lifted sanctions on Iran and the billions flowing into Tehran’s economy, those Russian missiles are now paid for that are bound for Iran and then there is the matter of a stealth bomber manufactured by Russia.

When it comes to global isolation, it is Kerry isolating the West and the United States, there is a new power ranking worldwide underway.

Iran’s Embassy Confirms Visa-Free Regime with Russia

Clinton House of Cards Falling?

The Hill:

It is the beginning of the end of the House of Clinton:

1. There is the stench of political death around Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and the entire House of Clinton.

2. You could feel it when Republican front-runner Donald Trump hit back — hard — over the “penchant for sexism” charge by basically calling Hillary Clinton an enabler in the former president’s sexual shenanigans.

United Way was a Great Charity, Right?

Yes, but everything is subject to power and money. When it comes to your child, take extreme caution, ask questions, research and don’t trust anyone. That includes Bill Gates and Common Core. You are the real watchdog for your children, regardless of age, take comfort however, there are people doing great work on your behalf. Use these tools.

   <<— Big and scary

Parents: Don’t Listen to the United Way. Don’t Sign Away Your Child’s Data and Give Up a Constitutional Right to Privacy.