Mourning at the WH, the FBI and Keith Ellison

The ‘peaceful and smooth’ transition is not all that by a long stretch beneath the first layer.

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The Obama team refuses to look outward and understand the reasons for the mood and anger across America. Being in a bubble, filled with liberal hot air and ‘yes’ people all of like mind distorted their view and denial became an incurable disease. The same goes for the whole Hillary camp….

Sid Blumenthal was POC for Libya, Muslim Brotherhood

 Leader of LIFG, Belhadj

Base of Operation:Mountain territory near Benghazi and al-Akhdar aside the Libyan northeast coasts. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group began formation from return Libyan Afghans from the war against the soviets ending in 1989; however, was not officially established as a group until the year of 1995. Between then and the present, the group has gone through several mischievous movements of acting out against the government. Per the United Nations under the direction of the U.S. State Department during the Bush administration:

Contractors: ” Hillary Broke all the Rules”

Primer: JWICS =

The Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, is a Top Secret/SCI network run by the United States’ Defense Intelligence Agency and used across the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to transmit especially sensitive classified information.

FNC/EXCLUSIVETwo State Department contractors, with decades of experience protecting the United States’ most sensitive secrets, are speaking out for the first time about Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and how the rules for government security clearance holders did not seem to apply to Clinton and her team.

Kaine, Hillary’s VP, but Her Cabinet Secretary Choices?

So, an earlier post from this site listed a handful of names that would likely find a home in the Hillary Clinton White House if elected. Use your imagination, there are hundreds of other names to be added, yet the list below will help you with the Marxists that could be ahead.

Pray for the FBI and a political earthquake ahead…

If Hillary Wins, Who Will be in the White House….

Twitter War Report Describes Spamming the Election Tweets

And Twitter users believed….


Twitter Election Bots Hide Tons of Reply Spam Behind Boring Themed Accounts

Motherboard: A much-discussed research paper out of Oxford this month concluded that millions of tweets about the presidential election are generated by highly automated Twitter accounts. According to the authors’ analysis, about a third of pro-Trump traffic, and one fifth of pro-Clinton tweets, is “driven by bots and highly automated accounts.”