Apprehended in U.S. from Terror States

Consider as you read below, how many we did not catch. Consider how many actually got a pass. Consider how many received visas from the State Department to come here under a green card.

Just consider Iraq, a worn torn country currently in a war. How many have been allowed into the United States and why? This is chilling only from 2013.

Streets of Paris, al Qaeda Cold Blooded Murder

Cherif Kouachi, 26, and Thamar Bouchnak, 25, were arrested in Paris in January 2005 as they prepared to fly to Damascus. They were sentenced to three years, as requested by Xavier- Rolai.

Kouachi said on the stand that he was inspired by detainee abuse by U.S. troops at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison, though he was relieved he was stopped. The court said Kouachi had wanted to attack Jewish targets in France, but Benyettou had told him that France wasn’t a “land of jihad” but Iraq was.

The Fallout of Qatar’s Reputation

Qatar has had a long history of funding terrorism and taking in combatants as free refugees such as the Taliban 5. Qatar is denying funding terrorism and the Pentagon is playing stupid on the matter at the behest of the U.S. State Department all for the sake of nefarious diplomacy.

What is more, since the Arab Spring and the power shift in Egypt, al Sissi has moved to terminate the Muslim Brotherhood footprint once based in Cairo. Additionally, Egypt has moved to terminate al Jazeera media in Egypt.

What You Dont Know About the Tsarnaev Case

Jury selection is occurring today for the Jokar Tsarneav case while his lawyers failed in their attempt to move the case to another court system. Since the Boston bombing, several items have surfaced. Remember, this WAS a terror attack again on America.

It’s the second, the sentencing phase, including a possible death sentence, that has been the subject of behind the scenes discussions.