A Top Challenge for the 114th: Immigration

It has been proven that the federal government does not do anything well by choice, by politics or out of cunningness. Immigration is no different. Below is a two track condition that speaks to all of the reasons above. This matter is in our hands to sound alarms for an immediate solution.

If you don’t feel safe, if you worry about the lack of law enforcement response due to the recent siege on police and if you are fretful about compliance with the existing law, below will cause real panic.

Boehner’s Office Tallying the Obama Lies

One may really need a calculator to tabulate the lies from Obama, but at least a staffer has been assigned to keep current. While political correctness is part of the verbal DNA in Washington calling lies ‘Pinocchios’, one must understand that no legislator in decades has used the word ‘lie’ out of the whole political deference thing as lies and omissions are as common pork laden bills.

The Secret Back Channels to Putin

Add sanctions. Remove sanctions. Amend sanctions. Call the old-timers, try anything. Why? Putin is on the rocks financially but remains defiant. Why is the White House attempting to reset relations again? Could it be that Russia has more clandestine missions planned that includes the Baltic States or Europe?

(Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a televised New Year’s address on Wednesday that the “return home” of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula to Moscow’s control would forever remain an important chapter in Russia’s history.

Diplomatic Suicide, Iran Celebrates

WASHINGTON (AP) — While President Barack Obama hasn’t ruled out the possibility of reopening a U.S. Embassy in Iran, Republicans say the Senate will vote within weeks on a bill to impose more sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear program.

Obama was asked in an NPR interview broadcast on Monday whether he could envision opening an embassy there during his final two years in office.