Islamic State has no Bureaucracy, We DO

The media nor the Pentagon is reporting but:

U.S. troops serving at the Al Asad air base in Iraq are being targeted with “regular” mortar and rocket fire from Islamic State (IS) terrorists, according to the Pentagon.

The increasingly dangerous situation for the 320 U.S. troops serving at the base is raising concern among Pentagon officials, according to Defense Department spokesman Col. Steven Warren.

Jordan the Next Militant Target from Islamic State?

Jordan has been a generous country giving refugee protections to hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Jordan is ill equipped to protect itself from militant Islamists as Islamic State and has asked the West and NATO, but to little result. NATO is taxed itself due to the hostilities of Putin’s Russia. King Abdullah is seeking protections, attention and cooperation from any in the West including the Saudis.

Countries are falling quickly to combatants that include Ukraine, Libya, Iraq and even Turkey.

16th Hole, Obama Signs onto North Korea Sanctions

When it came to the alleged hack of Sony by North Korea, as there is still great dispute over the origins of the hackers, Obama criticized Sony for their decisions and later called the matter ‘cyber-vandalism’.

Today, the second day of the new year, Obama today signed more sanctions on North Korea.

HONOLULU (AP) — The U.S. is imposing sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for the cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Putin Kinda Showing Bravado

Putin’s Russia is financially feeble for sure, and he is well aware of 2015-2016 being a rebuilding era as he works to restructure economic and banking stability. In the meantime, he has dispatched air assets around the globe challenging the West while ordnance is clearly visible on his aircraft. What is Putin’s objective? While Russia is financially wounded, he will never stop showing his muscle and might.

Yes, Russia’s Military Is Getting More Aggressive