FBI to Re-Open Hillary Clinton ServerGate Case Confirmed

Update: There are countless investigations ongoing and as it relates to this reopen of the Hillary case:

New emails found on a government official’s device, likely Huma Abedin tied to the FBI’s Clinton inquiry were discovered during the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting.

It appears there are countless emails coming into evidence that are the cause of the House Oversight Committee and the FBI may be re-opening the email/server investigation. Given the handful of days remaining before the general presidential election, it is assured that something significant has come to the surface that would approve this decision.

Justice Department’s Bank Terrorism Funding Radical Orgs/Activism

Congress held hearings, defunded several of these programs, but Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch found innovative methods to continue the funding by financial terrorism and extortion. This is all without the oversight of Congress and mostly in legal secrecy.


In part from the report by the Government Accountability Institute:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith took a very direct approach

in his January 25, 2012 correspondence addressed to Eric Holder. He stated:

POTUS Lied about Knowing of the Private Hillary Email Server

…and Cheryl Mills knew Obama lied…

Politico: A top Hillary Clinton aide expressed alarm in early 2015 that President Barack Obama claimed he was unaware of Clinton’s private email server until he learned about it in the news.

“We need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov,” said Clinton adviser Cheryl Mills in a hacked email posted Tuesday on WikiLeaks.

Clinton Machine: All Politics are Local, how About Florida?

Clinton’s connections in the Sunshine State are about
loyalty and longevity — and Bill.

Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Florida, not unlike an enduring but exacting marriage, is long and complex.

Consider her journey from idealistic law student at Yale sticking up for Florida migrant workers to presidential frontrunner chatting up the corporate elite who paid $50,000 a plate to dine with her on Miami Beach’s Star Island.