Twitter: Selective Free Speech, Approves Muslim Brotherhood

Congressman, Keith Ellison, MN must be getting quite nervous and if he is not yet, he will be. Will there be others in Congress?

Egypt’s military-backed government declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization

UK Declares Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group, Breaks With Obama  To view the final report issued by the U.K. of which Barack Obama strongly condemned the U.K., go here.


Members of both Houses of the U.S. Congress have submitted:

Will Obama Burrow-in on the Trump Admin? Likely

A smooth and successful transfer of power on the surface perhaps…but beware of those in the shadows and lurking forever in dark hallways inside the beltway.

Primer: Obama tells anti-Trump protestors to march-on.

President Obama, speaking at a press conference in Germany, passed up the opportunity Thursday to tamp down the anti-Donald Trump protests back home — urging those taking part not to remain “silent.” 

NSA: All Signs Point to Russian Hacking

Are all the right questions being asked regarding presidential candidates relationships with the Kremlin? What is the real relationship that Trump and his organization has with Russia? Further, what about what the Hillary camp did prior to the elections? Video and transcript from MEMRI on the Hillary Camp.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: People from Clinton’s Elections Team Visited Moscow Many Times

Soros 3 Day Secret Huddle in DC Underway

Full the 3 day agenda is packed full of communists, Marxists and progressives and is found here.

Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’

Major liberal funders huddle behind closed doors with Pelosi, Warren, Ellison, and union bosses to lick wounds, retrench.

Politico: George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.