Dutch Report: Life Under Islamic State

Dutch Intelligence Report Exposes Horrors of Daily Life Under ISIS

by Abigail R. Esman

IPT: When the leaders of ISIS declared the caliphate of the Islamic State in June 2014, the world already had a strong idea of who they were: a jihadist group so violent, so barbaric, so extreme, that even al-Qaida, with whom they had once been affiliated, wanted nothing more to do with them.

But as the world soon learned, it would get even worse.

Finally, Hillary’s Security Clearance in Jeopardy?

Humm –> Expect to undergo one or more interviews and often a polygraph as part of the clearance process. These steps are used by investigators to get a better understanding of your character, conduct and integrity. You might also have to answer questions designed to clear up discrepancies or clarify unfavorable data discovered during the background investigation. The ultimate goal is for government security personnel to determine your eligibility for a clearance, a decision based on the totality of the evidence and information collected.

About that Mosque that Barack Visited Today

A deep investigation was performed on the Muslim Brotherhood and organizations in the United States under that umbrella. The full summary is here.

Mosque Obama Visiting Graduated Terrorist Who Targeted Federal Building

The Al-Rahmah School at Islamic Society of Baltimore as seen in 2007. The mosque is hosting President Obama on Wednesday. (AP) According to CIA Director John Brennan ‘jihad’ means struggle…..

InvestorsDaily: Islamophilia: President Obama is conferring legitimacy on a Baltimore mosque the FBI just a few years ago was monitoring as a breeding ground for terrorists, after arresting a member for plotting to blow up a federal building.

The Other Chapter of the Clinton’s and Chelsea’s Father-in-Law

Clinton White House passed up pardon for Chelsea’s father-in-law

Ed Mezvinsky asked Bill Clinton to spare him ‘a long prison term,’ according to newly revealed records.


Politico: Encounters between potential in-laws can often be awkward, but this untold chapter in Clinton family history may take the cake.

President Bill Clinton once had the opportunity to save his daughter’s future father-in-law from spending five years behind bars, according to never-before-revealed White House files. But the asked-for reprieve never came.